Explore 10+ Top Pubs in Bath: Raise a Glass in Bath

Top Pubs in Bath

After a stressful week jammed with deadlines, finishing papers and assignments, and catching up on meetings, the best way to rejuvenate your energy is to hang out with your friends. You can host a quiet lunch, enjoy brunch at a calm and soothing cafe, catch the latest trending movie, or you could go out to explore the city. The historic places, museums and arcades are all must-visit places in every city to get in touch with its culture, but exploring the social scenes and nightlife is the perfect way to meet new people and learn about the popular preferences of other peers.

Bath boasts of beautiful Georgian architecture, ancient Roman ruins, and of course, one of the United Kingdom’s best social scenes. You cannot traverse through the city without visiting some of the incredible pubs in Bath and call it an amazing trip.

Top Pubs in Bath

Top Pubs in Bath

Garrick’s Head

  • Address: 7-8, St John’s Pl, Bath BA1 1ET, United Kingdom.
  • Phone: +44 1225 318368
  • Top recommendation: Mussels with seaweed butter toast.
  • Reserve a table: Garrick’s Head

Situated right in the heart of the city centre, Garrick’s Head was once home to 18th-century fashion leader and Master of Ceremonies, Beau Nash. The grandeur and sophistication of its past can be seen in the building’s infrastructure. Also, beside the pub is the Theatre Royal, which attracts an intriguing crowd of customers. Divided into two sections, the high-end gastro pub is more suitable for formal settings, whereas the casual pub has a traditional jolly vibe. 

Dedicated to using the highest quality regional ingredients, Garrick’s head serves an array of classic dishes with delicious modern enhancements. They also have fine dining options and a separate kids’ menu, featuring some of their best dishes but toned down for a younger palate. Everything they serve has been cooked right from scratch, including sides like bread and chips or complicated desserts like puddings. Their outdoor seating is accompanied by the beautiful picturesque views of floral displays, making it one of the most incredible pubs in Bath.

Old Green Tree

  • Address: 12 Green St, Bath BA1 2JZ, United Kingdom.
  • Phone: +44 1225 448259
  • Top recommendation: Classic Sunday roast. 
  • Reserve a table: The Old Green Tree Pub | Bath

The unpretentious straightforwardness of the pub is probably what makes it so loved amongst the locals. This charming 18th-century tavern doesn’t adapt to the trends of new-age restaurants, and its nostalgia attracts patrons regularly. The decor of the pub is also preserved in the perfect old English era. Every winter, the walls are decorated with wartime aircraft pictures, whereas local budding artists’ work is featured during the summers and spring. 

The list of their popular dishes is no less than a saga. Sandwiches, soups, fish, curries, burgers, sausages, ham, and egg dishes are some of the most well-liked ones. Their alcohol menu includes seven wines by the glass along with tiny helpful tasting notes, 26 malt whiskies, a farm cider, and about half a dozen beers on handpump. The popularity of this hidden gem is absolutely unmatched, with both locals and tourists accentuating it as one of the best pubs in Bath. 

The Bell Inn

  • Address: 103 Walcot St, Bath BA1 5BW, United Kingdom.
  • Phone: +44 1225 460426
  • Top recommendation: Freshly made pizzas. 
  • Reserve a table: The Bell Inn, Bath

The Bell Inn, having won the famed CAMRA Bath & Borders Pub of the Year 2014 award, is one of the most dynamic live music pubs in Bath. Popular for their excellent service, the staff are known to be polite, friendly, and top notch with their work. The Bell Inn is also one of the few pubs in Bath that still hold social events routinely, featuring jazz groups. Their patio areas with long picnic benches and seldom-found billiard tables are particularly well-liked by the patrons.

“Pizza Bike at the Bell” is one of the main attractions at this place. Self proclaimed as the smallest pizzeria in the world, the Pizza Bike is in their garden every Wednesday and Friday from 4 pm to 9 pm, Saturday from 1 pm to 9 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm, serving incredible sourdough pizzas. The Bell Inn also has plenty of snacking options available with their delicious lunch and dinner menus. The pub also has easy wheelchair accessibility. 

The Raven

  • Address: 7 Queen St, Bath BA1 1HE, United Kingdom.
  • Phone: +44 1225 425045
  • Top recommendation: Ranger pie.
  • Reserve a table: The Raven of Bath

The Raven is one of the oldest English pubs in Bath, with a history dating all the way back to 1735. Charles Wright, the Wine Merchant to the Royal Family, was one of the pioneer business families to move to this neighbourhood. Hence, quite evidently, the trade of alcohol has been around this area since decades. 

Their pies and sausage dishes are known to be hearty and generous in portions, to be accompanied with the delicious local real ales, ciders, and wines. They also cater to any food allergies if informed prior, and are willing to serve equally palatable gluten-free or dairy free substitutes. An exciting feature of The Raven is their travelling bar, a service they offer for all kinds of social events like birthdays, weddings, parties, and much more.  

The Star Inn

  • Address: 23 Vineyards, Bath BA1 5NA, United Kingdom.
  • Phone: +44 1225 425072
  • Top recommendation: Wide range of beers. 
  • Reserve a table: The Star Inn Bath

The Star Inn is undoubtedly the best amongst all pubs in Bath for all those who prefer a quiet drink at a traditional brewery. Dating back to the 16th century, the building is quite an old establishment and still retains several of its quirky features. This pub is a complete no-nonsense zone with an absence of loud music, games, pool table, and even cordon bleu food menus. It welcomes the costumers with a sophisticated palate who know how to appreciate a good beer or whiskey. It is also one of the only two pubs in Bath to make the main listings in the 2004 Good Pub Guide. As was appropriately published, “The old pub gives a strong sense of the past. With no machines or music, chat’s the thing here – or perhaps cribbage, dominoes and shove halfpenny.” 

People who wish to visit places that are slightly more modern can always explore other pubs and breweries in the city. The Cork is known for its outdoor terrace seating and its palatable classic cocktails. The modest, laid-back ambience of this place is generally liked by the customers. The Stable is a perfect place to stop and refuel during your day out exploring the beautiful streets of Bath. Their handmade pizzas served by the friendliest staff are absolutely delectable and a must-try for all. Belushi’s is known to be the home to live sports in Bath. Their excellent menu of food and drinks makes it an incredible pub to grab a pint at while watching an interesting game. Slug and Lettuce is particularly popular for its adorable beer gardens where customers can roam around with their drinks to relax and experience the inception of their favourite, delicious drinks, while also being an affordable getaway. 


1. Is Bath good for pubs?

The city of Bath is especially known for its rich culture and history. It is popular for having successfully preserved the old buildings, architecture and even social places like pubs. Hence, pubs in Bath are incredible places to visit, in order to get a touch of the native indigeneity.

2. Is there good nightlife in Bath?

In spite of Bath’s small size, there’s a wide range of hotspots in the city that are usually frequented by students. In short, Bath has an amazing nightlife to explore.

3. Which are some of the best pubs in Bath?

Bath has several wonderful pubs like The Ale House, The Raven, The Cork, Hare & Hounds, Boater, and Old Green Tree.

4. How many pubs are there in Bath?

Official surveys reveal that there are approximately 170 pubs and bars actively thriving and flourishing in Bath.

5. Where can I find affordable pubs in Bath?

The Royal Oak, Old Green Tree, Pig and Fiddle, The Cork, and Lamb & Lion are some pocket-friendly pubs in Bath.

Thank you for reading this blog describing some of the best traditional pubs in Bath! Let us know your personal favourites in the comment section below.

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Top Pubs in Bath

Explore 10+ Top Pubs in Bath: Raise a Glass in Bath

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