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Swansea University is located in the centre of Swansea, Wales. As a result, finding Swansea university housing will be simple. Many students flock to this beautiful city to pursue their dreams and achieve success. While there are numerous student housing near Swansea University some of the most popular housing types include budget-friendly halls of residence, studios, student dorms, shared rooms, and economical private houses. One of the most exciting aspects of attending university is moving into your student residence. The university’s residence halls provide a secure and pleasant environment to return to after a day of study, with lots of opportunities to make yourself at home.

Student Housing Near Swansea University

About The University Of Swansea University

Swansea University is a public research university in Swansea, Wales, England. The University College of Swansea was founded in 1920 as the University of Wales’ fourth college and was later renamed. Swansea Institution is Wales’ third-largest university in terms of the student population. It now enrols 20,375 undergraduate and postgraduate students in 330 undergraduate and 120 postgraduate programmes. Swansea University handles up to 10% of its overall student population from abroad each year. You can find excellent student housing near Swansea University. Furthermore, the institution has been named one of the best in Wales for the quality of its research outputs and relevant courses. It is regarded as one of the best universities in the country and throughout the world. Swansea University also boasts a reputable alumni group, turning out to be one of the most effective salary package providers in Wales.

Best Properties To Stay Near Swansea University

Property NamePrice (£)
St David’s£125/week
Oldway Centre£130/week
True Swansea£161/week
Crown Place – Swansea£120/week
Boutique – Swansea£150/week
Ty Nant£135/week
50 true Swansea, Morfa Road, SA1 2FD£711/month
Seren – Swansea£129/week

Best Student Apartments Near Swansea University

Because there are so many places to stay in Swansea, finding the proper Swansea University accommodation can be difficult. The most challenging decision for students is deciding whether to live on or off-campus.

The disadvantage of on-campus living is that it may be costly, and room availability might be an issue. On-campus housing, on the other hand, is quite near to school, which is a huge benefit for students. Off-campus housing, on the other hand, is less expensive and offers more services and amenities to students than on-campus living. Students in Swansea can also pick from a range of off-campus living choices. UniAcco lists great student housing near Swansea University, some of which are as follows:

1. St Davids

St Davids

St Davids student housing near Swansea University offers both en-suite and studio rooms. You’ll have access to a high-tech kitchen, Wi-Fi, and a common area with a large TV and lounge space, regardless of whatever room you pick. On-site professionals are available to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. Oldway Centre

Oldway Centre

The Oldway Centre Swansea student accommodation efficiently aids students in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It might be studying or simply hanging out with pals. Its location on High Street makes it popular among students. Students have the option of choosing between ensuite and contemporary studio accommodations. Swansea University is about 9 minutes away.

3. Coppergate


This student housing near Swansea University offers studio apartments for students who seek solitude and en-suite rooms for students who choose to share a room with 4 to 10 other students. Whatever room you pick, it will include a comfortable bed, superfast broadband, and a fully furnished en-suite. There are a plethora of universities within a 10-minute driving radius.

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Location And Transportation

Swansea University presently has two campuses: Singleton Park and Bay Campus. The Swansea campus is located in Singleton Park and is only a 7-minute walk from the Swansea City Centre, making it very convenient for students to explore the surrounding areas. The city is well-known for its extensive Swansea Transportation Council network, which connects all areas of the city, including Swansea University. Swansea’s public transportation system is separated into zones that cover all of the city’s popular areas where you can also find excellent student housing near Swansea University.

Swansea University’s main campus contains the main building on Singleton Park, which is an easy commute from the city. The central portion is located within walking distance of the most popular tourist sites. It is recommended that first-year students check with local railroad officials to obtain a discount. Swansea PlusBus Bus pass is an electronic ticket that may be used on the underground, buses, and some overground train routes.

Swansea University is structured in such a way that every core feature of the university building connects to one or more local transportation systems. The main structure of the University is located in Singleton Park, which is well-known for its massive retail centres and malls, delectable food courts, cafés, bars and pubs, and theatres. As a result, it is typical to feel energised by the vibrant and fun-loving environment of this section of Swansea.

Life At Swansea University

Swansea University is situated in Swansea, Wales’s second-largest city, which is well-known for its vibrant cultural scene. Swansea University is a popular choice for overseas students due to its stunning waterfront campuses. Swansea Institution’s two campuses have been awarded the Green Flag Status Award, making them the first and only dual-campus university in Wales to do so. Swansea University, one of the country’s most research-intensive universities, has witnessed a 70% growth in research income over the previous ten years.

Swansea University accepts students in a number of intakes throughout the year, with different deadlines for its diverse range of degrees. It is a top and notable university among several across the world that have been ranked by organisations such as the QS World University Rankings, THE, ARWU, and others. 

The university’s employability academy supports students in applying their knowledge and talents in the actual world while also enhancing their soft skills. It organises a range of activities to involve students, graduates, and employers, as well as to build networks among them so that students may seek advice and alumni can share their expertise.

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