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Cost of Living in Exeter for Students [Detailed Pricings 2023]

Cost Of Living In Exeter for students

Exeter is a quiet, scenic town surrounded by spectacular views of the countryside and the coast. There is a vast student body, a lively community, and plenty of enjoyable activities to do in addition to its rich history, so students living in Exeter can still be amused. Students can enjoy the metropolitan lifestyle in this friendly and diverse city having access to the beautiful landscapes of South West England quickly and easily. Apart from the tuition costs at your uni, the monthly cost of living in Exeter for students lies approximately within the range of ¬£1,276 and ¬£1,364. Students who maintain this monthly budget will find it easy to meet necessary living costs in Exeter, UK such as student accommodation, food, books and equipment, and other necessities. Read further to know what your individual expenses in Exeter will look like and where you’ll be spending most of your money.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Exeter?

 Take a look at the monthly breakdown of different living expenditures in Exeter ‚Äď

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£496
On-Campus Accommodation£612
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£1,115
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,231

Renting Cost

What is the average rent in Exeter? It would cost around £520 per month to rent a one-bedroom in Exeter, in the city centre. You can save a lot by making recommendations outside the city Centre, as the city is connected from the outside through different routes. The average Exeter cost of living to rent a room on campus is £600 per month. Many international students chose to stay inside the campus in the first year of their college but often shift to off-campus student accommodation in Exeter to reduce their average rent in Exeter.

Essential Services Charge

The majority of the University of Exeter’s students will live in private accommodations in and around Exeter. If you plan to live off-campus or in private/shared accommodation, you would need to consider the cost of utilities, such as gas, water, and electricity while calculating Exeter living costs. However, the budget should be £1,252 per month if you include all the above-mentioned costs.

The internet also comes in Essential Services nowadays making it an essential part of the living costs in Exeter UK. For job hunting, looking for accommodation, and making phone calls to keep in touch with relatives and friends back home, you’ll be using the internet. Internet cafes charge ¬£ 1 an hour. Most coffee shops and bars even offer free wifi if you have your device. Also, you could pick from many distinct cellular and internet networks to get the lowest price, including EE, O2, and Vodafone for mobile sim cards, and TalkTalk, TPG, and BT-Fibre 2 for the internet. The average monthly cost of the internet is ¬£30.90.

Transportation Charges

There are different means of transportation in the city of Exeter. There are different means available to get around the city. It is all up to you and how you feel on certain days. Using different kinds of transportation helps people find new places in the city. We recommend keeping on average £60 of your entire monthly budget on transport as a part of your Exeter living costs. It is good to get a monthly pass for your college, which will help you save lots of bucks and will significantly contribute towards reducing the cost of living in Exeter for students.

Fooding Cost

Food and drinks contribute majorly towards the cost of living in Exeter for students. The average monthly cost is around £360. This includes all your food as well as drinking cost. Though it depends on the type of surrounding you are living in. The city has many retail stores available which also provide delivery services to your place. If you are a foodie, cafes and tea shops serve high-quality Devon items in quaint old houses, restaurants, and bistros with excellent views and independent restaurants. For plenty of options of eateries serving foreign cuisines, go to Princess-hay or Queen St Dining. However, It will cost you extra bucks, around £360 per month. Eventually, it all comes down to choices when you have to decide about the Exeter cost of living.

cost of living in Exeter

Entertainment & NightLife

Students in and around this area love the Exeter nightlife with a number of entertainment sources for them, adding up to the Exeter university living costs. Given the comparatively small scale of the city’s population, the high percentage of Exeter students makes for buzzing, innovative nightlife. A variety of small local breweries feed the vibrant pub community of the area, ranging from large chain venues to round corners and back streets of curios pubs. A tradition of outdoor festivals provides a remarkable array of diversity. At the same time, cultural centres, (literally) underground music venues, and independent theatres mean that there are plenty of live entertainment opportunities for a fantastic night out. The city’s nightclubs are not plentiful. However you would like to spend your Exeter nightlife, the place has it covered! The average Cost Of Living In Exeter for students is upon you. However, it is recommended that one budget of ¬£40 cover these facilities’ costs per weekend.


1. Is Exeter expensive to live in for students?

Exeter housing can be little bit costly, with prices varying according to location and house type. However, with proper budget management, choosing to live in Exeter can provide numerous advantages and be a rewarding decision due to the city’s many benefits and opportunities.

2. Is Exeter Good for student life?

Exeter is a tranquil, pleasant city surrounded by beautiful countryside and coastline. Aside from its rich history, Exeter has a huge student population, a dynamic atmosphere, and plenty of exciting things to do, so students who live in Exeter will never be bored.

3. How much does living as a student cost?

A single student in Exeter or Cornwall will require roughly £1,252 per month to cover basic living expenditures such as housing, food, books and equipment, and other needs. This amount is provided just as a guideline. The price you actually pay will be determined by your own lifestyle.

4. Is Exeter a nice place to live for students?

Exeter is a good place for students to live, with a thriving student community, a safe environment, and a high quality of life.

5. How much is the food costs in Exeter?

The average cost of food in Belfast is £384. However, it may vary depending on the regions.

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Cost Of Living In Exeter for students

Cost of Living in Exeter for Students [Detailed Pricings 2023]