9 Weird College Degrees You Didn’t Know Existed!

Weird College Degrees

What’s weird may be unusual but does not necessarily have to be unuseful. If you are thinking of pursuing your tertiary education but do not want to invest your time in any of the mainstream degree courses, there are some weird degrees that may help you survive university life

To help you figure out the cool but weird college courses that have a unique value in their respective industries, this article will highlight some of the unusual degree majors that have gained popularity over the past couple of years all over the world. 

You may be a recent college graduate or a mid-career professional, however, the charm of such weird college courses is that you can pursue them whenever you want to. These unique degrees are created such that any student from any age group will be able to enjoy and understand the course. 

Without further ado, let’s familiarize you with some of the weird degrees that have gained popularity over the years. 

9 Weird College Degrees You Had No Idea About!

1. Biomimicry Graduate Certificate by Arizona State University 

Biomimicry is the study of patterns of nature that humans can emulate to solve problems of design and engineering. Biomimicry experts become well-adapted to the world and create environments that are more sustainable and close to nature. 

Arizona State University offers this degree program and is one of the most innovative courses in the world. This certificate is only for students who already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and want to add a credential that will give them more professional options.

2. MS In Psychometrics by Boston College 

You may have heard about psychometrics tests and how to crack them. But have you ever heard about learning the subject? Boston College’s psychometric degree course offers a  systematic study of psychological factors, like skills, personal traits, and intelligence. This may not be one of the unique college degrees but it does gain points for being novel. Boston College’s MS in Applied Statistics and Psychometrics is a rare graduate degree specializing in psychometrics.

3. Ethical Hacking 

Ethical hacking is the authorised study of getting unauthorized access into a computer system, mobile device or any other device of communication. Ethical hacking has gained popularity. Ethical hacking started in the year 1995 and ever since, many cyber enthusiasts have attempted to channel their urge of hacking by taking the help of a completely legal degree course and the career opportunity of becoming an ethical hacker. 

It is because of the popularity of this “ethical hacking” activity there are many colleges such as the Dakota State University, University of Alabama, and Abertay University that offer this course in various permutations. 

4. MS In Digital Currency 

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the lives of students and many have been forced to operate from indoors,  the importance of digital technology has seen a rise in the year 2020 and is projected to rise until the end of this decade according to Statista. The same can be conferred from the graph below. 

Digital Currency

Now that digital currencies such as Bitcoin have gained popularity worldwide, the interest in learning more about digital currencies has also gained momentum. The University of Nicosia describes this course as the other side of the economy, banking and finance of a country. 

5. Strategic Storytelling Seminar By Columbia University 

Most of us have grown up listening to stories and fables of wonderlands and monsters. But how many of us really wanted to become professional storytellers after listening to an enticing bedtime story? Strategic Storytelling Seminar is a degree offered by Columbia University to those who want to harness the power of narrative thinking. We have already discussed how events such as seminars and conferences add value to students’ learning outcomes. What makes it one of the weird college degrees is that this course goes beyond strategizing storytelling. It will show you the correct approach to storytelling and narrate impactful stories in the most innovative ways. 

6. Costume Technology 

If you like the arts such as music, theatre, fashion and other stage performances, a degree in costume technology might just be what you are looking for. Offered by DePaul University, a Costume Technology degree program provides students with the opportunity to study the following courses: Drawing for Designers, Costume Construction, Costume Design, and Technical Production Practice. 

7. Adventure Education 

Just like the name suggests, an adventure education course focuses on making the most of nature and uses adventure as a mode of learning. The exams of an adventure education class may be in the form of a rock-climbing lesson, a wilderness expedition, kayaking and more. This is what makes it one of the most unique college degrees in the world. There are several universities such as Plymouth University that offer this degree course to both domestic and international students. 

8. Theme Park Technology Study 

If you are either an electrical, mechanical or civil engineer, you will be able to study the courses on theme park technology offered by many universities such as the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. You will be working as an engineer in a theme park and will require at least a Bachelor’s degree before you take up this course. 

9. MA in Puppetry 

All of us at some point in our lives, have either seen puppets made out of socks or have made one to amuse ourselves. But as we grew up, it was almost natural to forget that form of entertainment and adapt to some meaningful comedy. However, one of the most unique degrees is the MA in Puppetry offered by Columbia University. This course has attracted students from all fields of study, especially literature and arts. 

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Weird College Degrees

9 Weird College Degrees You Didn’t Know Existed!

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