Why Do You Really Need a Personal Brand?

Why Do You Really Need a Personal Brand?

‘Brand’ is a very common word for you and me, isn’t it? We all have heard about it and have our own understanding of this word. If I were to ask you a decade back what is the meaning of ‘a brand’; your answer would probably be – one that all the top businesses have. While branding was a marketing jargon a few years back, that isn’t the case anymore. With the advent of social media and the gig economy, branding is no longer the reserved luxury of popular businesses. It has now entered our personal lives and we all have a personal brand. Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, you do have a personal brand. Plus in this modern world, it is essential for each one of us to embrace personal branding. Want to know why? Read this article on ‘Why Do You Really Need A Personal Brand?’ to know the answers. 

What Is Personal Branding?

Before knowing the answer to the question – Why Do You Really Need A Personal Brand? – it is important to understand the meaning of ‘Personal Brand’ and ‘Personal Branding’. So let’s check that out first.

Have you ever tried Googling your name? What results does it show? You will find lots of other people with your name but focus on the websites and information related to you. It could have your social media information and Linkedin activity. This will be essentially your first impression. Is it a good one? Whether you have a date or a job interview, chances are someone is going to Google you to learn more about you. This online reputation is what we call a personal brand. 

In the simplest words, your brand is what people say about you in your absence. It is the unique combination of skills and experiences you possess that make you who you are. A personal brand is how you present yourself to the world and interact with your online audience. 

Now you can already guess what ‘personal branding’ is. It is basically the process of establishing your public persona for your target audience. 

The harsh reality is that if you fail to create your own brand, other people will do it for you based on whatever information they can glean about you from colleagues, social media and internet searches. Taking control of your personal brand is hence important and we will see how it can help you in this blog on: Why Do You Really Need A Personal Brand? 

Why Is Personal Branding More Important Than Ever?

Whether you are an employee, an employer or an entrepreneur; cultivating a personal brand has become way more important than ever before. One reason for this is because people will use social media to get an idea about you and have an image of you even before you have interacted with them. So if you are a candidate applying for a job position then be prepared that your recruiter will use social media during the interview process. As an entrepreneur, you should know that investors will do the same. Companies have also started to encourage employees to build their own personal brands because it adds to the image of the company and reflects a lot more information during business meets, conferences and deals. Thus, personal branding has gained much popularity in recent times. 

Why Do You Need A Personal Brand?

Now that you know what personal brand is and why it is important, the next question you must be having is: Why should I have one? Here are the answers for the topic: Why Do You Really Need A Personal Brand?

1. It helps you define “WHY’

Your ‘Why’ is the deep-seated beliefs of your values, passion and aspirations that differentiate you from everyone else in the world. You need a personal brand to define the values that sit at the core of who you are and what you want to do as a person. Also, having a personal brand helps you identify your passions – the things you enjoy the most, both in your personal and professional life. You may also meet others with similar mindsets on the journey and make some friends for a lifetime. 

2. It puts you in charge of your digital footprint

The decision to have a personal brand puts you in the driver’s seat of your online presence.  You should have a thorough idea of your existing digital footprint. Be ruthless and check all the previous posts to see if they align with your ideologies. There’s no better way you could have done this except while building a personal brand.

3. It strengthens your visual image

Visual image is important irrespective of the industry you are in. Ensuring that the way you dress, speak and carry yourself around is in line with the messages you wish to convey is crucial. This is a part of the process of personal branding which makes it really important. 

4. It helps you fulfil your goals

Creating a strong and authentic personal brand will enhance your chances of securing interviews, being promoted and winning more clients for your business. Having a personal brand will help you maximise every single opportunity that comes along your way by amplifying your strengths and all the good things you have to offer. 

What Does A Personal Brand Help With?

Following are the aspects in which having a personal brand is extremely helpful. Using our brand design tips these are the results one can get.

  • You can leverage your network well
  • Your business will become stronger
  • It will increase the scope of partnerships 
  • You become more memorable
  • Your online relations will flourish
  • You will build incredible confidence
  • You will become more identifiable as an individual
  • Your credibility will keep increasing

With that we come to the end of this blog on: Why Do You Really Need A Personal Brand? Here are some final words.

Personal branding takes work and time, it won’t happen overnight, but it is a great way to help you stand out from the crowd and attract attention from potential employers, clients and collaborators. Keep in mind that transparency and authenticity are essential to help you set yourself apart and ensure that your brand is consistent, clearly defined, and in line with your short and long-term goals.

Hope you now know the importance of having a personal brand so go ahead and make an incredible one. Good luck!

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Why Do You Really Need a Personal Brand?

Why Do You Really Need a Personal Brand?

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