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Cost Of Living In Lancaster For Students [Updated Pricings 2023]


Lancaster is one of the most affordable cities for international students. With 59,322 inhabitants, it is the seventh most populous city in the UK. If you are looking for an international university, choosing Lancaster is the best choice. Lancaster is a small city where the students can feel secure with a lively atmosphere. Students can see so many affordable places in Lancaster where they can enjoy themselves without breaking the budget. The cost of living for a student in Lancaster can vary depending on where they reside, the kind of housing they select, transport, and a number of other factors. It is crucial for students to understand the cost of living in Lancaster before opting for international studies. Here is the list of details about the cost of living in Lancaster:

What Is The Cost Of Living In Lancaster For Students?

Students from international countries should have a proper plan about the cost of living in Lancaster. There are several things to consider before taking admission to an international university at Lancaster. Students need to think about the cost of accommodation, cost of food, tuition fees, entertainment and so on.  For international students, the cost of living in Lancaster varies between £972 to £1120.

ItemCost(per month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£372
On-Campus Accommodation£520
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation(Per Month)£972
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation(Per Month)£1120

The pre-plan about the cost won’t make the student’s lives suffer. The below suggestions help you to maintain your bank account looking better each month.

Cost Of Student Accommodation In Lancaster

Every year, the above-listed table provides knowledge about the cost of living in Lancaster for a full academic year. Another essential element that considerably raises the cost of living in Lancaster for international students is housing. In Lancaster, the majority of schools offer on-campus housing for international students. But the best and most affordable choices are typically offered by off-campus accommodation. International students feel more comfortable in private accommodations rather than at a  university on campus. 

Choose the accommodation that is located nearer to your university. Typically, the average cost of living in Lancaster may range from £972 to £1120 per month. Depending upon the student’s preference the accommodation cost will differ.

Cost Of Tuition In Lancaster 

For international students, the expense of studying in Lancaster primarily consists of tuition fees. Depending on the university, the demand for and reputation of the courses, the location of the university, and other factors, tuition fees can vary accordingly. Postgraduate course fees are frequently higher compared to undergraduate degrees. Therefore, the average cost of tuition fees in Lancaster may start from £18,168.

Cost Of Transport In Lancaster

The most economical mode of transportation in and around Lancaster is by bus. There are several student free passes available to reduce the cost of travel. Buses, local railways, and bikes are all easily accessible for short distances. The most economical option for international students is to purchase a monthly ticket for the bus. students can also hire a cab for the travel purpose. Some transportation also offers the student discount. To reduce the cost of living in Lancaster, students can make use of the options. 

Cost Of Food And Other Necessities In Lancaster

Most Lancaster supermarkets have well-known products, including pots and pans to prepare foods or else students can buy frozen ready meals. Long-life milk or berry juices are less expensive. While eating at an outside restaurant, students need to choose one where the food cost is affordable which can reduce the cost of living in Lancaster. Always prefer the regular market as they will give the products for an affordable cost. As some supermarkets have specific days for stock clearance, find out the store that offers discounts on the products you need. 

Cost Of Books In Lancaster

Students don’t have to buy every book for their semester because course textbooks can be expensive. Usually, students can take reference books from the library whenever they need them. Only purchase the essential books which can help you to reduce the cost of living. When you are done using them, sell them to recover some of your investment. You can spend less on items besides books that are necessary. It is also more economical to purchase your printer, depending on the printing fees levied by your institution which can reduce the cost of living in Lancaster.

Cost Of Entertainment And Recreation In Lancaster

Students tend to spend a lot of money on entertainment. Although the temptation to buy every video app on the market exists, doing so will break your budget. Find free amusement instead. You can borrow DVDs from your local library in addition to video games, books, and traditional media. They additionally provide discounted museum passes and free community activities for students. And find out what free events those local museums and entertainment zones are planning to host in the coming weeks by visiting their websites.

Final Words

Living abroad can be challenging because you must continually think about your budget. For international students, the cost of living in Lancaster is a significant concern that requires careful research and comparison, especially regarding housing and rent. The expense of living in Lancaster can be affordable for international students if they follow the above-mentioned things.


1. Are there entertainment activities in Lancaster affordable or costlier?

You will find many free or inexpensive events and affordable dining options in Lancaster. You can keep your cost of living affordable by getting to know the hangout spots frequently visited by students and taking advantage of sales or discounts.

2. What are the other expenses in Lancaster?

In Lancaster, numerous other living costs are there. However, it would help if you considered them because they will significantly increase your standard of living in Lancaster. It covers expenses such as internet fees, phone bills, stationery costs, appliance and gadget costs, maintenance costs, etc. Although it might seem like a miscellaneous section, you must be conscious that your monthly expenses will increase in the first few months.

3. Is Lancaster a suitable choice for students from abroad?

One of the best universities in the world and a great place to learn in the UK is Lancaster. Lancaster University is ranked as the eighth-best university in the UK. It offers quality education for international students. It was classified as having the 14th best employment chances in the UK.

4. For students, is Lancaster affordable?

Many students find that living in Lancaster is the perfect new home because it is much more affordable than living in any other major UK city considering transportation, food, drink, and entertainment.

5. Is Lancaster a desirable place to live?

Yes! Lancaster is the safest city in the UK and it has a low crime rate. Lancaster is ranked as the 16th safest city in the nation, which is an opt place for international students.

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Cost Of Living In Lancaster For Students [Updated Pricings 2023]