14 White Lies Every University Student Has Told

White lie

A quick internet search on what a ‘white lie’ is, yields the following result – a lie about a small or unimportant matter that someone tells to avoid hurting another person. University students are one of the main demographics who tell white lies. As a university student, you’ve almost certainly told a white lie, with the most popular ones being – “Sorry professor, my dog ate my homework” and “I couldn’t complete my assignments because of a terrible stomach ache”. Over the years, university students have become more and more innovative with their white lies. So, let’s take a look at 14 white lies told by every university student in the world.

14 White Lies Every University Student Has Told

1. I Am Not Feeling Well

This is the oldest trick in the book; one that has helped countless students get away with not doing their homework/assignments. You must have used this white lie after a fun Friday night attending a music festival or birthday or any other “non-study” work. Professors are slowly but surely catching this bluff so it’s perhaps wise that you avoid using this white lie and opt for some newer excuses which I have listed throughout this blog.

2. I Forgot To Bring My Homework But I Did It

Wipe that smirk off your face! You know very well you’ve used this white lie at least once and you also know very, very well that you did not do your homework! The risk with this white lie is that, if used too many times, your professor might catch you. Be cautious (read – strategic) with the frequency of your white lies, especially with this particular one. 

3. Yeah, I’ve Definitely Started

Here is a popular white lie told by university students to fellow university students. You normally use this when you don’t want your classmates to know how much of a mess your life is right now. You might be busy with household chores, laundry duties, cleaning your room and much more and hence, neglect your studies.

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4. I Haven’t Started A Thing

Do you remember studying geometry theorems at school? Well, this a converse to the “theorem” of “Yeah, I’ve Definitely Started”. You might have heard this white lie from some of your smartest friends who always top exams despite saying they haven’t started studying yet. Take it from us – whenever you hear someone say ‘I Haven’t Started A Thing’ it means that they’re on their 4th revision and well on their way to ace the exam. 

5. I’ll Send You My Notes As Soon As I Get Home

Let’s be honest here for a second. How many times has someone asked for your notes and you said, “Yeah, I’ll send you my notes as soon as I get home”. But when you do get home you just end up sitting on the couch to play video games. Guilty, right? All you need to do is search for them on your computer and send them through.

6. I’m Not Doing Anything Important Tomorrow

This white lie is something you tell yourself every time at the uni bar when you’re five drinks in, trying to justify a 6th. You know it’s a lie, your friend’s know it’s a lie, even the bartender knows it’s a lie. But does that stop you from opening another cold one? Nope! 

7. I’ll Start This Assessment Well Before The Due Date

‘University students’ and ‘starting assignments late’ can be a solid love story. You definitely must’ve told yourself that you will start this assignment well before the due date but somehow, that never happens. The end result? A restless night of ingesting copious amounts of coffee, scrambling for any sliver of information to reach the word count, and the occasional tear rolling down your cheek, only to realise that your hopes for proactivity were made under a false pretence.


8. I’ve Bought The Textbook

You know you’re guilty of this white lie. The number of hours you spend looking for a cheaper online edition of the prescribed textbook (only to just give up) is probably equal to the time it would take to earn enough money to buy the real thing. Pro tip – buy the textbook now!

9. Uni’s Going Great, Thanks!

This gem of a white lie is told exclusively at family gatherings! Your family will bombard you with questions pertaining to your experience at uni so far. This white lie is perhaps the biggest white lie in this blog. The big ugly truth is that you don’t want your family to know about all the late nighters and drunken episodes that have dominated your uni life so far.

10. I Think I’ll Get A Job After Uni

This one actually depends on the course you’re doing. Students enrolled in STEM subjects usually do find a job after graduation. However, other courses such as communications tend to have fewer job opportunities. But hey, don’t let that keep your spirits low. It’s nice to repeat this white lie to yourself from time to time.

11. I Can’t Wait To Graduate!

You actually can. After delaying your way through your degree, you’ll probably have the revelation that your university experience has been the best period in your life and you’re not ready for it to end! 

12. Yes, I Go To All My Lectures

The truth is, if your attendance doesn’t affect your grade, there’s no incentive to attend the class. More so if your lectures start early in the morning. Since we’re all being honest here, 9 am lectures don’t exist on a student’s radar. It’s only 10 am and later. 

13. Yes Mum, I Am Eating My Fruits And Vegetables

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Do you remember the food pyramid that you learned in the 3rd standard? Well, I’m sure you’re stuck on the top-most section, AKA junk food. It’s not that you aren’t aware of the importance of eating healthy, but budget constraints and midnight hunger pangs force you to eat copious amounts of saturated fats. 

14. I Haven’t Received My Results Yet

If you’re saying you haven’t said this white lie even once as a student, that would be a huge lie. Even though you’ll ultimately have to tell your parents about your grades, you’re hoping that they’ll forget about them and instead focus on your younger sibling.

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14 White Lies Every University Student Has Told

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