Top Reasons Why London’s Brick Lane Is A Must-Visit!

Brick Lane

Situated in the east end, Brick Lane is a culturally diverse and vibrant area of London, England. It is famous for its fascinating history, beautiful art and lively markets. As the name suggests, it is known as Brick Lane based on the communities of brick and tile manufacturers who settled there sometime in the 15th century. Today, the place is a celebration of many cultures and art. It is especially famous for its vintage shops, street art, and Sunday market where huge crowds of people browse the different stalls, ranging from clothes and food to antiques. The locality is not only home to immigrants, but also to many art galleries, music destinations and theatres, which makes it popular amongst the youth. In the last few years, many classy restaurants and bars have also opened and thrived under its rich character, while also maintaining the region’s uniqueness. 

If you’re a student wanting to explore the city, or a tourist visiting for the first time, Brick Lane London is an incredible place to visit and roam around. Our guide to Brick Lane below will give you 6 compelling reasons why. 

Brick Lane

Amazing Bars & Pubs

Lined with the most amazing Brick Lane restaurants, bars and pubs, it is a wonderful place to dine or go for a night out. Irrespective of the time of the day, visitors are served delicious freshly brewed beer and ales, alongside some of the best palatable dishes. A few of the best and top-rated dining places are listed here –

  • Apples & Pears is a cocktail bar, popular for its wood-fired pizza, live music sessions, and DJ. Its signature cocktails are especially worth a try.

  • You can also visit Alice, a pub within walking distance from Brick Lane, which has a wide assortment of beers, ales and many non-alcoholic beverage options too. Their weekend brunch, accompanied by two hours of unlimited beverages, is extremely popular throughout the neighbourhood.

  • If you feel like grabbing a light meal, you can also drop by Truman Brewery, known for its burgers and affordable drinks.

Delicious Food

The Brick Lane food market has some of the best and most delicious food options, not just in the restaurants, but also in street food. Ranging from traditional curry houses to pocket-friendly bagel shops, the street food here is top-notch in both taste and price. There are dining options from all over the world, some of which are mentioned here – 

  • If you crave Indian curries or Bangladeshi fish dishes, this is the most apt place for you. 

  • The nearby street-food market Boxpark Shoreditch also has Greek, Thai, Italian, Argentinian and Jamaican dishes amongst many others. 

  • People who prefer vegan dishes can also find a number of cafes, stalls and bakeries offering animal-friendly options. 

  • One of the many highlights of this neighbourhood is the monthly Vegan Nights party where more than 40 vegan traders meet in a trendy setting of a nightclub with a DJ and dance floor.

Brick Lane

Vintage Shopping

The street has a never-ending streak of stores selling everything from vintage clothing and apparel to vintage records and shoes. This place is heaven for all those who like to collect vintage products with fascinating histories and classic touch. These places are particularly popular for finding vintage goods – 

  • Side streets like Cheshire have endless places offering beautiful vintage goods that are definitely worth a detour. 

  • The weekend markets have a huge number of similar products which are worth taking time out to browse in peace.

Shopping Beyond Vintage

Although vintage shopping is a popular attraction in Brick Lane London, it isn’t the only option for shopaholics. A large number of incredible stores selling books, clothes, household products, accessories, chocolates, gifts and much more are situated here. Out of these, especially famous are the bookstores and chocolate shops. Every bibliophile knows the dilemma between wanting to own a huge collection of hardcover spines and their high costs. But here in these bookstores, it is easy to find affordable books of all types and genres, enough to satisfy any reader on a shopping spree. And once done with the books, indulging in the delicious flavours of chocolates to treat yourself is a given. Dark Sugars is one of the many chocolate shops that are entrenched with scents of fresh chocolates and truffles. 

Brick Lane Sunday Market

Another exciting feature of Brick Lane is its Sunday markets. The usual hustle and bustle of the street is enhanced manifold on the weekends when the whole road fills with weekly markets. The energy is buzzing with more than 200 stalls and places full of delicious food, beautiful art and craft, vintage goods, bric-a-brac, and even second-hand furniture. Fashion and lifestyle accessories are at an all-time high, especially on the Sunday markets. Here are some of the top things we suggest you to explore during the weekends – 

  • The Tea Rooms are a hidden treasure of antique finds like furniture, collectables and home accessories, with home goods ranging from something as decorative as cushion covers to something as productive as kitchen aprons, handmade with technique and expertise. 

  • House of Vegan is another weekend market presenting its visitors with some of the best vegan street food in London. Located in the Old Truman Brewery’s 19th-century Boiler House, it is a sublime place to explore the plant-based culinary industry of London. 

  • The Brick Lane Food Hall is also situated in the same place and hosts over 30 stalls selling food from Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, Poland, and Ethiopia amongst many other countries, which take you on a palatable global tour of culture and food.

  • The Backyard Market is a place of creativity and encouragement for young local artists and designers who offer clothes, prints, jewellery and unique accessories crafted out of their own innovation and originality.

Spectacular Street Art

The art of Brick Lane is rightfully reflective of its history, culture, indigeneity, and raw talent. The road itself is covered with a lot of details of small art which is especially worth appreciating if you are exploring the place on foot. There are many other beautiful pieces of art that one can explore like –

  • Side streets like Hanbury Street and Pedley Street are covered in this exceptional street art.

  • There’s more incredible art to be explored in the alley after Fournier Street and before Fashion Street while going South. 

  • The monumental sculptures of 150 Brick Lane and Ely’s Yard are simply the cherry on the top of your whole experience. 

Brick Lane

In conclusion, Brick Lane London is an exciting place full of energy and vibrant ambience, where the atmosphere itself speaks for its enriching culture and history. The owners of the stalls or the staff and crew of restaurants, pubs or bars are warm and welcoming, with their people-friendly and helpful nature. The streets are expressive of the immense talent that the locals of London possess, whether it is in terms of culinary skills or hand-crafted goods. The expertise and passion of many young artists are evident in these streets. Whether you are a tourist visiting London for the first time, a student exploring the new city of residence, or a local who has visited these vibrant streets of the east end of London several times before, Brick Lane always has something new and exhilarating up its sleeve, to thrill and marvel its large crowds of visitors. It also has many half-day and full-day guided tours and walks, with experienced local guides who help you to acknowledge each part of the streets, at very affordable costs. All in all, it is a place you shouldn’t miss from your itinerary. 


1. What is Brick Lane famous for in London?

The neighbourhood has a gritty, funky, hipster vibe with street art on display and many vintage shops and food places to be found.

2. What are the alternate names of this place?

It is often called Banglatown by Londoners as this has been one of the most popular places for immigrants from Bangladesh, particularly Bengalis from the Sylheti region, since the late 20th century.

3. What kind of food is most popular here?

The famous selection of curry restaurants and 24-hour bagel shops are London landmarks on these streets.

4. What is the nearest tube to Brick Lane?

The closest tube stations from here are Aldgate East (District Line and Hammersmith and City Line), Shoreditch High Street Station (London Overground), and Whitechapel Station (District Line, Hammersmith Line and London Overground), which is within walking distance.

5. How far is Brick Lane from the Tower of London?

The distance between the two is around 1 mile.

Thank you for reading our insider’s guide to exploring Brick Lane! Let us know your views and experiences in the comment section below.

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Brick Lane

Top Reasons Why London’s Brick Lane Is A Must-Visit!

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