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UK Weather Seasons: The Best Time to Explore Bristish Seasons

Rain is the first thing that comes to mind when one pictures the UK weather. While thunderstorms and showers are a perennial part of the country’s weather chart, the United Kingdom has a climate covering each end of the spectrum from spring to winter. UK climate is defined as temperate where there are cold, wet winters and warm, wet summers. The country boasts a different charm during each season, and there are a variety of fun activities to partake in different weathers. In this article, we take a look at the different weather seasons in the UK and how one can make the most of them. 

Weather Seasons In The UK

We all know rain is a mainstay of UK weather. Be it hot or cold, a shower is hardly unexpected in almost all parts of the country. Traditionally, the four weather seasons in the UK are spring, summer, autumn and winter. Below discussed are the four seasons, what months they last and the fun activities people can enjoy during the different seasons. 


Spring in the UK lasts from March till May. The average daylight hours are anywhere from 11 to 15 hours. It is that time of the year when the country starts to bloom after the harsh and unrelenting winters with green and warmth slowly making their way in. It is a beautiful time of year with people out and about and there are one too many enjoyable things to do during springtime in the UK. 

  • Touring Bluebell Woods: One of the most popular activities during spring is taking a walk through the absolutely gorgeous bluebell woods with lovely violet-blue flowers set against tall, leafy trees. 
  • Exploring Places With A Slice of Magic: There are hoards of places in the UK that close down during the winters and get too hot to visit during the summers. So, that makes spring the perfect time to pay them a visit. The Giant’s Causeway, Merlin’s Cave, and Glastonbury Tor are just a few among many places that are ideal to visit during springtime. 
  • Get Atop Buildings: To be fair, not just any building but monuments and famous pieces of architecture that provide 360-degree views of their magnificent surroundings. There’s no time other than spring that makes this particular activity the most fun. 


From June to August is among those weather seasons in the UK that some welcome wholeheartedly while some absolutely dread. That would be summer. With an average temperature of 18 to 20 degrees and an average of 16 daylight hours, UK summers are often described as hot and sweaty by British folk marred by showers as usual.

  • Gardens of Manchester: A lush green selection of gardens spread over large areas makes Manchester a treat to visit during the summer. The RHS Garden Bridgewater, Fletcher MossPark and Botanical Gardens, and Piccadilly Gardens to name a few are a must-visit during the warm weather seasons in the UK.
  • Sea Kayaking: Scotland is the spot for this activity set against the backdrop of the North West Highlands. Several companies organise kayaking tours this time of year.


September to November marks the season of autumn when the country prepares to usher in winter. Among all the weather seasons in the UK, one can experience temperatures from hot to cold to everything in between. While the months of September and October are relatively warm, sometimes even more so than the summer months, temperatures drop drastically in November as a prelude to winter. 

  • Halloween: Halloween although not traditionally a British festival, has travelled to the country from across the pond and is widely celebrated across various parts of the country. 31st October marks the holiday and carved pumpkins, spooky decorations and kids going trick or treating has become quite the norm.
  • National Parks: The UK has quite a selection of serene national parks. A much-enjoyed activity during the autumn months is exploring some lesser-known national parks in less crowded areas across the country. 
  • Farm Park: A beloved activity among these weather seasons in the UK on a lazy day is visiting a farm park. Perfect to go with younger siblings or children, it is always advised to book well in advance due to the rush. 


The most-awaited time of the year comprising Santa and snow! Christmas in the UK is deeply cherished by locals and among the hottest destinations for tourists from all over. Lasting from December to February, the harsh winter months are filled with Christmas decorations, hot chocolate and snow galore. Average temperatures are known to drop to a freezing 6 degrees with dusk approaching during afternoon hours. 

  • Camping: Brave to bear the cold? A daring activity among these weather seasons in the UK is camping in a gorgeous outdoor area, hiking, sleeping in a tent, cooking on a fire, the whole deal. 
  • Christmas Fairs and Markets: With the holiday being a big deal across the country, there are some fun, colourful, and sparkly fairs and markets in cities across the United Kingdom. A thoroughly enjoyable activity to spread the holiday cheer. 

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UK Weather Seasons: The Best Time to Explore Bristish Seasons