Here Are Some Of The Best Paid Survey Sites

best paid survey sites

For starters, a lot of people have come across scammy survey sites in the past, which leaves them with nothing more than a whole lot of wasted time. But in this blog, we are going to discuss the best-paid survey sites that offer high paying surveys.

If you have some additional time and are searching for ways to make a little extra money and use that time productively, you could try filling out surveys for money. It is claimed by survey companies that they pay out millions of dollars to users each year and this is a legitimate way to earn an income online while sitting at home.

If you stick to the best legitimate paid survey sites, there is money to be made. This won’t be rent-erasing money, but it might cover the cost of your monthly Spotify subscription, or can help you save some money for your coffee habit.

Here we’ve selected the best paid survey sites that are in the market today. Most of these sites are around for many years and have a fairly solid reputation. 

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a site that’s in the market since 2013 and offers one of the high-paying surveys. Users who fill the surveys are rewarded with points, which are then converted to dollars. Surveys are worth between 50 and 450 points each, where 100 points are equal to $1. Earnings that are obtained by users are usually paid out via PayPal or in the form of discount cards. You have the option to cash out your earnings as soon as it reaches $10, which is quite feasible, and payments via PayPal are processed within 24 hours. The processing time is very quick compared to many of its competitors.


Swagbucks is not just one of the best paid survey sites, it is much more than that. It also keeps rewarding users for shopping online, surfing the web, playing games, and a lot of stuff. Survey earnings are not very huge, these are less than $1 most of the time, but you have no shortage of options to make money, there are numerous surveys you can choose from. Swagbucks users who fill surveys or play games are compensated in the form of cash via PayPal and online gift cards. A helpful feature that Swagbucks provides is the facility to redeem gift cards for as little as $3, but at the same time, the minimum PayPal cash payout is $25. 

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is another well-established survey company that rewards its users with points for completing surveys, just like every other survey site. Pinecone Research pays well to its users, which is a minimum of $3 for each survey. The trick is that as they are always looking for a specific demographic at particular times, the site works on an invite-only basis so everyone doesn’t get a chance to fill surveys hence the number of opportunities gets very limited. Still, there’s no harm in signing up as a way of expanding your survey income. Pinecone Research is managed by Nielsen, it is the same company that measures television viewership ratings.


MyPoints is controlled by Prodege, which also owns Swagbucks. Both of the companies are similar, that you can earn points in several different ways that include everything from online shopping, watching videos on the internet, or playing fun games. The survey opportunities offered by them are numerous, but the amount that is paid per survey tends to be comparatively low. The good thing is you do get a $5 bonus once you complete your first 5 surveys on the website. The payment is processed through PayPal cash and e-gift cards. 

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars pays its users in cash for completing a variety of activities online that includes answering surveys, watching videos, playing several different games, etc. When you complete a survey, you can earn up to $5 but if we consider the average payout, it is much lower than that. Unlike other survey sites, this one has a large number of surveys you can choose from, so for this, you need a little more time and you try to increase your earnings and save money that way. The positive is that before you complete filling a survey or any other activity, you’ll get to know how much you’ll be paid. With the help of this, you can decide if earning that much amount is worth your time. The payments processed are via gift cards, PayPal cash, or a check in the mail. The minimum payout amount for Inbox Dollars which is one of the best paid survey sites is $30.

Opinion Outpost

When users are done filling surveys with Opinion Outpost, they earn points that can be converted in numerous ways. You can receive the amount through PayPal cash or gift cards just like other survey sites but here you also have a chance to convert your points into travel credits, by joining the MileagePlus program. You need to fill out a questionnaire where you register also so that Opinion Outpost can obtain your demographic information and make sure that you’re a legit user. The survey topics on this website are diverse that include anything ranging from electronics and medicine to sports or politics and also your eating habits.

VIP Voice

When you complete surveys on VIP Voice, you earn points just like any other site, but they can’t be converted into cash or gift cards. VIP Voice works a bit differently than the others which are in this list of best paid survey sites. The points you earn here can be used to enter sweepstakes or online auctions on sites like Bidland and Sweepland. 

Vindale Research

Vindale Research doesn’t incorporate a point system like other sites, which means that your income is displayed as a dollar value only. Because of this, you are always aware of the amount you’ve earned. Payment is processed via PayPal but to cash out, you will need a minimum of $50. Everyone’s favorite and one of the best paid survey sites offers other earning opportunities as well that pay more than surveys. For instance, you can write product reviews that pay as much as $75 each. Such great opportunities aren’t offered very frequently but you need to keep looking for them.

Prize Rebel

It’s been more than 10 years that Prize Rebel has been in the market, during these years, they have paid over $19 million to their users which is one of the reasons that make them the best legitimate paid survey sites. Signing up is easy with this site, as you only need to enter your name and email address to open a free account. The site will gather more of your personal demographic information when you complete your first survey, but you’ll earn points for doing so. What makes prize Rebel stand out in this list of best paid survey sites is its loyalty bonus program, which rewards users based on the number of surveys they complete. A bonus of up to 3% can be earned on your earnings and earnings can be redeemed for PayPal cash, gift cards, or Dwolla cash.

So as you start filling out surveys on these best-paid survey sites, here are a few things to keep in mind in order to maximize your survey earnings.

How can you earn more by filling surveys?

So if you think that you can make money by registering on just one survey site, you need to understand that it won’t work and you’ll likely be disappointed. Most of the survey sites don’t pay a very huge amount for completing surveys which can be usually less than $1 and some sites pay more than this also but the opportunities to fill those surveys are very few. So, what you need to follow is:

Sign up on more than one site

Signing up on more sites makes sense as you’ll grow your potential earnings by increasing the number of surveys you fill and the sites you’re registered with.

Always choose the higher paying activities

Apart from filling surveys, many of the best-paid survey sites listed above reward you for several other activities as well, such as surfing the web, binge-watching videos, etc which we’ve mentioned previously. So always keep your eyes on the higher paying activities, and stick to those.

Register for sweepstakes 

Several survey websites you’ll be registering with will offer a choice to use your points to register in sweepstakes, where the prize amount is around $500 or $1000. Though, it is not guaranteed that you will win but you can always consider taking a chance with some of your points.

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best paid survey sites

Here Are Some Of The Best Paid Survey Sites

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