Ways To Make Free And Cheap International Calls

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Long-distance phone calls always conjure up images of exorbitant phone bills. However, making international calls does not have to be expensive. In fact, it may be free in some cases. If you’re going on vacation or need to contact family in another country, don’t accept the high rates your company charges. Look through our list of services providing cheap international calls from mobiles to find the one that works for you.

Cheapest Ways to Call Internationally from a Cell Phone


cheap international calls

Skype is well-known as a video-calling app, but it is also possible to use the app to make cheap international calls from mobile. Skype’s phone feature allows you to make international calls and domestic calls from your Skype account via the Internet. The most well-known video calling service, Skype, can be downloaded for free on any phone or computer.


FaceTime is built-in as a feature within all Apple gadgets, including iPhones, iPads, iPods, and iMacs. It allows you to call anyone else in your FaceTime group for free. Since it comes with your phone and line quality is usually good, it’s the most affordable way to call anywhere in the world.


cheap international calls

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the modern world. It is available for both iOS and Android users. WhatsApp allows for phone and video calling, including conference calls. You can also use it for free international calls and to send regular messages, as we’re sure you already know (which includes roasting your buddies in the group chat). Through this, you can make calls to the USA from the UK, from UK to India and anywhere in the world. It is one of the prominent ways to make free international calls.


With Telegram, you can make free internet voice calls which is the cheapest way to call internationally. You enjoy an incredibly quick and secure instant messaging service. If you’re really concerned about the security of your calls, you can quickly determine whether the app’s encryption is functioning properly. While you’re on the phone, four emojis will display on your screen; if the other person has the same emojis on their screen, Telegram claims the call is 100% secure.

Google Duo

Google Duo is an excellent choice for making free internet calls if you and the person you’re calling have Gmail accounts. When it comes to the quality of cheap international calls i.e, audio and video calls, Google Duo is incredibly dependable, unlike other services that may have choppy lines that offer low-cost international calls. The software, which is compatible with all smartphones (both Apple and Android), offers a number of fascinating features, like the opportunity to get a video preview of your caller before you pick up and the ability to leave a video message if your friend doesn’t answer.

It might be beneficial to purchase a unique cellphone bundle if you frequently need cheap international calls. You may get inexpensive or even free international SIM cards, and you just recharge them as you travel. As an alternative, you might inquire about the price of a bundle to call home with your mobile contract provider. Listed below are some of the top international SIM providers:


cheap international calls

You can get a free SIM card from Lycamobile, the biggest name in international SIM cards providing cheap overseas calls. Then, you can go PAYG and top off your credit as needed or select one of their foreign bundles. Their 30-day plans range in price from $10 to $20. Make sure the area you’re calling is included in your plan when selecting one; otherwise, you’d be wasting your money.


Low-cost international calls are reasonably priced with O2’s international SIM.  You can acquire a free SIM card, and because the bundles are only good for 30 days, you can renew or cancel them whenever you choose. You receive a predetermined number of minutes from the bundles that you can use for cheap international calls and you will receive a credit for O2 consumption in the UK when you top up. A £10 top-up will give you unlimited messages and minutes as well as 7GB of data, while a £20 top-up will give you unlimited texts and minutes as well as 30GB of data.


Like the previous two options, EE offers a free international SIM card and offers the cheapest international calling rates. You can use it to call the UK and over 30 other countries. Their SIM cards include a free Calling Abroad add-on with rates to call over 70 countries. To get started, text CALL ABROAD to 150 once you have an EE SIM card.


Lebara offers cheap international calls with a variety of PAYG plans with free SIM cards that are worth investing in. For example, they have two £10 for 30 days packages that offer the cheapest international calling rates. One £10 pack provides 15GB of data, unlimited national calls to the UK, 100 international minutes to 41 countries, and unlimited UK texts. The other comes with 6GB of data, unlimited national calls to the UK, 500 international minutes, and unlimited text messages to the UK.

Online call apps are by far the cheapest way to make cheap international calls. Whether you’re in the UK, abroad, or somewhere in between, as long as both you and the person you’re talking to have access to the internet, you’ll be able to chat away for free.

The Takeaway

Using an online call app is by far the most cost-effective method of making cheap international calls. It doesn’t matter if you’re both in the UK, one is abroad, or you’re both in a far-flung corner of the globe – as long as you and whoever you’re calling have internet access, you can chit-chat to your heart’s content at no extra cost.


1. How can one make affordable international calls for free?

There are several apps that enable users to make free international calls that work in most countries. Most of them also have chat capabilities that allow you to stay connected all the time. The top three apps that allow you to make free international calls are WhatsApp, Skype and Viber.

2. What is the most trusted and best way to make an international phone call?

To make a call to a phone in a different country, start by dialing 011, then enter your country code, enter your area code, enter your city code, then enter your phone number.

3. Is FaceTime free internationally?

FaceTime is cost-free whether you or the other person are abroad. International FaceTime calls are available and are free as long as you have access to the internet. It is however important to connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.

4. How do I call international from UK to India?

To make an international call to India from the UK, dial 00, then India’s country code “+91” and then your recipient’s phone number.

5. Is FaceTime free internationally?

FaceTime calls and video calls are free to use if you’re using a device that’s Wi-Fi-connected or has mobile data. However, you’ll pay normal data charges if you use FaceTime on a cellular network. This depends on the carrier and your data plan.

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Ways To Make Free And Cheap International Calls

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