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Discover the List of Best Student Accommodations in Wollongong

Best Student Accommodation In Wollongong For Students

Living as an international student in Wollongong is a unique and fascinating experience that combines the thrill of city life with the relaxing atmosphere of beach culture. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in a diverse community, eat wonderful local food, and explore the spectacular natural surroundings of this lovely seaside city. It offers something for everyone, whether you’re a science geek, a business buff, or an art connoisseur. Wollongong, with its warm community, easy-going spirit, and exceptional location, is the ideal spot to fulfil your Australian study abroad goals. Read on to learn about the best student accommodation in Wollongong and what it’s like to live in the city for international students.

Best Student Housing In Wollongong

When it comes to finding the ideal student accommodation in Wollongong, there is a range of housing options available for international students. Many universities in Wollongong offer on-campus accommodation for students, including dormitory-style rooms and self-contained apartments. 

Off-campus options include shared accommodation, apartments, and private rental properties. Wollongong also has several purpose-built student accommodations (PBSA) providers, offering fully furnished apartments and facilities such as gyms, study areas, and social spaces. When searching for accommodation, international students should keep in mind factors such as location, cost, and amenities, as well as any specific requirements or preferences they may have. It’s important to research and compares different options to find the best fit for their needs and budget.

Types Of Student Accommodation In Wollongong

Best Student Accommodation In Wollongong For Students

It is easy to find Wollongong student housing, thanks to the range of housing types available. To start off, students can choose between on-campus and off-campus housing. There are several types of Wollongong student housing to choose from and we’ve listed them below for you –

  • On-Campus Student Housing: Universities in Wollongong provide students with excellent student housing options ranging from dormitory-style buildings, apartments, or shared townhouses. Owing to the fact that on-campus housing is in proximity to the university, most students prefer them. They can however be expensive and they tend to fill up fast.
  • Off-Campus Student Housing: When it comes to staying off-campus, students are torn between an array of accommodation options in Wollongong. Private rental apartments, shared houses or apartments, and PBSA properties are examples of off-campus housing options. Additionally, if students are looking to save on their budget, they can also opt for shared rooms where the bills are split with the roommates. You will notice that in most cases for PBSA properties, the utilities such as water, gas, electricity, and internet are included in the rent itself which eases the burden off of students’ shoulders.
  • Homestays: Living with a local family and getting introduced a new lifestyle and culture altogether is an experience that many international students seek. Homestays provide such opportunities to students while also assuring them of a safe & secure living environment.
  • Boarding Houses: Another popular option for students in Wollongong is boarding houses wherein students are provided with shared housing which comprises communal living spaces and shared bathrooms. They are usually one of the most affordable options and help students who are on a budget.

Popular Student-Friendly Areas In Wollongong

There are several excellent places in Wollongong for international students to stay in, depending on their preferences and necessities. When making a choice, students should look into the different areas around them and consider factors such as distance to their university, facilities, and transportation alternatives.  Some of the more popular places in Wollongong are as follows:

  1. Wollongong City Centre: This is the city’s centre, with many stores, restaurants, and cafés. It’s ideal for students who want to be near the excitement and live a busy city life.
  2. North Wollongong: This location is near the ocean and is popular among surfers and beachgoers. It is a more tranquil location than the city centre, although it still has many services and activities.
  3. Keiraville: This area is adjacent to the University of Wollongong and is popular with students who wish to live in a student accommodation in Wollongong that is close to their uni. It offers a pleasant, suburban atmosphere with several parks and open areas.
  4. Fairy Meadow: This neighbourhood is located north of the city centre and is ideal for students who want to live near the beach but want a calmer, more suburban lifestyle. It also has a variety of stores and eateries.

Cost Of Living In Wollongong For Students

Your total cost of living in Wollongong will be impacted by a variety of costs. It should be highlighted that a sizeable portion of your expenses in Wollongong goes towards student accommodation in Wollongong.  The projected monthly expenses for international students while living in Wollongong are listed here to guide you in preparing and setting a budget in advance.

ItemsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation AUD 680
On-Campus AccommodationAUD 808
TransportationAUD 72
Food CostAUD 280
Utility CostAUD 167
EntertainmentAUD 68
GroceriesAUD 66
ClothesAUD 600
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation AUD 1,933
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation AUD 2,061
Annual Cost of LivingAUD 23,194


Average Cost Per Month: AUD 72

Wollongong, Australia, is a city with a variety of transport choices for overseas students, making it simple to travel around and experience the city and surrounding areas. If you’re planning to shift to Wollongong for your higher education, here are some transport options that’ll majorly help you in saving money.

Public Transportation: Wollongong has a well-developed public transit network that includes buses and trains. Premier Illawarra has a local bus network that provides frequent services across the city and adjacent areas. Sydney Trains operates the train network, which connects Wollongong to other major cities in New South Wales.

Taxi & Ride-Sharing: Wollongong has taxis and ride-sharing services such as Uber and Ola. They are a convenient and easily available mode of transportation throughout the city.

Bicycle: Students may rent bikes from a variety of outlets across the city, and riding is an excellent way to get around and explore the area without burning a hole in their pockets.

Walking: Wollongong is a small city, thus many students like to stroll. It’s a terrific way to get some exercise while taking in the surroundings.

Employment Opportunities

Wollongong is a bustling city with a variety of job options for international grads. Here are some possible job opportunities for overseas grads in Wollongong:

Education & Research: The University of Wollongong, TAFE NSW Illawarra Institute, and the Australian Institute of Company Directors are among the universities and research institutes in the city. Graduates with advanced degrees in a variety of professions are frequently employed by these organizations.

Information Technology and Innovation: Wollongong has a thriving technology and innovation economy, with both startups and established industries based there. Graduates with computer science, software engineering, or other relevant skills may find employment in this area.

Healthcare: Wollongong’s healthcare business is expanding, with various hospitals and medical centres functioning in the city. Graduates from nursing, medicine, or other healthcare-related areas may find employment in this sector.

Business and Finance: Wollongong is home to numerous major enterprises and financial institutions, which provide job prospects for graduates with business, finance, and accounting degrees.

Hospitality & Tourism: Wollongong is a major tourist destination, and the hospitality and tourism business is expanding. Graduates with degrees in hospitality, tourism, or similar subjects may be able to find work in this field.

Things To Do In Wollongong

Overseas students can engage in an array of fun activities in Wollongong throughout their stay. They can enjoy the great outdoors by hiking the Illawarra Escarpment or exploring a few of the stunning beaches along the coast. The city also has a thriving arts and culture scene, with several museums, galleries, and performing arts venues to visit. Wollongong has a rich history that can be explored by touring the various historical sites and museums in the vicinity. In terms of entertainment, students may enjoy live music, comedy acts, and movies at numerous places across the city. Here’s a list of different must-visit attractions & the top things to do in the city –

Historical Sites:

  1. Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse
  2. Illawarra Light Railway Museum
  3. Flagstaff Hill Fort
  4. Wollongong Head Lighthouse
  5. Old Wollongong Courthouse Museum
  6. Nan Tien Temple (largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere)

Museums & Art Galleries:

  1. Wollongong Art Gallery
  2. Science Space (previously known as the Wollongong Science Centre and Planetarium)
  3. Illawarra Museum
  4. Illawarra Performing Arts Centre
  5. Early Start Discovery Space 

Outdoor Places:

  1. Wollongong Botanic Garden
  2. Sublime Point Lookout
  3. Mount Keira Summit Park
  4. Nan Tien Temple Gardens
  5. Stanwell Park Beach
  6. Wollongong Harbour and Belmore Basin

Best Restaurants & Bars:

  1. The Little Prince 
  2. Kneading Ruby 
  3. Howlin’ Wolf Bar 
  4. Caveau 
  5. His Boy Elroy
  6. Rookie Eatery 
  7. Dagwood 
  8. Pepe’s on the Beach 

Shopping Places:

  1. Crown Street Mall
  2. Wollongong Central
  3. Wollongong Art Gallery Shop
  4. Greville Records (record store)
  5. Sifters (secondhand bookstore and record store)


Wollongong is a well-liked location for overseas students looking for a top-notch education because it is home to several renowned colleges and educational institutes. These universities provide a wide variety of programmes in many different disciplines, including business, engineering, the arts, and humanities. Internationally recognised degrees are offered by several institutions in Wollongong, and students may make use of a variety of support services including social and cultural activities, academic and language assistance, and career guidance. At Wollongong, overseas students may also benefit from a secure environment, a strong sense of community, and the finest facilities and resources to assist their academic and personal growth.

The University of Wollongong:

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is one of Australia’s best institutions, notably for its engineering, computer science, and business departments. With over 30,000 students from over 120 countries, UOW boasts a varied student body. English language programmes, academic and career assistance, and social events are among the offerings provided by the university to help international students settle in Australia.


TAFE NSW is another prominent institution that provides vocational and technical education and training in a variety of areas such as hospitality, healthcare, and construction. TAFE NSW delivers a practical, hands-on experience to students and has a great reputation for producing grads who are job-ready and highly sought after in their professions.

Australian National University – Faculty of Law

Wollongong is home to the Australian National University’s (ANU) Faculty of Law, which provides a variety of law and legal studies degrees. Students benefit from access to world-class facilities and academic resources at ANU’s Faculty of Law, which is acknowledged as one of Australia’s premier law schools.


1. What types of student accommodation are available in Wollongong?

The city of Wollongong has different types of student housing in store including shared apartments, residential colleges, homestays, and purpose-built student accommodation which comprise student apartments and dormitories.

2. How much does student accommodation cost in Wollongong?

When it comes to student housing in Wollongong, the cost varies depending on the type of accommodation you’ve chosen, the location, as well as the amenities provided. The average monthly cost of student accommodation in Wollongong ranges between AU$ 680 to AU$ 808 depending on whether you opt to live off-campus or on-campus.

3. What is included in the overall cost of student accommodation in Wollongong?

While some types of student accommodation include amenities and utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and internet; some housing types may not include these bills in their rent. It is therefore advisable to check with the terms and conditions of the accommodation provider and make an informed decision accordingly.

4. How do I find Wollongong student housing?

Most students, in their first year of university, prefer checking with their university for residence options owing to convenience and proximity. However, many other students may prefer private student accommodation or PBSA apartments and book their student accommodation in Wollongong via online platforms. 

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Best Student Accommodation In Wollongong For Students

Discover the List of Best Student Accommodations in Wollongong