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Student accommodation is spread all across the UK and you will find iQ student housing in every major city that you wish to stay and study in. More than 60 iQ buildings are located near popular universities in 28 cities in the UK, most of which are within walking distance of campus. To keep you safe, iQ has staff on-site 24 hours a day, secure entry systems, and adheres to COVID-19 guidelines. iQ student housing has been a student’s favourite place because of its first-class amenities and facilities. It is endorsed by ANUK which is the national body for accrediting student housing across the UK. 

iQ Student Housing

iQ Student Housing Cities 


iQ student housing buildings are located in a variety of vibrant London neighbourhoods. You can take advantage of amenities such as onsite gyms, cinemas, stylish outdoor courtyards, and even breathtaking roof terraces. There will always be an iQ building within a short distance from your London university, with buildings in Hoxton and Shoreditch, by the Thames at Bankside, and in the world-famous historical centre of Bloomsbury, etc. With so many nationalities represented, London is an extremely diverse place to study and make friends, hence many students choose to stay in London. Here are some of the top accommodations options provided by iQ student housing:

1. iQ Aldgate

2. iQ Shoreditch

3. iQ Bankside

4. iQ The Arcade

5. iQ Hammersmith

When you live in the capital city of the UK as a student, the opportunities to discover are limitless. With free admission to everything from comedy nights, museums, and galleries to outdoor summer parties, gigs, and sporting events, London is brimming with student activities. More than 20 universities and colleges are located, including UCL, LSE, and Imperial College London


It’s a true student city, with 4 famous universities and a massive 34,000 student population. You’ll be in good company studying in Edinburgh, as the alumni include Robert Louis Stevenson and Charles Darwin. Here are some of the famous accommodations options provided by iQ student housing:

1. iQ Fountainbridge

2. iQ Grove

3. iQ Elliott House

All three iQ student housing buildings are within walking distance of Edinburgh’s main universities. Elliott House has beautiful views of the old town, while Grove and Fountainbridge have gyms and cinema rooms for cosy movie nights. 

Throughout August, the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe Festival are held in Scotland’s capital, providing an unparalleled month of comedy, music, and performing arts. The rest of the year’s cultural calendar is jam-packed, with the city’s genuinely nice people creating a friendly atmosphere. There’s stunning architecture everywhere you look, as well as beautiful outdoor spaces ranging from the Royal Botanic Garden to the Meadows, and the Edinburgh Castle. Cobbled streets and winding roads through the city; the hills will give you a good workout.


Birmingham is the UK’s second-largest university research hub, with 5 famous universities and nearly 80,000 students. Most of the student accommodation options are located near Birmingham’s microbreweries, street food events, collective bakeries, and farmers’ markets for the young crowd. It is home to several event spaces, independent shops, and over 500 digital and creative businesses. It’s a dream come true for students and a significant draw for top tech talent moving to the city to pursue careers.  Hence, many students pick Birmingham as their study abroad destination. Here are some of the popular apartment options provided by iQ student housing:

1. iQ Studios 51

2. iQ Penworks House

3. iQ Broderick House

At iQ student housing, Penworks House and Studios 51 are within walking distance of Aston University, while Broderick House is on an immediate bus route to the University of Birmingham. All are close to University College Birmingham and a short stroll from the city centre.


It’s a great place to study because it has one of the largest student populations in the UK. The University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University City Campus are both within easy walking distance from iQ student housing. Leeds Beckett University Headingley Campus, Leeds City College, and Leeds Arts University are also nearby. Below is a list of the top student accommodation in leeds

1. iQ Leeds

2. iQ Marsden House

3. iQ Altus House

Leeds’ nightlife has a reputation for being among the best in the country for students, with a new wave of venues opening in repurposed industrial spaces in recent years. From the 600+ independent stalls of the massive Kirkgate Market to the more glitzy and elegant options, shopping is a dream in Leeds.

iQ Student Housing Reviews

The staff at iQ Student Housing is extremely friendly and will go out of their way to assist students in adjusting to their new surroundings. The rooms are spacious and offer plenty of storage. With a TV that allows you to log in to your Netflix account, the communal areas are ideal for getting to know new flatmates. Students can have movie nights and cook a flat meal together too.

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