Feeling The Blues After Your Graduation Day? Here’s What You Should Do

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Are you a recent college graduate who has stepped into the new world of working after studying? Are you feeling the blues after your graduation day? It is a common feeling and is quite common and unavoidable in most cases. 

For most of the students who are able to find a career path after graduation or who know what their purpose in life is, after faring well in academics, dealing with graduation blues could be easy. However, if you find yourself being unable to deal with the rising cortisol levels, this feeling may turn into post-graduation depression. 

To help you deal with the blues you feel after your university education, this article will guide you through the things to do if you are missing university life

Here’s What You Should Do If You Are Feeling The Blues After Your Graduation Day

Meet Your Favourite Professors 

If you feel low after your graduation, the best way to combat the blues after your graduation day is by meeting and talking to your favourite professors. This is undoubtedly the best way to seek closure for the best years of your life that you have spent in your college. You may have heard about the common things that lecturers say and would want to relive those moments one last time before you bid goodbye to your studentship. 

Support Your University Sports Team

Even if you aren’t a great fan of sports, bonding over a game of soccer, baseball or table tennis could help you seek closure after university life. One fun activity to do among the different items for your college bucket list would be to go ahead and cheer for your friend’s sports team. If you are a university graduate, all the more reason for you to engage in this activity. You can scream out famous catchphrases, those with reference to your friends, or words of encouragement that’ll boost your college team. Sounds fun, isn’t it? This could be your go-to activity if you are feeling the blues after graduation. 

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Rediscover Your Favourite Uni Chill-Spots! 

Your graduation marks the end of your studentship. This is the day you realise that you are no longer affiliated with a university or college and have to now fend for yourself. But an effective way to recreate the student life experience is getting in touch with all your old friends and revisiting your favourite places to chill and hang out with your university friends. 

Strolling around the old neighbourhoods or discovering new shops and restaurants will help you feel a lot better about yourself and your situation. There’s a different feeling associated with reliving memories with some of your closest friends, it makes you feel hopeful about the future. Believe that the surprise of reconnecting with your old friends and revisiting places where you spent most of your youth feels like a brand new experience. 

Attend A Music Festival With College Friends 

Attending live music concerts and going to music festivals is one of the unsaid traditions of university life. If you were unable to take advantage of the first few weeks of university, now is your calling to go and attend a music festival. The best way to do this is by calling your old university friends and attending these concerts with them. Music festivals are guaranteed to bring back some old memories you may have been missing from your university life. 

Do Not Compare Your Life With That Of Your Peers 

Once you graduate from university, you will hear all kinds of good news and bad news. Some of your closest friends may have joined their dream companies with a good salary while some may still be figuring out what their purpose is. One way to avoid the blues after graduation is by trusting yourself and not comparing yourself to your batchmates. Remember, you all are in this together and while your closest friends may be a step ahead of you at the moment, have faith in yourself that you too will get there. 

 Blues After Your Graduation Day

Call Your University Friends For A Movie Marathon! 

One of the best ways to spend time with your university friends is by bonding over your favourite movies and TV shows. If you are aware of the 11 TV shows that sum up university life, you will find creative ways to receive closure from the university life that you so dearly miss. Spending time with your closest friends from college in this way will not only comfort your thoughts but also turn you into a hopeful individual. You will know that all your university friends are just a call away and you can spend such days with them and catch up with them whenever you feel like it. 

Get Experience and Think of Studying Some More 

The fact that education has no age limit is comforting. If you have already graduated from university, the next step for you would be to find a job. However, if you are missing the extraordinary student life experience that you once had, know that you can always take admissions into the university of your choice whenever you feel like it. If you have enough experience but do not have the financial means to afford education once more, you can apply for scholarships to study abroad and find a way in, once again. 

Reach Out to Your University’s Careers Service

Many people who experience post-graduate anxiety or other mental health challenges after graduating report that a lot of their negative feelings come from not really knowing what to do next. Whether it’s struggling to get a job, experiencing rejection, missing university life or not knowing how to make yourself employable, all of these things are difficult to deal with but there is help out there. You can ring your college friends, reach out to the university’s counselling department or just talk to your batchmates. 

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stages of adjusting to new culture

Feeling The Blues After Your Graduation Day? Here’s What You Should Do

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