5 Best Hikes Near London – Adventurous Places Must Check!

A scenic stroll through the English countryside is always good for the mind, good for the legs, and good for the soul! Nothing beats escaping the city for a day of wandering through England’s green and pleasant land. And you don’t have to travel far from London to find challenging hikes near London and breathtaking scenery.  

The best hikes near London are typically located a  little outside of the country. Going for a walk is a good way to escape the busy metropolis, after all. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and lives in London will attest to the importance of always having a few day hikes planned. Sometimes you just need to leave everything behind, thus it’s essential to be able to travel to places where there aren’t any skyscrapers nearby, cars honking, or crowds of people around. Thankfully, it’s also not difficult to accomplish. Around London, there is a tonne of hiking paths.

Hiking in London is by far everyone’s favourite outdoor activity in the country. All you need is a good pair of shoes and a rough idea of where you’re going.  Is there anything better than putting on your hiking boots and going for a lovely country walk? Want to go hiking near London but don’t know where to start? Don’t miss this guide to the best hikes near London.

Seaford To Eastbourne: The Seven Sisters Cliff Walk

If you wish to see the coastline, take the Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk from Seaford to Eastbourne. However, as everything is almost entirely upwards or downwards, caution is advised when approaching cliffs. The descent is rather steep! One of the most breathtaking hikes near London, with views of and plenty of trekking on the Seven Sisters’ distinctive chalk cliffs. This hike is all about the stunning views, in contrast to many other hikes around London on this list that are all about subtle pleasures. You frequently end up at beaches because of all the highs and lows, which is delightful. This translates into fantastic opportunities for wild swimming, especially at the lovely Cuckmere Haven. Of course, this depends on the weather. Make your swim safely!

Ockley To Leith Hill

On our selection of the best hikes near London, this one is the shortest and sweetest. Those seeking the best value can board a train to Ockley and go up the walk to Leith Hill, where they can view all the way back to London. Even Big Ben can be seen on a clear day. There are over 900 different species of fungi, 17 different types of dragonflies and damselflies, 10 different fish species in the lake, and over 100 different bird species nearby, including kingfishers and woodpeckers. Once you’ve seen the tower and the views, you may, of course, return down the same way. However, for a change of scenery, you may want to descend through the rhododendron woods before rejoining the trail and returning to Ockley.

Rickmansworth To Chesham– The Chess Valley Walk

The 10-mile Chess Valley Walk traverses through the Chiltern Mountains. The route, which travels along the River Chess from Rickmansworth to Chesham, takes in a tonne of charming villages and scenic beauty. The river is a chalk stream, therefore it is broad, shallow, and generally quite clean. Along the journey, there are numerous delights in the Chess Valley and it is one of the most famous hikes around London. At Latimer, a Roman farm-villa from the first century AD can still be seen. Exposure to the lovely grounds of the Chenies Manor, which is about halfway along the journey, is available. In some areas, you can see watercress beds, water voles, kingfishers, orchids, and dragonflies that are unique to the United Kingdom. Oh so close to London, the scenery is spectacular throughout.

Hassocks To Lewes

This strenuous journey across the South Downs begins in the huge West Sussex community of Hassocks and also begins with a hard climb up to the Clayton (Jack and Jill) Windmills about a mile in. Once you’ve climbed the steep, however, you’ll begin an undulating walk with only a few noticeable steps before the last drop, which comes around eight miles in. The windmills, which date back to 1765, are your reward for climbing the first huge hill. During this trip, you’ll spend some time on the South Downs Way and take in the pastoral vistas of the countryside. The third-highest point on the South Downs in southeast England, Ditchling Beacon, is traversed by this path. On the horizon, you can also make out Lewes Castle.

North Downs Way, Kent

Perhaps the most renowned hiking trail in southeast England is the North Downs Way. It starts in Farnham, a suburb of London, and reaches Dover’s coast. There are lots of options available for a two- to three-hour hike. Leeds Castle to Charing is a popular and everyone’s favourite route that crosses beautiful fields and hills and also passes through several churches. Reachable with a one-hour journey from London Victoria to Hollingbourne and a somewhat longer trip on the way back from Charing station.

The Bottom Line

After spending some time in London, you start to get “London fever.” This is similar to cabin fever, but in a huge city with 8 million inhabitants. The greatest thing to do whenever you have “London fever” is to leave the city and head to the countryside. We have mentioned some of the best hikes near London and all this hiking in London can be doable in a single day as they are all conveniently located. Now all you have to do is board a train and depart to experience the hike around London! You can read some of our articles that might be of interest to you if you want to know more about the country: 

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5 Best Hikes Near London – Adventurous Places Must Check!

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