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Best Ivy League Schools Ranking: Updated Data 2023

The Ivy League schools are eight private institutions in the Northeastern US. Every year the Ivy league schools ranking is released by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), US News, & THE rankings which specialises in analysing higher education institutions around the world. The rankings are based on variable factors like academic standing, financial outcomes, career earnings, etc. The Ivy League schools are among the most prestigious in the US and the world, drawing thousands of applications for admission to their courses each semester. You give yourself a chance to thrive and earn more than most of your colleagues in your field once you graduate from one of the top Ivy League universities. Each of these top-tier colleges offers the best education and priceless connections to some of the most prestigious companies in the world. You can gain a competitive edge on the job market and establish your name as a scholar by earning your degree from one of these prominent institutions. 

What are the Ivy League Schools?

Before we plunge into the Ivy League schools ranking and discuss which is the best Ivy League school, here’s the list of the eight Ivy League schools: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University. The Ivy League universities vary in size, with each institution enrolling between 4,500 and 15,500 undergraduates every year. Dartmouth is the smallest Ivy, with a total enrollment of about 4,500 students. Meanwhile, Columbia and Harvard enrol the most students of any Ivy, with over 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students. If you are planning to apply to Ivy League schools, their rankings will help you make a more informed decision. Let’s read a little about Ivy League universities and their rankings.  

Ivy League Schools Ranking 2023

Let’s take a look at the list of Ivy League schools and their current rankings.

Princeton University: #2 Ranking 2023

Founded in 1746, Princeton University is the fourth oldest institution for higher education in the US. The acceptance rate at Princeton is 5.6%. Thecourses available at Princeton are MIM, MS, MArch, BBA, BE/BTech, and MEng. In the Ivy League schools ranking, Princeton has been ranked number 2 with THE World ranking of 7. Princton has also been ranked in the top 3 for the past few years due to its generous financial aid and diversity. 

Harvard University: #1 Ranking 2023

Founded in 1636, Harvard is the oldest university for higher education in the US. Being a private research institution, it has more than 100 research centres, and 13 schools including the top-ranked medical school, and highly ranked business, engineering and law schools. In addition to academics, students can access more than 455 extracurricular, cocurricular, and athletic programs. Harvard has a very low acceptance rate of 4.9% making it the most difficult Ivy League School to get in. In the Ivy League schools ranking, Harvard has been ranked number 1 (as per crimson education). 

Yale University: #3 Ranking 2023

Yale University was founded in 1701, it is the third oldest university in the US and among the most prestigious in the world. The university has an acceptance rate of 6.5-7%. There is no GPA cut-off. Yale has many professional schools, including the top-ranked law school, and highly ranked schools of medicine, management, and art. Yale is also known for its music and drama programs.  

Brown University: #7 Ranking 2023

As per the study of Crimson Education, Brown University ranks 7 in the Ivy League school ranking. Founded in 1764, Brown is the 7th oldest university for higher education in the US. The University focuses on significant research and academics. It has a student-centred approach and pushes students to be more inquisitive and purpose-oriented. With an acceptance rate of 6.9%, students who are admitted thrive in their open curriculum environment. 

Columbia University: #5 Ranking 2023

Established in 1753, Columbia is one of the oldest institutes in New York. In the Ivy League schools ranking, Columbia shares the number 5 with THE World ranking of 11 and QS ranking 22. The university concentrates on research and teaching on global issues to create cross-cultural academic relationships. With an acceptance rate of 6.1%, Columbia offers MBA, MS, MIM, BSc, and BE/BTech to students. 


Cornell University: #6 Ranking 2023

Out of all the Ivy League Schools, Cornell has the highest acceptance rate of 10.7% which makes it easier for students to get in. Cornel is the best Ivy League school for engineering and has the largest undergraduate student population. In the Ivy League schools ranking, Cornel stands at 6 (Crimson ranking) and its world raking is 20. Cornell’s top courses include agriculture and life sciences. 

Dartmouth College: #8 Ranking 2023

Dartmouth is one of the prestigious colleges in the US known for its research and innovation. The college is home to more than 50 research-oriented centres, institutes, and groups, covering everything from engineering and business to medicine and the arts. As per the analysis of Crimson Educattion, with an acceptance rate of 8.8%, Darmount ranks 8 in the Ivy League school ranking. 

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn): #4 Ranking 2023

The University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Students at UPenn are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities like exploring the city’s political, social, and cultural life. UPenn has an acceptance rate of 8.1% and is ranked 4 in the Ivy League schools ranking. The Wharton School, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Perelman School of Medicine, the education and law schools, and others are among Penn’s highly regarded graduate schools.


1. What is the most prestigious Ivy League school?

Harvard University is ranked as the most prestigious Ivy League School with the highest level ranking.

2. What are the top 3 Ivy League colleges?

The top 3 Ivy League colleges are Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

3. What is the lowest Ivy League school?

YouThe most affordable Ivy League schools are the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, and Princeton University.

4. Which Ivy campus is the nicest?

The nicest Ivy campus in 2022 is Harvards followed by Princeton and Yale.

5. Is Cornell in the Ivy league?

Yes, Cornell University is a part of the Ivy League, an association of eight elite private American colleges renowned for their academic standing and historical importance.


The Ivy League universities’ ranking is an important factor in choosing your ideal college, but it is also crucial to consider the campus culture and subjects. Each institution has its history and reputation, and each Ivy is renowned for drawing particular kinds of students. You may choose the finest Ivy League school for you by conducting research, touring the campus, and speaking with students.  

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Best Ivy League Schools Ranking: Updated Data 2023