Tune Into The Best Independent Record Shops In London

record shops in London

The world of music has changed a lot since the days of vinyl records and cassette tapes. Now, you can find almost any song or album on streaming services—and although that’s great for convenience, it’s not so great for the independent record shops that used to exist in every neighbourhood. Independent record shops in London were where you would discover all your favourite musicians before they became famous, where you’d hang out with friends after school and listen to music together, or even where you’d meet your future spouse. For many people, record shops are more than just stores; they are places of community and culture. Let’s explore some of the best record stores in London. 

Phonica Record Store In London

record stores in London

Located in the heart of Soho, this is one of the oldest record shops in London that has been at the forefront of the London music scene for over 20 years. It’s also an online store, so you can buy records without leaving your computer chair (or bed). If you want to visit in person, make sure you get there early as it’s very popular and often gets busy. Phonica specialises in electronic music—it has been said that if you want to hear what’s happening next on a dance floor then head straight here. They also have a huge selection of hip-hop and jazz vinyl. Plus, they stock some great DJ tools too! If you live or work near Oxford Circus then this is probably your best bet for buying new releases or pre-order items from Phonica before they’re released into stores across London – there’s definitely something worth seeing here no matter what genre you prefer listening to!

Ace Hotel’s In-house Record Shop

Ace Hotel’s is one of the unique in-house and one of the best record shops in London. A favourite of many, this is the place to go for new and second-hand vinyl, CDs and indie rock/jazz releases. Ace Records is renowned for its excellent selection of electronic music. It also hosts regular events including DJ sets by resident DJs and showcases from up-and-coming producers. This record store in London is always crowded with brand-new LPs, 45s, and CDs and the atmosphere is always eclectic and lively.

Honest Jon’s

Honest Jon’s was founded by Jon Clare in 1974 and run by Mark Ainley and Alan Scholefield since 1992. It is one of the upbeat record shops in London that has always focused on unusual imports and underground sounds, promoting music that is rarely featured in the media. The shop sells new and second-hand vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and books, as well as hosts live music events. The Honest Jon’s record label is responsible for several ground-breaking reissues, including gospel, southern soul, Congolese rumba, and pioneering Black British recordings (the seven-volume London Is The Place For Me is outstanding). The people who work here are disciples of sound; prior employees went on to found the record labels Mo’ Wax, Blood & Fire, and World Circuit. 

Reckless Records, Soho

Reckless Records, which first opened in 1984, is the sole remaining record store on Berwick Street, and it is also the oldest in Soho. It is one of the favourite record shops in London because of its reasonable prices and helpful employees. The store has been run by Duncan Kerr since 1984. It has a great selection of new and used vinyl, which you can take home in their signature red bags. Reckless also has a great selection of music memorabilia, CDs, DVDs and even t-shirts. This independent record shop is perfect for fans of rock music!

Yo-Yo Records, Bethnal Green

Located on Bethnal Green Road, Yo-Yo Records is a favourite among the musical hipsters of East London. The shop specializes in rare and used vinyl records, selling everything from indie rock to jazz to soul music. They are one of the few record shops in London with an extensive collection of CDs, cassettes, and DVDs—it’s the perfect place to buy your first record player. The staff at Yo-Yo Records are extremely knowledgeable about all things music, so if you have any questions or concerns while browsing their shelves, don’t hesitate to ask them anything! 

Flashback Records

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you walk into a record shop. The smell of old vinyl, the racks of records and CDs, the staff talking about their favourite artists in-store. It’s a throwback to an era where people would spend their hard-earned money on music rather than streaming it for free online. Flashback Records is one of those record shops in London where you can go and experience this firsthand—not only does it have an incredible selection of albums from every genre imaginable, but it also hosts events like live DJ sets by local artists or album launches by new bands with all sorts of fun giveaways for customers who show up early.

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record shops in London

Tune Into The Best Independent Record Shops In London

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