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Fun Facts About Europe Before You Visit!

Facts About Europe

Fun Europe Facts To Know Before Your Trip!

Made up of 51 countries, Europe is home to places such as France, Germany, and even parts of Russia. From all the popular cultural attractions in France to the rich historical attractions in Italy, Europe has a lot to offer students and travellers who visit the continent. But before you visit you might want to know some fun facts about Europe. It is a humongous continent and there’s so much to get into before visiting. In this blog, we will dive right into the Europe facts that you didn’t know about!

Facts About Europe

  1. Monaco Has The Highest Quality Of Life In The European Union

Monaco boasts the highest life expectancy in Europe and the world, with its residents averaging 89.4 years of age. This remarkable longevity is attributed to Monaco’s favorable geographic location along the French Riviera and its well-educated medical staff.

  1. The World’s Oldest Zoo Is Located In Austria

Vienna’s Schönbrunn Zoo Austria is not only Europe’s oldest zoo but also the world’s oldest zoo. The zoo is housed within the Schönbrunn Palace grounds. It began as a private collection for the Hapsburg royal family and it goes without saying that this is Austria’s most visited attraction.

  1. They Speak About 200 Languages

Europe is renowned for being a cultural melting pot, resulting in a diverse range of languages spoken throughout the continent. Out of Europe’s 200+ spoken languages, only 24 are officially recognized, with three of them designated as procedural languages used in business and official settings.

  1. There Are Ten Monarchies

If you didn’t already know, you do now. The British Monarchy is not the world’s only royal family. Denmark, in fact, has the oldest monarchy in Europe. Viking Kings Gorm the Old and Harold Bluetooth founded it in 935. Spain, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Andorra and Belgium are the other eight European monarchies.

  1. The Czech Republic Is Home To The Majority Of Europe’s Castles

When it comes to touring castles, European countries offer a perfect destination due to their rich historical heritage and captivating civilizations. Among these countries, the Czech Republic stands out with the highest number of castles, totaling 932, making it a truly remarkable destination for castle enthusiasts.

  1. Volkswagen Is The Largest Company In European Countries

One of the unknown facts about Europe is about the famous company of Volkswagen. Volkswagen, an originally German organisation makes a lot of money, as much as 240.4 billion dollars in revenue. Volkswagen is the seventh largest manufacturer in the world, with over 11 million cars sold. 

  1. In Italy, No Cappuccino After 11 am

Cappuccino is not consumed after 11 am in Italy. Anything with ‘frothy milk’ is considered a breakfast drink in Italian culture. So, the next time you’re in Italy, don’t draw attention to yourself by ordering a Cappuccino outside of the ‘allowed’ hours.

  1. Fries Originated In Belgium

French fries, a beloved food enjoyed globally, often mistakenly credited to the United States, actually originated in Europe, particularly Belgium. In Belgium, they are known as ‘frites’ and are traditionally served with mayonnaise. The country’s deep appreciation for fries is evident through the existence of a dedicated museum called the ‘Frietmuseum.’

  1. Vatican City Is The Smallest Country In The World

Vatican City, often overlooked as a country, holds the distinction of being the world’s smallest nation, spanning only 0.02 miles. Despite its compact size, Vatican City serves as the official residence of the Pope and is renowned worldwide. Notably, this city maintains its self-sufficiency, featuring its own mint for euro production, issuing passports, and even having its own anthem. 

  1. Louvre Is The Most Visited Attraction In Europe

Situated in the heart of Paris, the Louvre benefits from its prime location, attracting a constant stream of visitors eager to explore its treasures and experience its cultural significance. With its vast collection of masterpieces, including the enigmatic Mona Lisa, it captivates art lovers and history enthusiasts alike. 

  1. Brussels Airport Sells More Chocolate Than Anywhere Else In The World.

 Belgium is renowned for its exquisite chocolate craftsmanship and has a strong chocolate culture. Travelers passing through Brussels Airport often seek to indulge in and purchase Belgian chocolates as a popular souvenir or treat. Additionally, the airport’s duty-free shopping and convenient location make it a prime destination for travelers to stock up on delicious chocolates before continuing their journey.

  1. Iceland Does Not Have Mosquitos 

Ireland is lucky enough to be mosquito-free, and it’s a fact that brings relief to both locals and visitors. The country’s cool and damp climate, combined with the absence of stagnant water, creates unfavorable conditions for mosquitoes to thrive, sparing Ireland from those pesky insect bites.


What is Europe known for?

Europe has long been a hub of trade and commerce due to its diverse agricultural and industrial sectors. It is strategically situated halfway between Africa and Asia, the other two “Old World” continents.

How did Europe get its name?

The Continent of Europe got its name from a princess named Europa.

Why is Europe so popular?

Europe is popular for its tourism sector’s exceptional growth by way of employment and foreign exchange, particularly in the Mediterranean countries with their abundance of sunshine, beaches, natural beauty and historical landmarks. Tourism also supports business, professional and student travel.

How old is Europe?

Europe is approximately 5 million years old. Approximately 48,000 years ago, during the Paleolithic Era, the first early European modern humans were discovered in the fossil record.

PS: If there’s anything more you’d like us to know about. Add it to the comments section!

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Facts About Europe

Fun Facts About Europe Before You Visit!