List Of 6 Richest Neighbourhoods In London

Richest Neighbourhoods In London

Written by Srishti Jhawar

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September 6, 2022

Richest Neighbourhoods In London

London is a city full of rich history, culture and wealth. It’s also home to some of the richest neighbourhoods in the world, with Park Lane alone ranking as one of London’s most expensive streets. There are four neighbourhoods in London which are known as some of the most expensive areas in the capital: Mayfair, Kensington, Belgravia and Chelsea.

Whether you’re looking for a place that’s high-end but not ostentatious or a neighbourhood where you can live a more modest lifestyle while still enjoying the finer things in life, London has it all. The average Londoner earns about £31,000 per year and rents their home for about £1,700 per month. Below is a list of some of the richest neighbourhoods in London. 


Mayfair is a district in the West End of London, England. It’s home to many of the most expensive properties in London and has become an area known for its exclusive shops and restaurants.

The district is bounded by Oxford Street to the east, Piccadilly and Regent Street to the south and Marylebone Road to the west. The northern boundary with Soho is now so blurred that they are often considered to be one and the same making it one of the richest neighbourhoods in London. 


Kensington is a district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in west central London. The area is also known as Kensington Gardens and has been associated with affluent areas since its creation in 1689. 

The area is one of the richest neighbourhoods in London, famous for its royal palaces, museums, and parks. It is also home to many famous residents including Diana, Princess of Wales; Sir Elton John; Kate Moss; Mick Jagger; Grace Kelly, etc


If you are looking for the richest neighbourhoods in London, Knightsbridge is one of them. It is a district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, England, southwest of Hyde Park, and north of Brompton.

It was originally named after its main thoroughfare (Knightsbridge), but it became more generally known as “Knightsbridge Square” or simply “Knightsbridge”. The area remains affluent and residential with many high-end boutiques, designer shops, restaurants and hotels.


Belgravia is one of the posh areas in London. Located in central London, it is between Hyde Park and Mayfair. The district houses many of the city’s most prominent homes, including those belonging to members of the British royal family.  

The area was first developed between 1760 and 1800 by developers who had acquired large estates in northern England for their own use or for sale at high prices. This was followed by further development after 1810 when large tracts became available from former owners who needed cash quickly; by this time Belgravia had become an established residential area.


Chelsea is one of the richest neighbourhoods in London, a district situated in west London. It’s known for its fashionable and expensive shops and restaurants, as well as being home to many of the richest people in the world.

In this neighbourhood, you’ll find some of London’s most luxurious homes including those owned by billionaires like Roman Abramovich (who owns one of England’s largest mansions) or Gordon Getty (who owns another). You could also check out Kensington Palace which was once home to Queen Victoria!


Marylebone is one of the richest areas in London, which is in the West End of the city. It’s known for its high number of restaurants and clubs, as well as its high property prices.

If you want to live in Marylebone, you should know that it doesn’t come cheap! The average house price was £1 million ($1,676,000 USD).


The wealth of the city  is perhaps one of its most appealing aspects and some of the wealthiest people in the world stay in the richest neighbourhoods in London. The city has so many things to offer, from the famous sights and attractions to the wide range of restaurants and bars. There are plenty more things to do when it comes down to making new friends or exploring your own city. There’s no doubt about it: if you want some serious fun in a place where money doesn’t matter as much as the quality of life, then London is definitely worth considering!


Where do celebrities live in London?

One of the most popular and richest neighbourhoods in London where celebrities live is Knightsbridge and Mayfair. Knightsbridge is popular for one and only reason which is Hyde Park. Each flat at this address costs approximately $11,000 per square foot making it the most expensive piece of private real estate in the UK. 

Where do the middle class live in London?

An area popular amongst the middle class of London is Fulham and Putney. Its picturesque Victorian houses and proximity to King’s Road and Chelsea make Fulham a desirable suburb popular with middle-class families as well as young professionals.

What is the richest Road in London?

Tite Street in the London Borough of Chelsea and Kensington is UK’s most expensive street – with an average house price of just under £30 million. The UK’s top 10 most expensive streets are all in London and have an average price tag of more than £19 million.

Where do Indians live in London?

The majority of the Indians and Asians in London prefer living in East Ham. It is a well-known and secure locality. East Ham extends to nearly 20 square miles and is a largely self-contained, residential and shopping district.

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