10 Common Things Every Lecturer Says

Common Things Every Lecturer Says

There are some things we will never forget about school, college, or university. Two things that are common among all individuals who have been students in their lifetime are lectures and teachers. If you are thinking about things to do while missing university life, you must revisit the 10 common things every lecturer says. 

For some of us, school and college days were decades ago and for some of us, it is a more recent experience. No matter what generation you belong to, teachers are what all students have in common. As a result, there are some things that all teachers have been saying irrespective of the subject they teach. Let us take a look at what they are:

10 Common Things Every Lecturer Says

“This Is The Worst Class I Have EVER Taught” 

This dialogue is similar to what Candice Bergin iterates in the movie Bride Wars – “You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen” to all the brides she has helped get married. While we all know that this statement is one of the most common things every lecturer says, it is certainly not true (at least not entirely). 

“What’s So Funny? Please Share It With Us Too” 

You must have heard this when you and your friend exchanged a glance in the midst of a quiet classroom and burst out laughing remembering your internal joke. Of course, teachers said this sarcastically (in most cases) and didn’t actually want to hear your joke, but this most certainly did the trick in making you curb your laughter and focus on the lecture. 

“I Need Someone Who Can…” 

This was the exact moment when a majority of the class would raise their hands, and no, not to answer a question but to volunteer. Most of us would do anything to break the monotony of boring lectures, including the teacher themselves. While teachers tried their best to make the class interesting by demonstrating rather than lecturing, they would often call out for volunteers to help explain a topic better. 

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“If You Are Not Interested, You May Please Leave The Classroom” 

All of us know in our hearts that the teacher didn’t mean these words and was only playing the reverse psychology card. If your friend almost got up to leave, taking these words seriously and you pulled his shirt and stopped him from doing so, you know exactly what I am talking about. 

“There Are No Silly Questions” 

This is one of the most common things lecturers say in the classroom. This was usually a way to receive feedback from the class and encourage you to ask questions rather than shying away from your doubts. However, if you really did ask that silly question, your teacher would question your attention span and ask you where your head was while they were explaining it. 

“I Will Skip This Part Because We Learnt It Last Year” 

This would invariably be your cue to turn to your partner and ask them “when did we cover this last year?” Every year, there would be something that repeated and you just wouldn’t understand or remember when it was taught. No matter how hard you tried to concentrate in the classroom there would be something you’d miss out on every year and the teacher would repeat this line on several occasions too. 

Common things every lecturer says

“Okay Pair Up Real Quick!” 

When these words came together, so did you and your best friend. This is one of the most common things teachers said when they were about to commence a break-out session and turn the boring lecture into a fun project. More often than not, these classes, in particular, ended too soon because of all the fun you had! 

“Why Are You Late?” 

There was always that one teacher who kept punctuality at the heart of their morals. They would usually show up 5 minutes early to the lecture and would question students for being even 1 minute late to the class. No matter how hard you tried, you just didn’t understand why being even a few minutes late mattered in the first place. But as you grow up and find work-study opportunities, you may understand the importance of punctuality. 

“You…Read From Where He Stopped” 

If you were talking or were distracted while your classmate was ordered to read out loud in the classroom, you just knew this was directed towards you. This would be the teacher’s way to bring back your attention to the class and encourage you to be alert. It was the most common trick teachers pulled in order to make everyone vary that being distracted in the classroom lecture is absolutely not allowed. 

“In My X Years Of Teaching, I Have Never Seen Something Like This” 

We all knew that was not true. This line has been heard by all of us at least once in our lifetime. While it may have been true, it is unbelievable how every year teachers said the same thing in some way or the other. 

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Common Things Every Lecturer Says

10 Common Things Every Lecturer Says

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