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    Student Accommodation Calgary

    Calgary, located in southern Alberta, is a bustling, contemporary city. It is Canada's fourth-largest city, with a population of 1.4 million people. Calgary has a cosmopolitan flair and is quite diversified; the city is home to about 150 distinct languages. It is well-known for its kind and hospitable residents, as well as the natural beauty of its environs. Student accommodation in Calgary is plentiful and conveniently placed near the city's top universities. Most of these student residences are available in a variety of sizes and designs, and they include studios, ensuites, shared apartments, flats, and more.

    Student housing in Calgary is available off-campus within easy reach of the top universities in Calgary. Moreover, students get the opportunity to book fully-furnished rooms or apartments that come with a wealth of amenities and facilities. Thanks to the city’s proximity to the mountains, students get to enjoy several outdoor activities and make the most of their student life in Calgary.

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    Student Accommodation Calgary

    Several international students come to Calgary every year in pursuit of their higher education. Once the student gets admitted to their university, finding the ideal student accommodation in Calgary is the next step. It may seem overwhelming for students to locate Calgary housing apartments that fit well within their budget, preferences, and tastes. However, with UniAcco’s range of housing options in Calgary, students have the option to compare, consult, and choose what suits them best. Since most of these student residences are conveniently placed near Calgary’s universities, students have their commuting scene sorted. 

    In most cases, off-campus student rentals in Calgary are considered affordable and students can even find many apartments located within walking distance of their university. At UniAcco, students can find student residences starting from CAD 350 per month. Moreover, with private accommodations in Calgary, there is a multitude of housing options for students to choose from - flats, student halls, dormitories, studios, private apartments, shared apartments, and more. At UniAcco, students can pick fully-furnished housing that comes together with an abundance of amenities and services that make student living smooth and easier. 

    About Calgary

    Calgary was rated as the ninth most affordable city in North America according to Oxford Economics’ most recent North American housing affordability report. When compared to other major cities in Canada, it has the second highest level of educational achievement, behind Toronto. Some of the top-ranking universities in Calgary that are a major draw for international students include - the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, Alberta University of the Arts, St Mary’s University, and Ambrose University. These universities provide high-quality education that is recognised worldwide. 

    With popular courses, attractive employment opportunities, coupled with an affordable cost of living, it is no surprise that student accommodation in Calgary is in demand as more students opt to live in this city. Recognised as the fifth most livable city in the world based on parameters such as stability, healthcare, culture, environment, education, and infrastructure according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. It is a diverse city with individuals from over 200 ethnic backgrounds, making it an attractive destination for international students.


    Student Housing In Calgary

    Regarded as one of the best cities in Canada for international students, Calgary’s universities and colleges attract students from over 119 countries. Most universities provide students with the option of staying on campus at the university’s halls of residence. While this may seem like a convenient option for students given that they are located within the campus, it has its setbacks. The Calgary accommodation provided by universities could be more expensive and they fill up quickly leaving students with little or no scope to reside in their choice of housing. Off-campus student accommodation in Calgary, on the other hand, is a feasible option as students can select from a wide range of housing types while also enjoying the benefit of living close to the university.

    UniAcco provides student apartments in Calgary that range in size - from a single ensuite room with a shared kitchen to a private student flat with access to a variety of exclusive facilities. All properties are fully furnished and include several features such as on-site laundry, a gym, communal areas, 24/7 security, a fully equipped kitchen, and more. Saint Monica Avenue Southeast is one of the popular housing options at UniAcco for students who plan to shift to Calgary.


    Best Places To Stay In Calgary

    Calgary comprises several neighbourhoods that are student-friendly, welcoming, and entertaining at the same time. Students can step out of their student accommodation in Calgary to its top attractions during their leisure time. Some of the best places to stay in the city for international students are listed below -

    • Altadore: Altadore, which includes Garrison Woods, has long been a student favourite due to its numerous recreational opportunities. It is not only near the Marda Loop, which has a large outdoor retail area, but it also has a variety of cultural activities to enjoy.
    • Brentwood: Brentwood is a well-known Calgary neighbourhood that has frequently been rated one of the best. This location has it all: outdoor activities, indoor sports, swimming, skating, shopping, and basically anything else interesting. When you combine low-cost Calgary student housing with excellent public transportation, students have the perfect place to live!
    • Bowness: Bowness is popular among both students and non-students. The residents are involved, courteous, and proud of their neighbourhood (they even have stickers to show it!). Furthermore, this area offers great student accommodation in Calgary along with wonderful coffee shops and is ideal for late-night study sessions.
    • Dalhousie: Dalhousie is located in northwest Calgary and is ideal for students who own vehicles and enjoy hiking in the mountains! Major highways run through the neighbourhood, making it easy to go downtown or out of town. The area is pleasant enough, but this is mostly a destination for enthusiasts who want to spend their weekends away from home!


    Cost Of Living In Calgary

    While student accommodation in Calgary may occupy a large portion of the budget, there are a number of additional elements that contribute to the student's living costs. While the city provides a reasonably priced living environment for students, it all comes down to how a student spends their money. Other factors that influence living expenditures include the location of the residence, the type of student home, food habits, entertainment, and the overall lifestyle of a student. The table below shows the monthly living expenses of a student in Calgary -


    Cost (monthly)

    Off-Campus Accommodation 

    CAD 450

    On-Campus Accommodation

    CAD 1,041


    CAD 112

    Food Cost

    CAD 689

    Utility Cost

    CAD 234


    CAD 64


    CAD 60


    CAD 136

    Health Insurance

    CAD 75

    Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation 

    CAD 1,820

    Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation 

    CAD 2,411

    Annual Cost of Living

    CAD 28,932


    Calgary Transportation

    Calgary is an eco-friendly city, and its public transportation system is no exception. Its public transportation system is one of the greenest and most convenient ways to move about the city. Calgary features a simple, yet robust public transit system. Using Calgary's public transportation is not only cost-effective, but it also benefits the environment. The LRT, paired with Calgary's extensive bus system, provides a speedy and dependable means to navigate the city. With this, students can focus on spending on their student accommodation in Calgary and can save up largely on their commuting.

    Its public transit consists primarily of buses and a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system known as the CTrain. This easy and convenient system will satisfy all transportation demands in Calgary. It also boasts a bike-sharing programme called Lime, which allows you to rent electric bikes around the city. Calgary Transit, which is owned and operated by the city, is in charge of the city's public transportation system.


    Calgary Attractions

    Weekends and holidays in Calgary call for visiting some of its top attractions. While most students shuffle their weekdays from university to their student accommodation in Calgary, during their leisure time, there are several things to do and places to visit. Below is a list of some of the must-visit places in Calgary during university life -

    The Calgary Tower

    The Calgary Tower, located at a convenient spot close to the city centre, is one of Calgary's most well-known structures. It is one of Canada's tallest free-standing structures, standing at 627 feet. On a clear and sunny day, it offers a stunning view of the city and the Rocky Mountains.

    Calgary Zoo

    Built in 1929, the Calgary Zoo is now a major tourist destination with over 1000 animals and 272 breeds. The zoo is located at 1300 Zoo Rd. N.E. and is easily accessible through Calgary Transit.

    Calaway Park

    Calaway Park, the largest amusement park in Western Canada, is located about 10 kilometres outside of Calgary in Springbank, Alberta. There are rides for children, adults, and teenagers at the amusement park!

    Calgary Stampede

    The World's Greatest Outdoor Show is staged right here in Calgary! The Calgary Stampede is an annual festival held in July that features musical concerts, professional rodeos, cultural experiences, various exhibitions, amusement attractions, and a wide range of cuisines!

    Calgary’s Science Centre

    The TELUS Sparks Science Centre encourages individuals of all ages to study technology and science in an interactive and accessible setting. It is located at 220 St. George's Dr. N.E. and features an outside park!

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