Ultimate List of Best Escape Rooms in Glasgow That You Should Visit

Escape Rooms In Glasgow

Escape rooms in Glasgow are a great way to spend a few hours with your friends, family or colleagues. They offer a fun and exciting challenge that will engage your brain and test your teamwork skills. Escape rooms have become one of the most popular attractions in Glasgow. If you’re looking for an entertaining way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends or family, check out our list of the best escape room experiences in town! 

Escape Rooms Glasgow

Escape Rooms Glasgow is situated in the heart of Glasgow City Centre, making it accessible from anywhere in the city. It is also one of the first and most popular escape rooms in Glasgow, so you’ll be getting something unique! Located within walking distance from Buchanan Street Station, George Square and St Enoch’s Train Station (and a short walk from Central Station), Escape Rooms Glasgow is located in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. The Merchant City has been home to many successful businesses over time which helps give Escape Rooms an air of old-world charm with its cobblestone streets, Victorian architecture and friendly locals. The team at Escape Rooms are more than ready to welcome you into their space and assist with any questions or concerns you may have about booking an escape room experience!

Escape Hunt Bristol

Escape Hunt Bristol is one of the most popular escape rooms in Glasgow and has inspired hundreds of people to get locked in some of its rooms. The escape rooms are all inspired by real-life scenarios, so there are no sci-fi or fantasy themes here. In fact, many of their rooms take place in your own home (or hotel room). The games can be played by teams of 2-6 players and they’re designed as family-friendly fun for all ages and skill levels. There’s even a room that’s specifically designed for people who have never played an escape room before!

Breakout Glasgow

Breakout Glasgow is one of the few escape rooms in Glasgow to have an exclusive series of rooms. These are known as The Bunker, The Zoo and The Dungeon. Breakout Glasgow also has a real-life prison cell and a police station, which means that there’s an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to creating puzzles! The games can be played by teams of 2-10 players and they are designed to let  your creative juices flow while playing. 

Escape Quest

Escape Quest is among the well-established escape rooms in Glasgow, with three rooms to choose from. The first, The Secret Lab, is time-limited and involves escaping before the lab explodes. The second, Enigma: The Game of Deduction and Coincidence (also time-limited) tasks players with solving puzzles using clues they find along the way. The third, Trapped! A Mystery at the National Gallery of Scotland (not time-limited), takes inspiration from Turner and features an art heist as its central plot. All of Escape Quest’s rooms have between two and six people playing per round, whereas at least two people for most games but up to eight for Trapped! Prices vary depending on how long you book for; however, there are daily discounts available if you would like to try out more than one game in a day!

The Panic Room – Glasgow Southside

This escape room boasts a large selection of rooms, including the all-new “Paradise Lost,” and can be found on the south side of Glasgow. Their helpful team of staff will make sure you have everything you need to be successful in your mission, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. If you’re looking for a challenge, The Panic Room is definitely worth checking out!

The Big Escape

This city-wide game is played by teams on their smartphones and has a longer-than-average time limit of 3 hours for teams of 2–6 participants. The teams must race through the city’s centre while resolving puzzles at various locations marked on their GPS map in order to “take down” Big Al’s Casino. With code-cracking riddles, photo challenges, and other puzzles of varying difficulty, it is a lot of fun. For those of you who are new to the city, The Big Escape is arguably the greatest escape room in Glasgow. This place should be on your must-visit list since it gets you out into the city centre, moving about and seeing a ton of different parts that you might not necessarily locate on your own. 


The escape rooms in Glasgow will put your brains, nerves, and intelligence to the test, whether you need to escape from jail, liberate yourself from the grasp of a psychopath, or discover the cure. You will need to cooperate and design to find a solution, or you will butt heads and perish in the ground. Glasgow’s top escape rooms will test you and your team. We hope this blog has given you some great ideas for your next adventure with friends and family. 

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Escape Rooms In Glasgow

Ultimate List of Best Escape Rooms in Glasgow That You Should Visit

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