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Cost Of Studying In The UK


Studying in the UK provides excellent value for money and is less expensive than studying in the United States or Australia. However, before investing considerable money in your education, you should plan your budget accordingly. Planning a good budget can reduce the cost of studying in the UK.

Making an informed decision about studying in the UK necessitates a complete understanding of the costs involved with tuition, housing, living expenditures, and other relevant expenses. By learning about these cost variables, prospective students can better manage their finances and understand what fits their budget and objectives. In this blog, we will look at the various aspects of the cost of studying in the UK and emphasize the necessity of understanding the costs involved.

What Is The Cost Of Studying In The UK?

The following is the data of cost of studying in the UK:

Type of DegreeMinimum Cost (GBP)Maximum Cost (GBP)Approximate Cost (INR)
Undergraduate Studies£9,250£30,000INR 918,316.19
Other Degrees£10,000£38,000INR 993,396.00 – INR 3,830,480.00

Tuition Fees In The UK

When it comes to studying in the UK, tuition fees can vary depending on the level of study and whether you choose a public or private university. Let’s break down the average tuition fees for different levels of study.

Public Universities

The cost of studying in the UK at public universities typically ranges from £ 5,500 to £10,200 per year. The exact amount can vary based on the university, the discipline you choose, and the duration of your studies. It’s important to note that these fees are referred to as the “home” fee, applicable to UK and EU/EEA students. For international students, an additional fee, known as the “international” fee, is usually added to the home fee. 

The international fee can range from £ 3,000 to £ 8,000 on top of the home fee. In some cases, the international fee may even be two or three times higher than the home fee. The tuition fees and average cost of university in the UK for postgraduate programmes can vary considerably. International students pursuing postgraduate studies can expect to pay the international fee in addition to the home fee, similar to undergraduate programmes.

Private Universities

Private universities in the UK generally have higher tuition fees compared to public institutions. While some study programmes at private universities may have fees comparable to public universities, it is common for private higher education to be more expensive overall. Private universities often do not differentiate between EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA citizens when it comes to tuition fees.

Private universities’ tuition fees can range from £ 5,000 to over £ 35,000 per academic year. It’s worth noting that Business and Medical studies tend to be the most expensive fields of study, both at public and private universities.

Top 10 Universities In The UK With Annual Fees (2023- 2024)

Here is the list of Top 10 Universities in the UK with their average annual fees structure:

UniversityAverage Annual Fee 
Staffordshire University£16,750- £19,000
Teesside University£15,000- £ 17,000
Leeds Beckett University£14,000- £16,000
Leeds Trinity University£11,500- £12,000
University of Cumbria£13,575-£16,500
London Metropolitan University£16,000-£16,500
University of Chester£13,450 – £20,000
Coventry University£16,000 – £20,000
York St John University£10,000 – £13,000
The University of Bolton£9,000- £13,000

The Cost Of Living In The UK For International Students

The cost of studying in the UK includes but is not limited to only academics. It also includes living expenses such as accommodation, transport, food, etc. The table below comprises a breakdown of the monthly expenses while studying in the UK.

ItemsCost Of Living In UK (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation £408
On-Campus Accommodation£472
Food Cost£360
Utility Cost£189
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation £1,154
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation £1,218
Annual Cost of Living£13,848

Living Expenses: A Breakdown

Accommodation Costs

University dorms, also known as student halls, are popular accommodation options for international students in the UK. They offer affordable options and foster community. Private dorms, managed by student organizations, offer shared or single rooms with shared facilities. Prices vary depending on location and facilities. Renting an apartment is a popular choice for second or third-year students who prefer privacy and independence. In London, the average monthly rent is around £750, while in the rest of the UK, it is around £554.

Transportation Charges

Considering transportation costs, the cost of studying in the UK for International Students is the second-largest expense category. Students can benefit from student bus pass in the UK, which helps lower the overall cost of living in the UK. It is recommended to obtain a rail card for discounted fares. Taxis are expensive, so it’s advisable to avoid them and opt for travel cards for flying within or between cities. You will have to spend approx £60- £65 on transportation. 

Food Prices

While staying on campus can save on food costs, students living in private rentals need to consider the cost of groceries. Cooking meals at home is a cost-effective option. The average prices of popular grocery items are approximately as follows: bread (£0.71), milk (1.3L) (£0.81), chicken (300g) (£1.57), eggs (6) (£1.51), and rice (1 kg) (£1.51).

Entertainment Charges

Apart from academics, socializing and leisure activities are part of student life. The cost of living for international students in the UK includes entertainment charges. Popular activities and their estimated costs are movie tickets (£10.12) and a restaurant table for two (£40.46). Mobile and internet expenses are significant aspects of living expenses for international students. The estimated costs are a prepaid SIM package (£10.12), Netflix subscription (£8.10), TV + Wi-Fi package (£50.54), and call costs (£0.15-0.46).

Average Monthly Rental Costs In Different Regions Of The UK

The following is the breakdown of average monthly rental costs as per different region of the United Kingdom.

RegionAverage Monthly Rental Cost
East Anglia£601
East Midlands£512
North East£493
North West£523
Northern Ireland£484
South East£657
South West£594
West Midlands£495
Yorkshire and Humberside£507
UK (average, excluding London)£583

Students should consider PBSA’s package when budgeting for accommodation, as it covers rent, utilities, contents insurance, TV license, council tax, maintenance fees, laundry, and gym membership, ensuring students don’t pay council tax.

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Effective Tips To Manage Cost Of Studying In The UK

Tips To Manage Cost Of Studying In The UK

  • To manage the cost of studying in the UK, opt for a student pass, use public transport, minimize college expenses, open a local bank account, work to support your lifestyle, buy insurance, and explore college financing options. 
  • Utilize student discounts, local bus and subway routes, and participate in academic and extracurricular activities to save money. 
  • Explore scholarships, grants, and rewards for high-performing students and participate in extracurricular activities to increase chances of receiving financial aid.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

To support international students in the UK, various scholarships, grants, and financial aid options are available. These scholarships will surely help reduce the Cost of Studying In the UK. Here is a summary of some notable scholarships:

Government Scholarships

  1. Chevening Scholarship: Mid-career professionals from over 160 countries receive financial aid for professional development and research opportunities.
  2. Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships: Fully-funded scholarships are offered for outstanding postgraduate and professional development students through universities, national nomination agencies, or NGOs.
  3. GREAT Scholarships: Jointly offered by the UK Government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council, these scholarships support meritorious students from specific countries seeking admission to master’s programmes in the UK.

University Scholarships

  1. Gates Cambridge Scholarships cover the full cost of a postgraduate degree.
  2. Cardiff University offers Cardiff India Scholarships specifically for Indian students.
  3. Scholarships for Indian Students:
  4. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships: Full tuition, accommodation, and international fares are provided for doctoral or research programmes.
  5. Saltire Scholarship is offered by the Scottish Government and Scottish universities for postgraduate master’s programmes in specific fields.

Part-time Work Opportunities In The UK

On-campus jobs, retail and hospitality sectors, tutoring, and online work are available for students to find flexible work hours and convenient locations. Tutoring and academic support can help students excel in their subjects. Freelancing and online work opportunities are available on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. 

Volunteering can provide experience, contribute to the community, and expand networks. Internships and placements can enhance resumes and provide valuable industry experience. Explore these options with your university’s careers service or academic department.

Healthcare and Insurance

In the United Kingdom, the average monthly cost of a health insurance policy is £86.07 (as of January 2023). This average, however, is based on adults aged 20 to 70. If you are under the age of 50, your policy will most likely be less expensive than the average.

Hidden Costs and Additional Expenses

International students need to budget for course materials, supplies, visa and immigration fees, travel expenses, health insurance, and daily living expenses. These expenses can add up, especially for programmes requiring specific equipment or software. Travel expenses, such as flights, train tickets, and bus fares, should also be factored into the budget.

Comparison with Cost Of Other Countries

The following table is the comparison of cost of studying in the UK with countries like USA, Australia and Canada.

Tuition Fees£9,000 to £25,000 ($12,115 to $33,655)$25,000 to $45,000AU$20,000 to AU$42,000 ($14,400 to $30,840)CA$17,744 to CA$40,000 ($13,437 to $33,500)
Living Costs£9,250 to £12,006 ($12,452 to $16,162)$11,140 to $12,680AU$20,290 ($14,600)CA$8,400 ($6,361)
ScholarshipsUp to 50% merit-based scholarshipsUp to 30%-40% scholarshipsVaries by universityVaries by university
Job OpportunitiesPart-time work up to 20 hours/weekPart-time work up to 20 hours/weekPart-time work up to 20 hours/weekPart-time work up to 20 hours/week

6 Benefits Of Studying In UK

Benefits of studying in the UK

  1. UK universities offer exceptional academic excellence, shorter course durations, reasonable cost of education, and scholarships. 
  2. Students can choose between three-year undergraduate programs or shorter courses, resulting in lower tuition fees and living expenses. 
  3. The UK visa application process is straightforward, offering part-time work opportunities, free medical treatment, and opportunities to work while studying. 
  4. Students can also work part-time in various locations, including universities, cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores. 
  5. UK universities also offer a two-year post-study work visa, allowing graduates to stay in the UK for two years. 
  6. Studying in the UK provides exposure to diverse cultures, allowing students to learn from them and appreciate their differences.


The cost of studying in the UK includes various important factors like tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, and daily living expenses. It is important to understand and plan for these costs in advance while strategizing the cost of education in the UK  and also to avoid financial difficulties. We encouraged you to plan your finances wisely, create budgets, explore scholarship opportunities, and consider part-time work options. Making informed decisions about expenses and seeking support from university resources can ensure a more financially stable and fulfilling university experience in the UK.


Q1. How much is the tuition fee to study in the UK?

Ans: Tuition fees for domestic students in the UK range from £5,500 to £10,200 a year, with additional expenses for international students.

Q2. Is Canada or the UK expensive?

Ans: Both Canada and the United Kingdom have their own cost of living. Although the United Kingdom is often considered more expensive than Canada but provides worthwhile opportunities.

Q3. Is it easy to get PR in the UK?

Ans: Obtaining a Permanent Residency (PR) in the United Kingdom has its own set of requirements and processes, which can be difficult yet doable depending on individual circumstances.

Q4. Can I settle in the UK after study?

Ans: Subject to meeting the qualifying criteria, it is possible to settle in the UK after studying through several visa alternatives, such as the Graduate Route and skilled worker visas.

Q5. Is it worth moving to the UK from India?

Ans: Individual preferences, aspirations, and available opportunities determine whether it is worthwhile to relocate to the UK from India.

Thank you for reading about the “Cost of Studying in the UK.” We hope you found the information helpful in understanding the expenses associated with studying in the United Kingdom. If you’re interested in exploring more articles on related topics, we recommend checking out the below articles:

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Cost Of Studying In The UK

Updated Guide To The Cost Of Studying In The UK – 2024 – UniAcco

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