Why Study in Exeter? | Top Reasons to study in Exeter

Study In Exeter

There are many reasons to study in Exeter, situated in southwest England, on the River Exe. An ancient city filled with the cultural essence of England showcasing art, museums, passages, castles and so much more. Giving you the best of both worlds, Exeter is famously known for its ideal balance of city and countryside. A diverse city where international students can enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle along with the beautiful natural landscape. 

Let’s see the Exeter study abroad reasons that will help you make the right choice. 

Top Ranking Universities | Study In Exeter

The main criteria to choose any place to study abroad is the University you choose and how it helps you flourish in your respected course. To study in Exeter means you are presented with the world’ top-ranking universities. You can choose to study at the University of Exeter that holds a steady place in the “Times Higher Education” Top 100 Universities in the world ranking. The university boasts a range of incredible alumni i.e J.K Rowling, the world-famous Harry Potter book author, Oscar-winning artist Robert Bolt and the writer of Dr Who, Robert Shearman. These are just a few names from the long list of stunning people who have studied in the UK. To be able to study at the University of Exeter is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

London Feels Like Right Around The Corner

If you wish to study in Exeter yet wish to travel around the country then London is insanely easy to get to. You can get a weekend road trip to London because it is just 200 miles away from Exeter. You can either take your vehicle or go by train for just $30. Weekends with your friends will be filled with experiences if you choose to travel around and enjoy the city. 

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Easy Flights

A lot of times, students who wish to study abroad are troubled with flights, many places don’t have direct flights and you have to take via different places. You will not face this problem when you choose to study in Exeter. The Exeter International Airport provides flights to more than 30 different countries. As well as all the cities in the UK. That makes your trip to your home country or a quick getaway a lot easier and faster. It is also easy to get to through a bus or train. 

A Balance Between The Modern & Ancient

Exeter has it all. For those who wish for modern comforts without missing out on the heritage. There are plenty of modern-day shops, shopping malls, restaurants and other facilities that blend seamlessly with the heritage buildings and museums. The city has its Cathedral that was built in 1933. And of course, it’s a city in the UK which means you are blessed with stunning architecture and cultural hotspots. Especially for Exter study abroad students who wish to understand its culture; wander around the city and immerse in its beauty and exquisiteness. 

The Beach Is Calling

If you love to swim and keep dreaming about exciting beach parties with your friends then this place might be just right for you. You can take a sunny study break at the Exmouth beach and several other beaches of Falmouth. A perfect place to enjoy your day alone or with your friends. You can even plan to celebrate the end of year exams by taking a swim or surfing with your pals.

Thriving Local Music | Study In Exeter

For the people who love concerts and music events, the city hosts some of the leading music festivals in venues like The Exeter Phoenix, The Cavern and The Lemon Grove. Back in the 90s, the Carven hosted some of the world-famous concerts of musicians and bands like Coldplay, Radiohead and Muse. Living abroad comes with its perks, being able to enjoy such classic artists will surely be an experience.

Safety And Security | Study In Exeter

Apart from its high quality of life, Exeter has a pretty low crime rate. It currently resides in the UK’s largest growing population. More and more people are choosing to stay in Exeter because of business or contentment. Two-third of the population is of working age. This city is an ideal place for students to study and enjoy their lives by indulging in UK’s history and culture. 

If you are someone who relates to the points mentioned above then go ahead and choose one of the universities in Exter that works best for you and your chosen programme. Once you visit the city, it will undoubtedly make you fall in love with it and those few years in uni will be filled with memories and friends that you make along the way. Good luck! 

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Study In Exeter

Why Study in Exeter? | Top Reasons to study in Exeter

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