Cost of Living In Durham for Students [Updated Prices 2024]

Cost of Living in Durham

Durham, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is a student-friendly cathedral city in North East England. Living costs are typically much lower in the north of England than in the south. Durham, however, is one of the more expensive northern cities. In general, the cost of living in Durham is slightly lower than the national average, with rent being 60% lower than in the capital and consumer prices being 15% lower on average. Continue reading to find out how much it costs to live in Durham as a student.

Durham’s average cost of living varies depending on where you live, what you eat, and how often you go out. The average monthly cost of living in Durham for students is between  £1,426 and £1,542. Knowing your expenses and determining what consumes the majority of your budget is critical because there are numerous ways to cut costs while remaining within your budget.

Cost Of Living Calculator

DescriptionCost (£)
Total Cost of Accommodation100
Total Cost of Transport50
Total Cost of Utilities30
Total Cost of Food70
Total Estimated Cost250

Average Living Expenses In Durham: An Overview

A large number of international students come to Durham. This is due to its bilingual environment, world-class education, and excellent opportunities for post-graduation work experience. However, before applying to study in Durham, you should first learn about the city’s cost of living for international students. Here is a breakdown of the typical monthly cost of living in Durham:

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation £760
On-Campus Accommodation£876
Food Cost£390
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation £1,426
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation £1,542
Annual Cost of Living£17,112

Cost Of Education In Durham

The main costs of attending university in Durham are the tuition fees required for most university courses in the country. Tuition fees can range between £9,250 and £9,750 per year, but you can apply for a student loan through Student Finance to help cover these costs. This loan will cover the entire cost of your tuition for the vast majority of UK students, and it will be paid directly to your university. As a student, you’ll also have to consider other expenses, such as rent, food, and entertainment costs, which we’ll go over in this article.

Cost of Living in Durham

Cost Of Accommodation In Durham

Durham University is made up of several colleges where the majority of students live. The amount you pay in student rent is determined by the type of housing you live in. Rent for a standard room with a shared bathroom ranges from £164 to £179 per week, while en-suite rooms cost from £179 to £195. Studio rooms are more expensive, costing between £195 and £233 per week. As an undergraduate member of the University of Durham, you will have access to both catered and self-catered options. 

If you prefer to live in privately rented accommodation in Durham, you can find options in shared houses and studio apartments for around £80 to £200 per week. Some of these will include utility bill payments, but others will require you to pay for things like gas, electricity, water, and WiFi in addition to rent. If you reside in a shared house, you should set aside £50 per month for these expenses. Utility bills will be extremely high if you live alone since you won’t have anyone to split the cost with.

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Cost Of Groceries In Durham

We must not overlook food and groceries when discussing the cost of living in Durham. These costs are more difficult to estimate since they differ from one individual to another. A student, on the other hand, is likely to spend between £100 and £300 per month on food. The prices of some of the most common food and shopping bills for students are as follows:

  • Milk (1L): £1.16 
  • Bread Loaf: £1.11 
  • Rice (1kg): £1.86 
  • Eggs (12): £2.56 
  • Cheese (1kg): £6.29 
  • Chicken fillets (1kg): £6.81 
  • Apples (1kg): £2.05 
  • Potatoes (1kg): £1.10 

It should be noted that if you attend Durham University and live in one of the catered colleges, your food shopping expenses will be lower because the college will provide many of your meals.

Cost Of Transportation In Durham

Many of the other major towns and cities in the UK are accessible by train from Durham. To give you an idea of the cost of the train tickets to and from Durham, the tickets to Newcastle and Edinburgh run about £6 and £11, respectively. Train fares to Liverpool start at about £21 and to London at about $23. You should make your reservations as early as you can and, if you can, purchase single advance tickets to ensure the lowest fares. Additionally, many students spend £30 on a 16–25 Railcard. These offer discounts of one-third off of train tickets.

Since Durham is a small city, students can generally get around on foot or by bicycle. Additionally, Durham University students can ride the city’s bus system for just £1 per day.

The Takeaway

In addition to the costs we’ve already mentioned, you’ll have additional expenses as a student in Durham that you should budget for. You should set aside approximately £30 per month for clothing and accessories, £15 for school supplies, £20 for laundry, and £10 for toiletries. These things will all increase the cost of living in Durham. The typical Durham university student should plan to spend about £1000 a month, not including course fees. If you’re planning your budget, be sure to account for how much this amount can vary based on your lifestyle and lodging preferences.


Q1. Is Durham city a safe place for students to live?

Ans: Living and studying in Durham is thought to be the safest and most secure place for students. It is rich in history and culture and it also offers a huge variety of sights and activities.

Q2. Is it expensive to live in Durham?

Ans: Due to its proximity to the universities, diverse nightlife and social scene, and simple access to London, Durham has grown to be a very popular destination for both travel and residence. Durham’s cost of living is comparatively higher than that of other cities.

Q3. What are the factors that will affect my cost of living in Durham?

Ans: The housing, food, transportation, and tuition fees that make up the average cost of living for students in Durham are the major expenses contributing to the factors affecting the living expenses in the city.

Q4. Are Durham universities expensive?

Ans: Your tuition fee will be determined by the programme you choose to register in and the level at which you study. International students may pay between £9,250 and £9,750 in tuition per year at Durham Universities.

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Cost of Living in Durham

Cost of Living In Durham for Students [Updated Prices 2024]

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