UniAcco’s One Of A Kind Support Package

UniAcco's One Of A Kind Support Package

Having been with your parents for close to 18 years, it is natural to feel both anxious and excited to move to a new country for further education. Some of you might be pumped at the prospect of living on your own and attending one of the most prestigious universities in the world. True, there’s an exciting journey ahead of you, but before that, you will have to self-isolate (Thanks, COVID19). As per the UK Government’s guidelines, international students arriving in the UK from other countries are required to mandatorily quarantine for 14 days. Don’t worry about having a place to quarantine. UniAcco will take care of that. In a collaborative effort between UniAcco and our operators, we have curated a unique Support Package that will take care of all your needs while you quarantine in your spacious student accommodation. All you need to do is just contact your property consultant before you arrive or let your residence team know upon arrival.

Here’s all that you can expect from our Support Package –

Early Arrival Bonanza

Most of our operators are allowing students special two weeks early arrival at no extra cost. This is to accommodate the government’s prerequisite of having international students quarantine for 14 days. 

Virtual Check-Ins

UniAcco's One Of A Kind Support Package

All you have to do is check-in online, collect your keys and head straight to your room. There’s no need for any unnecessary human intervention. Stay safe in your private student accommodation. 

Breakfast Delivery

While you quarantine in your new home, leave it to us to bring you fresh breakfast right to your doorstep. 

Contact-less Delivery 

Bid adieu to getting ready and leaving your room to get shop for groceries. You can now order all your food essentials at great prices and enjoy the benefits of contactless delivery right to your doorstep.

Laundry Services 

Gone are the days of doing your own laundry! You can now book your laundry cleaning service and have your clothes collected and dropped off to your student accommodation. 

Virtual Social Events

We understand the boredom that comes with staying alone all by yourself. Now, you can enjoy a wide range of activities from creative cooking to dance and fitness. Take part in all the social events without having to leave your room.

Essential Toiletries

Every student will receive antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, tissues and feminine care products on checking-in to their student accommodation.


Protect yourself by following all the guidelines issued by the government. You can expect facemasks, rubber gloves, sanitizers and non-prescription medication like Paracetamol, B-complex tablets and Vitamin-C tablets on arrival. 

Snacks and Other Goodies

You can’t have a good quarantine without something nice to munch on. We will provide popcorn, Walkers crisps, Jaffa cake, Oreo cookies, ice cream, Ribena and much more. You can also enjoy reading books or playing board and card games.

UniAcco’s Welcome Package

All students who book a studio room for a tenancy period of 44 weeks or more can enjoy the benefits of UniAcco’s Welcome Package –  free of cost. The contents of the UniAcco’s Welcome Package covers all your student accommodation essentials.

It includes – 

2 masks and 2 sanitizer bottles

Kitchen Basics:

• 1 x dinner plate

• 1 x side plate

• 1 x chopping board

• 1 x 4 piece cutlery set

• 1 x breakfast bowl

• 1 x mug

• 1 x tumbler glass

• 1 x 20 cm frying pan

• 1 x 18 cm saucepan

• 1 x cooking utensil set

For extra comfort:

• 1 x tea towel

• 1 x 13.5 tog double quilt

• 1 x jumbo pillows

• 1 x fitted double sheet

• 1 x duvet cover

• 2 x pillowcases

• 1 x hand towel

• 1 x bath towel

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UniAcco's One Of A Kind Support Package

UniAcco’s One Of A Kind Support Package

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