15+ Traditional Foods In Australia!

Traditional Foods In Australia

The “Land Down Under” is known for its tropical beaches, marine reserves, Aboriginal culture, lush rainforests, and animals like kangaroos and koalas. But another thing Australia is famous for is its range of delicacies. Australia has several traditional cuisine that reflects its heritage and deep connection to the land. In this guide, we explore the top traditional foods in Australia that have captured the palates of residents and tourists for generations.

List Of 15+ Traditional Foods In Australia

DishMain IngredientsBest Places to Have
Chicken ParmigianaChicken, Tomato Sauce, CheeseEnterprise Hotel, Universal Restaurant, The Nines
Meat PiesMeat (commonly beef), PastryMt Barker Country Bakery, Mount Barker, WA
BarramundiBarramundi fishDoyles, Sydney
LamingtonSponge cake, Chocolate, CoconutJocelyn’s Provisions, Flour & Stone, Adriano Zumbo
Barbecue SnagsBeef, Pork, Garlic, OnionKorilla BBQ, Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack, Manuka Woodfire Kitchen
PavlovaMeringue, Whipped Cream, FruitsRochelle Adonis, Flora & Fauna, Measure
Grilled KangarooKangaroo meatAustralian Heritage Hotel, Blackbird Cafe, Waterfront Grill
Australian BurgersBeef Patty, Beetroot, Fried EggPaul’s Famous Hamburgers in New South Wales
Pumpkin SoupPumpkin, Granny Smith AppleVarious locations
Vegemite On ToastVegemite, Toast, ButterIncinerator Cafe
Prawn CocktailsPrawns, Mayonnaise, Tomato KetchupBack Beach Café & Restaurant, Etch
Sausage RollsSausage meat, PastryBanana Boogie Bakery
Vanilla SlicePastry, Vanilla Custard, Icing SugarThe North End Bakehouse, North of Mildura
Cheese & Bacon RollBread, Bacon, Mozzarella CheeseBanana Boogie Bakery
Crab SticksWhite Fish, Wheat, Egg Whites, Potato StarchOcean World Seafood Market
ANZAC BiscuitsRolled Oats, Coconut, Golden SyrupThe Riverboat Postman, Flour and Stone, Berkelo Bakery
Roasted LambLamb, Fresh Herbs, Bush Tomatoes, Lemon MyrtleArgentinian joint Porteno
CalamariSouthern Reef SquidThe Ternary, Cucina Porto

1. Chicken Parmigiana

Source: Recipe Ti Neats 

Best Place To Eat At: Enterprise Hotel, Universal Restaurant, The Nines

Parmigiana was originally an eggplant dish in Italy that was later transformed into a traditional dish in Australia. It is typically a chicken schnitzel prepared with a tomato sauce inspired by Italian cuisine, finished with a rich topping of melted cheese. Thus, it is a delicacy made with chicken and cheese. Paired with a cold beer, the Chicken Parmigiana is an unbeatable dish for the palate!

2. Meat Pies

Source: Eat Little Bird 

Best Place To Eat At: Mt Barker Country Bakery, Mount Barker, WA

Commonly called ‘Dog’s Eye,’ meat pies are a must-try local Australian dish everyone loves. They are typically paired with mashed potatoes and gravy. This dish is included in the list of one of the most popular traditional foods in Australia because it is readily available at most restaurants, food joints, and even at parties, events, and concerts! Although this dish has several variations depending on the Australian city and local culture, the primary dish remains consistent.

3. Barramundi

Source: Britannica

Best Place To Eat At: Doyles, Sydney

Barramundi is the blend of fish and Australia together to produce a delicacy for all the seafood lovers out there. Barramundi, literally meaning “large-scaled river fish”, is served as a steak but pan-seared with the skin on. One of its unique characteristics is that the fish is pan-seared first on the skin side, contrary to the usual practice, which adds an additional touch of flavour. If you visit Australia and want to try seafood, Barramundi cannot be missed!

4. Lamington

Source: Wander Cooks

Best Place To Eat At: Jocelyn’s Provisions, Flour & Stone, Adriano Zumbo

Lamington is an everyday evening snack Australians enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee in their usual routines. It is similar to a sponge cake baked in a square shape with a rich coating of chocolate icing. Once done, a considerable amount of coconut shavings are sprinkled all over it. Lamington has been a part of Australian culture for so long that its popularity has earned it the title of the “National Cake of Australia.”

5. Barbecue Snags

Source: Travel Food Atlas

Best Place To Eat At: Korilla BBQ, Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack, Manuka Woodfire Kitchen

As the name suggests, Barbecue Snags are the ultimate appetiser for all barbecue lovers. It is a special type of Australian sausage made with a combination of beef and pork, along with favours like garlic and onion. It is well-known for its rich flavour, juicy meat and incredible texture. Barbecue Snags are often enjoyed with an accompaniment of mashed potatoes, chutneys, bread or tomato sauce.

6. Pavlova

Source: Just A Pinch

Best Place To Eat At: Rochelle Adonis, Flora & Fauna, Measure

Pavlova is the ultimate dessert you must have to satisfy your sweet cravings after a hearty meal. It is a delicious cake topped with fruits and whipped cream. Pavlova has been a part of Australian cuisine for several years, gaining it a spot on the list of top traditional foods in Australia. It is also a popular dish for birthdays, events, parties, etc, available readily in most patisseries, bakeries, and shops.

7. Grilled Kangaroo

Source: SBS

Best Place To Eat At: Australian Heritage Hotel Blackbird Cafe, Waterfront Grill

While grilled kangaroo might sound unusual to tourists and non-Australians, it is a must-try meat popular throughout the country. Additionally, it is also the top meat consumed in Australia. Because kangaroo meat has a high iron content and is leaner than beef or pork, it is the preferred choice for several Australian residents. Thus, it is one of our top recommendations for all those trying their hands at Australian cuisine.

8. Australian Burgers

Source: Delicious Website 

Best Place To Eat At: Paul’s Famous Hamburgers in New South Wales

The name, Australian Burgers, makes it sound like these are different than the burgers consumed all over the world. The catch is that they distinctly are! Australian burgers have a healthy addition to the usual meat, veggies and sauce; they contain beetroot. Beetroot is widely known for its nutritional qualities and health benefits. Thus, Australians add beetroot to their burgers to increase stamina and lower blood pressure. Sometimes, they also add a fried egg to balance it out!

9. Pumpkin Soup

Source: Brown Eyed Baker

Best Place To Eat At: Found at almost all popular joints

Pumpkin Soup is arguably the best Australian delicacy out there for all vegetarians who are scanning the list of top traditional foods in Australia. It is specially prepared in winter to help combat the cold. But what transforms a regular bowl of pumpkin soup into a bowl of authentic Australian Pumpkin Soup? Adding a slice of the Granny Smith apple, grown on the outskirts of Sydney.

10. Vegemite On Toast

Source: The Australian Food Shop

Best Place To Eat At: Incinerator Cafe

This is one of the typical go-to traditional foods in Australia. Vegemite on toast is a ready-to-serve, easy-to-prepare snack available everywhere in Australia. It is made from leftover Brewer’s yeast extract. The interesting thing about Vegemite is that it has so many different recipes and variations all over the country that it is almost impossible to find a consistent one! You can add cheese, avocado, and honey or adapt the proportions of butter to vary the dish the way you want. However, one factor that does remain consistent over all the variations is that it is absolutely mouth-watering.

11. Prawn Cocktails

Source: Delicious Website

Best Place To Eat At: Back Beach Café & Restaurant, Etch

A Prawn Cocktail, or Shrimp Cocktail, is made of shelled prawns. The additional Australian touch is that it is dipped in mayonnaise and tomato ketchup (or chutney) and served beautifully in a glass. Some people also add lettuce leaves to it. Prawn Cocktails have been a popular delicacy in Australian cuisine for more than five decades and continue to be loved by residents and tourists alike. They are a wonderful addition to any fine dining experience in Australia.

12. Sausage Rolls

Source: Taste Website 

Best Place To Eat At: Banana Boogie Bakery

Sausage Rolls are the perfect blend between baking and cooking that enhances the dish several times. It’s typically a juicy sausage of meat with a rich texture wrapped around in the fluffiest pastry. Although it has a hint of dessert, Sausage Rolls are best enjoyed as a lunch dish. Sausage Rolls hold great significance in Australian cuisine as this dish is a culmination of various cultures and cuisines from all over the country.

13. Vanilla Slice

Source: My Food Book

Best Place To Eat At: The North End Bakehouse, North of Mildura

A simple vanilla slice pastry from France (called Mille-Feuille) is now enjoyed as an authentic delicacy by millions of people in Australia. This pastry is a multi-layer dessert made of thousands of sheets on top of each other with a heavy and creamy vanilla custard filling in the centre. Once done, icing sugar is gently dusted on top to elevate its taste and presentation. Every spoonful of the vanilla slice is a burst of flavour, fruit and rich texture that can elevate your palate instantly. Don’t forget to try this staple dessert among the other traditional foods in Australia.

14. Cheese & Bacon Roll

Source: Breville 

Best Place To Eat At: Banana Boogie Bakery 

Similar to Chicken Parmigiana, a Cheese and Bacon Roll is perfect for all cheese lovers exploring Australian cuisine. It is incredibly simple to make and only takes a few steps. Cheese and Bacon Rolls are traditionally a bread snack topped with tiny slices of bacon and loaded with mozzarella cheese. The toppings of bacon and cheese make a delicious and fulfilling snack.

15. Crab Sticks

Source: Poseidon Seafood

Best Place To Eat At: Ocean World Seafood Market 

The prawn cocktail is not the only dish for seafood lovers in Australia; Crab Sticks are an equally popular delicacy. However, don’t be deceived by the name. Crab Sticks don’t contain any crab meat at all! These are actually made from white fish flesh cut and shaped in a way that closely resembles the crab’s leg meat. Other than fish, wheat, egg whites, and potato starch are common additions to enhance its flavour. Some restaurants also add a bit of food colouring to make the fish meat more convincing as crab. Nevertheless, it is delicious and a must-try!

16. ANZAC Biscuits

Source: TW Recruitment

Best Place To Eat At: The Riverboat Postman, Flour and Stone, Berkelo Bakery

Australia commemorates the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in the First World War every year on April 25th. The tradition holds that army wives used to prepare these biscuits to send them to their husbands. Continuing the tradition from almost a century ago, Anzac Biscuits are still one of the most popular traditional foods in Australia. They are made from everyday ingredients, like flour, rolled oats, sugar, butter, desiccated coconut, golden syrup, bicarbonate of soda and water, and can be stored for several days at an end.

17. Roasted Lamb

Source: Recipe Ti Neats

Best Place To Eat At: Argentinian joint Porteno

Although enjoyed by people worldwide, Roasted Lamb is one of the most popular traditional dishes in Australia. It is prepared with fresh herbs, bush tomatoes and lemon myrtle and served with a glass of wine. Over the years, Roasted Lamb has evolved with its own touch of Australian cuisine which makes it a must-try unique dish.

18. Calamari

Source: Taste Atlas

Best Place To Eat At: The Ternary, Cucina Porto

Calamari refers to a southern reef squid, a popular seafood dish in Australia. While it can be served raw or cooked, it is easy to prepare either way. Generally, calamari is enjoyed as a deep-fried dish flavoured with salt, pepper, and fresh herbs before frying. People like to savour the dish with fresh vegetables and sauces as an active complement to its rich flavours.


Q1. What is Australia’s most traditional food?

Ans: Chicken Parmigiana, Barbecue Snags, Lamingtons, Pavlova, And Barramundi are some of the popular traditional foods in Australia.

Q2. What foods are native to Australia?

Ans: Kutjera, Muntries, Riberry, Davidson’s Plum, And Finger Lime are some of the native plants in Australia.

Q3. What is Australia’s national fruit?

Ans: Riberry, Syzygium luehmannii, is Australia’s national fruit. It is a medium-sized coastal rainforest tree, commonly known as small-leaved lilly pilly, cherry satinash, cherry alder, or clove lilli pilli.

Q4. What is Australia’s national drink?

Ans: Lemon, Lime and Bitters is unofficially Australia’s national drink because of its wide popularity. It is a soft drink with a tiny dose of concentrated flavour suspended in a soupçon of alcohol.

Q5. What is alcohol called in Australia?

Ans: Alcohol is commonly called booze or grog in Australia.

Thank you for reading our guide to the top traditional foods in Australia! Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Traditional Foods In Australia

15+ Traditional Foods In Australia!

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