Why Do Travellers Prefer Life In A Homestay?

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If you are seeking a real and genuine travel experience, living with a local family instead of a hotel would be the best travel advice you can ever receive. Life in a homestay is full of unique experiences and you can get a different experience to the stereotypical student living and see a different side of the city you are living in.

As it is evident from the graph above, the homestay supply among families globally has seen a gradual increase since the year 2015. Most travellers have recognised the perks of homestaying over the years and it has become a preferred way of getting to know the local culture. 

A homestay is an affordable accommodation alternative. It is ideal for independent leisure travellers or tourists who want to experience the local community and culture. Staying this way is ideal for people who are on a short city break and want affordable accommodation, and others who may be travelling to the destination country for work-study purposes.  

Reason Why Life In A Homestay Is The Best 

You Will Find A Home Away From Home 

When you are in a different country from that of your home country, you may find it difficult to deal with homesickness. While you are living in a homestay, the chances of that happening are quite low. Not only do you already have a built-in family, but a fully furnished house where you can stay in comfort. You needn’t hassle with foreign landlords about the water pressure or the WiFi. Just like your parents’ house may have some ground-rules, the same can be expected out of a homestay. Since you will be living with a local family, you may have to follow their home-rules, but that is a great trade-off as compared to living life in isolation and away from family. 

You Will Experience The Local Culture 

If you are living in a homestay, you are more likely to see what life is like for the locals. From traditional food to hidden spots in the city, living with a local family will open your eyes to a world you would otherwise miss. The upside of this living arrangement is that you will be able to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and be fully immersed in a lifestyle and existence alien to your own. From exploring new traditions to and rules, home-cooked meals, cultural celebrations and overcoming language barriers, life in a homestay will broaden your perspective in life. 

Comfortable Living

When booking a student accommodation, whether it be for a vacation or to pursue your higher education, your comfort should be your priority. This is another area in which hotels simply cannot compete with private accommodation – especially over the longer term. Homestay apartments come fully furnished with everything you need to enjoy your stay in luxury and comfort including stylish furniture, home entertainment and modern bathroom fittings. They also offer additional living space when compared to a hotel, meaning you can relax in a homelike environment without being confined to a single room. 

Things You Will Learn From Living In Homestay 

New Languages 

If you are going to travel to a country where they don’t speak your language, you must definitely think about living in a homestay. Living with a host family allows you to surround yourself with a new language. This is a great opportunity to learn a new language. Don’t be afraid to mess up either. Your host family isn’t there to judge you. They will be happy to see you are making an effort.

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New Food 

Experiencing a new culture is incomplete without experiencing its traditional or local food. One of the benefits of living in a homestay is that you will get to try out new cuisines and appreciate different palates. If you are staying in your student accommodation alone, you may think of finding money saving meals and living your life on a hand-to-mouth budget. But life in a homestay will keep you away from surviving and help you live your life to the fullest. 

Respecting Different Point of Views 

Wherever you go in this world, you will always meet people with a different perspective. The same can be said about living in a homestay. When you spend time with people who belong to different backgrounds, you learn to accept and accommodate different perspectives in life. You will also learn how to become culturally aware and diplomatic. 

What Are The Cons Of Living In A Homestay

You Might Not Be Allowed To Get Your Friends Over 

While staying in a homestay, you may be required to adhere to the rules of the family you are staying with. More often than not, homestays are offered by families and not individuals. This means that you may have to plan your weekends out of your house and may not be able to invite your friends over for parties or get-togethers. 

Change In Lifestyle 

You may be used to a certain way of life and may have adopted a lifestyle that does not resonate with your host family. Since you have to respect your host’s boundaries, you may have to put a full-stop to some routines or habits. This will not be the case if you get your private accommodation, as you will be living independently without being accountable to anyone except yourself.

You May Crave Your Alone-Time 

Living in a homestay is much like living in your parents’ house. While your parents are concerned about your physical and emotional well-being, they may not exactly respect your boundaries. The same can be said about your life in a homestay. While the host family is not exactly concerned about your personal life, they may cause interference in your regular life. For example, your work may demand you to stay over after-hours and come back home at odd-times and this may not be acceptable by your host family. 

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Why Do Travellers Prefer Life In A Homestay?

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