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student housing in Melbourne

Many students think about studying in Melbourne since it is such a popular destination! When considering studying in Melbourne, one of the many factors to consider is where you will live. This guide is intended for students who are looking for student housing in Melbourne but are unsure where to begin. Let’s get started! 

When To Start Looking For Student Accommodation?

A basic student housing guide cannot begin without mentioning when you should begin looking for a place for yourself! Because your student housing is so important to your university experience, we recommend the following:

  • To avoid any last-minute problems, try not to wait until the last minute to book your student housing in Melbourne and secure it as soon as possible.
  • Since rates may rise depending on availability, booking your Melbourne student housing early will get you the best deal. Discounts and incentives on the best places to stay in Melbourne may also be available.

Things To Consider When Choosing Student Accommodation

There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to student accommodation. When looking for student housing in Melbourne, keep the following points in mind:

  • Examine your rent to see if it justifies all of the amenities mentioned in the property.
  • Take note of any essential services you would require on a regular basis, such as grocery stores, vegetable distributors, and so on.
  • We recommend that you always choose student housing near dependable public transportation so that you can be confident that if you need or want to go somewhere, you can do so without fear of overspending.

 student housing in Melbourne

Different Types Of Student Accommodation

Students can live in on-campus hostels or dorms at most universities. They include eateries, WiFi, laundry, and other services provided by management. The majority of student halls are located near universities and offer a variety of room types, such as en-suite rooms and studios. The majority of Student Halls include bills in the rent and allow students to have the privacy of a private room while also allowing them to meet other students.

There are several types of student accommodation in Melbourne, which are currently known as Purpose Built Student Accommodations (PBSA). You have fully furnished rooms, high-speed WiFi, hot water, and power 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You also get a cleaning service, gym facilities, parking spots, and property security! They have several different types of rooms:

  • Studios with a private bedroom, living space, kitchen, and bathroom are available in single or multiple occupancies.
  • En-suites are designed for a specific occupancy and include private bathrooms as well as kitchen areas for those who want to increase their productivity by living independently.
  • Occupancy can be single or multiple, with a private bedroom, a shared living space, a shared kitchen, and a shared bathroom.

Things To Consider Before Finalizing A Student Accommodation

This student housing in Melbourne guide covers everything. We’ve compiled a list of all the essential following questions before finalizing your student accommodation.

  • Security Deposit: Inquire about the security deposit paid to the landlord
  • Waiting List Charge: Inquire whether there is a fee to lock your apartment request
  • Application Fee: Inquire about the application fee when renting out space
  • Lease: Inquire about the lease and the cost breakdown
  • Documents: Inquire about all of the documents that must be submitted

Moving In Checklist

You may find it difficult and intimidating to determine what you need for the next year or more, which is why this student housing in Melbourne guide exists! Here are a few items to include on your checklist:

  • Documents such as your passport, licence, or official ID, as well as university documentation
  • Duvets, pillows, and other bedroom accessories
  • Soap or body wash, toothbrush, loofah, and other bathroom items
  • Toiletries such as allergy medications, lotions, and other items

Avoid Rental Scams/Frauds

It is critical to protect yourself from scams and fraud in all aspects of your life. Student housing scams may not appear to be real, but they are. That is why this student housing in Melbourne guide includes a list of rental scams and frauds.

  • Hijacked advertisements: The scammer takes over the posted rental ads and poses as the landlord.
  • Clickbait apartments: The landlord tries to convince you to sign a lease or pay a deposit for a home that is not listed.
  • Non-existent rentals: The scammer advertises a nonexistent/phantom property.

Best Properties in Melbourne for Students

Property NamePrice (AU$)
UniLodge Melbourne CentralAU$415/week
UniLodge Melbourne CBDAU$389/week
Student Village MelbourneAU$330/week
Scape Melbourne CentralAU$199/week
UniLodge – Victoria UniversityAU$172/week
Infinity PlaceAU$379/week
Scape SwanstonAU$299/week
Student Living – VilliersAU$355/week
Scape QueensberryAU$299/week
UniLodge – Royal MelbourneAU$343/week


Perhaps you learned something new from the Melbourne student housing guide. You will undoubtedly explore the best places to stay in Melbourne since you are moving there for your studies.


Q1. Which side of Melbourne is best to live in for students?

Ans: The best suburbs in Melbourne to live in are undoubtedly in the city. Richmond is a multicultural suburb that ranks first in liveability and second in work and plays in the CityPulse rankings.

Q2. What is Melbourne’s greenest suburb?

Ans: Olinda has the highest percentage of greenest neighbourhoods in Greater Melbourne, accounting for roughly 71%.

Q3. Which Melbourne suburb has the lowest crime rate?

Ans: Park Orchards has the lowest crime rate in Melbourne, at 1.33 per 100 residents.

Q4. Which is Melbourne’s trendiest suburb?

Ans: Fitzroy is the top-ranked Australian suburb on Time Out’s list of the world’s 51 coolest neighbourhoods.

Q5. Which is the best place for students to live in Melbourne?

Ans: St Kilda West is undoubtedly a popular student neighbourhood. The area has a beautiful beach right on its doorstep and a vibrant student population. The location is also close to Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) and Charles Sturt University (13 minutes).

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student housing in Melbourne

A Complete Student Housing Guide Melbourne 2024 – UniAcco

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