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September 29, 2021

UniAcco, the most prominent student housing platform, has helped over 100,000 students in the United Kingdom find their ideal student home. At the 4th annual Greater London Enterprise Awards, sponsored by SME News, we were named Best Cross-Border Student Housing Provider for 2020. This award was given in recognition of our unique tools and data-driven approach to aiding students in finding and obtaining accommodation.

We’ve created a blog series called “UniAcco Case Studies” to show the world that UniAcco not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. Here, we analyse the most intriguing and, at times, complex issues that our professional housing consultants deal with. Through this testimonial, we present to you one of the most challenging UniAcco case studies of 2021 – “Every Little Effort Adds Up”.


Hally Gala, an expert property consultant at UniAcco, was in charge of this case. She has helped several students with their housing needs and addressed all kinds of challenges since she began working with UniAcco. In this case study, you will see how Hally used UniAcco’s core values to help an international student with viewing the property prior to booking it.

Case Scenario

An international student who was looking for student accommodation got in touch with UniAcco for the same. The student scheduled a viewing for one of the properties after shortlisting two to three properties based on convenience and budget. The student wanted to check the distance between his housing and his university, the nearby transportation options, the safety and security, and to ensure that the facilities and amenities were provided as promised. The viewing, however, was cancelled owing to a lack of adequate staff to show him around. As the case progresses, you’ll see how contacting UniAcco assisted him in resolving this issue and viewing the property ahead of time!


Throughout the process, a few challenges were encountered. As an international student in an unfamiliar setting, the student placed heavy emphasis on ensuring a safe and comfortable atmosphere as well as the availability of facilities. However, due to the pandemic, only a few staff members were accessible, and they were already engaged with other tasks. As a result, no one was available to show the student around the premises when he arrived. Moreover, the student did not want to push the viewing for later, due to other commitments that he had to attend to. So arranging for the viewing within the given timeframe was the challenge that UniAcco had to encounter.


When the student arrived at the property and noticed that there was no one to tour him around, he contacted Hally, the UniAcco executive with whom he was in touch. Upon listening to his situation and understanding his dilemma, Hally decided to ensure that the student gets to view his property at the earliest best. She got in touch with the property managers and explained the situation of the international student to them. Within short notice, arrangements for immediate viewing of the property were made and the were staff who readily showed the student around and answered all his queries. It did not take more than 30 minutes for the student to tour around the accommodation and cross-check if the facilities provided met his requirements.


Catering to a student’s accommodation needs is UniAcco’s motto. However, this does not end at simply providing a property. As part of UniAcco’s core values, keeping in touch with students from the time they begin looking for properties until they leave the accommodation is essential. The property executives make every effort to meet a student’s every need in order to assure complete satisfaction. Overcoming obstacles together with the greatest commitment is what distinguishes UniAcco from the rest. Keeping this in mind, Hally made certain that the student viewed his property that day. The student was not only pleased with the property and its amenities, but he was also thankful to Hally for prioritising his viewing needs. UniAcco gained a lot of goodwill as a result of this, and the student even suggested UniAcco to other students in need of accommodation.

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