6 Most Employable Degrees For Students In 2022!

Most Employable Degrees

Written by Kimberly Linhares

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July 25, 2022

The global market is getting more complex every day and finding a job is a challenging task due to the intense competition. Your ability to get the ideal career depends heavily on your education and the type of degree you study during your university days. Therefore, choosing a professional profile is crucial before enrolling in a degree programme. To make it easier to plan your future, we’ve compiled a list of the most employable degree in the world that will help you secure a good-paying job.

Degrees With Most Job Opportunities

Computing Science

It is not a surprise that computer science is one of the most employable degrees. All of our lives are continuously being changed by technology and this trend will only continue to grow. Computer science has an impact on every sector of our economy in some way. It is one of the era’s fastest-growing sectors. A degree in computer science is highly sought-after, particularly in today’s digitally advanced society. Computer science with a concentration on management information systems is very popular due to the data industry’s ongoing growth. The need for computer science is also rising as a result of the emerging start-up culture. Even without a degree, many startups hire associates in computer science. So, if you have even a passing interest in computer science, this might be the best course of action for you.


Despite the intense competition, statistics show that those with a medical degree typically find employment within six months of graduating, making it one of the most employable degrees of all time. Medical technology advancements have increased the demand for doctors and employment associated with the medical field. A reputable college degree in medicine also offers respectable pay. But keep in mind that this road is considerably more difficult than others and that it will take years of study to get to the top, so be ready to put in long hours every day.


Finance is considered one of the most employable majors as every firm requires someone to manage its finances, no matter what. Demand for persons with finance degrees, particularly for financial managers and financial analysts, is quite high and is projected to increase by an average of 20% by the year 2026. Firms don’t trust anyone to handle their money easily because the stakes are very high in this profession. Therefore, in order to earn a high income from a promising position, you need a good degree from a reputable university.


Engineering is one of the most employable degrees but also a promising career. It is a very diverse field that covers many different disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, civil, software and many more fields. Deserving candidates can find excellent employment possibilities in the field and the demand for engineers is consistently high. There are several options for engineering graduates to find well-paying jobs in both the public and private sectors. Although the private sector pays more, it’s challenging to find employment there. Therefore, in order to overcome that obstacle, you must enter the profession first and later on you can earn a higher salary with work experience.


Students who study architecture learn several parts of art, math and science. This prepares them for a variety of careers, making it one of the most employable degrees for students. Within six months after graduation, 90% of architecture graduates have a job or their own businesses. For architects, there are constant openings at construction companies, government agencies and consulting firms. You can get a job quite easily if you have an architectural degree from a reputable university. Therefore, if you believe you can combine your technical and artistic knowledge, this is definitely the route for you.


There are many different job routes available for psychology graduates. Some of them include health psychology, clinical psychology, sports psychology, forensic psychology and many more options to choose from. The need for psychologists is anticipated to increase immensely by the year 2028, particularly in the domains of industrial psychology, school psychology and clinical psychology which makes them the most employable degrees for the future. This is because people are becoming emotionally more distant from one another in today’s world. So, certainly, it is a degree that is most in demand globally. There is no better degree for you if you believe you have some level of empathy and desire to help others.

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