Distance from The University of Sheffield International College
  • 7 mins
  • 7 mins
  • 3 mins

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This student accommodation provides en-suite rooms and studio rooms. Irrespective of the room choice you make, a high-tech kitchen, a Wi-Fi connection and a common room with a large TV and seating area will be provided. There is a 24/7 on-site staff available at the beck and call of students.

This property is a 5-minute walk to Sheffield University. Hot Chilli Chinese is the nearest restaurant here which is a 2-minute walk away. Netherthorpe Road, the nearest tram station is a 5-minute walk away. University is the nearest bus stop which is 10-minutes away on foot. The nearest hospital is Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust which is a 17-minute walk away.

This property offers it's residents additional amenities like study rooms, games room, and onsite laundry facilities. It is also registered with ANUK and National Code.

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Booking Deposit: £250 to confirm a booking (Refundable at the end of your tenancy).
Installment Plan: You can choose from annual, termly and monthly payment plans across the year.
Guarantor: The guarantor can be any international guarantor, not necessarily UK based.
Mode of Payment: Pay using a Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Transfer.

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£89 - £195 /week

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