List of Best Coffee Shops in Brighton: Top-Rated Cafes Near Brighton

Best Coffee Shops in Brighton

Cafes are often a place of liveliness and social recreation. The leniency that the comfortable ambience of a cafe provides cannot essentially be found in restaurants and diners, especially if one is looking to relax and unwind. Cafes, once considered the younger generation’s cup of tea, are now becoming more and more popular amongst people of all ages. The idea of a casual brunch to catch up with your friends, or grabbing a cup of steaming hot chocolate while walking your dog, seems too enticing. 

Brighton is popularly known as a seaside escape amongst tourists all over the world. This town is famous for the Royal Pavilion, the Brighton Pier, trendy art walks, and delicious coffee. Below is a compilation of some of the best coffee shops in Brighton that one must visit when in town. 

Top 9 Coffee Shops in Brighton

1. Twin Pines

Phone: +44 7971025373

Address: 11 St James’s St, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1RE, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Snug ambience.

Twin Pines gives the perfect cosy and comfortable aura that a fireplace in winter provides. The darkly lit atmosphere and eccentric furnishings make it seem like the cafe is straight out of a mid-20th-century movie. The cafe is popular for its artistic and antique interior design. Twin pines also features handmade crockery and is an ideal haven for escape from the hectic and frenzied street it is located on. The baristas also routinely rotate their assortment of roasters to keep a wide menu available for their patrons. Their espressos and filter coffees are arguably the best of all the coffee shops in Brighton. 

2. Pelicano

Phone: +44 1273567808

Address: 28 Sydney St, Brighton BN1 4EP, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Micro-roastery.

Pelicano is a famous spot for the locals of Brighton as it is one of the few Antipodean establishments in town. Sporting three floors of plush interiors, this cafe boasts of its micro-roastery and internally sourced coffee beans that are lavishly moderated to produce the most palatable coffee. Not only this, but they also put each batch of their coffee beans through rigorous testing to ensure their quality. They also have an in-house coffee garden for their customers to explore. 

Pelicano also offers its patrons delicious desserts. Topless Blueberry Lemon cake, maple and pecan slice, and quadruple-layer chocolate chip cake are some of the popular dishes from their vast range.

Cafe Coho

3. Cafe Coho

Phone: +44 1273 747777

Address: 53 Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AF, United Kingdom.

Best known for: English breakfast and vegan options.

If you’re someone who looks forward to cafe-hopping for the sole purpose of unwinding and taking a break from work, Cafe Coho is the perfect spot for you. Fabricated specifically for such patrons, this cafe bans the use of laptops on weekends to prevent studying students or working freelancers from hogging tables. One of the best coffee shops in Brighton, it has a casual and accommodating ambience and spans over two levels of vintage interiors.

The chefs and baristas here have a wide assortment of beverages, like coffee, tea, and freshly squeezed juices, to accompany English breakfast options, sandwiches, and different kinds of toast. Their breakfast and brunch platters are an amazing way to start a day full of sightseeing and shopping.

4. Black Mocha

Phone: +44 1273 690515

Address: 103 Gloucester Rd, Brighton BN1 4AP, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Befitting locale.

Named after its signature beverage, the baristas at this pleasant cafe integrate rich, craft chocolate in their mocha, which elevates their drink to a high-grade standard. Black Mocha is a relaxing and satisfying brunch spot with excellent desserts as a desirable addition. Their gooey chocolate cakes, espressos and breakfast options are a must-try.

Situated on a busy street of vintage clothing shops, record stores and antique emporiums, Black Mocha is the perfect place to take a break from your shopping spree and refuel. Their baked goods and coffee are apt to grab for a quick bite or takeaway. 

5. Bond St Coffee

Phone: +44 7807 220121

Address: 15 Bond St, Brighton BN1 1RD, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Sustainable functioning.

Run by Horsham Coffee Roaster, Bond St Coffee is popular for being one of the most sustainable coffee shops in Brighton. They roast their own ethically grown coffee beans on low-emission roasters and deliver their orders using strictly zero-emission electric cars. Due to the liberty provided by their in-house-grown coffee, they have single-origin brews available from all over the world. 

Bond Street offers all popular beverages like espressos, tea, juices, and shakes, and an assortment of snacks and pastries, some of which are vegan-friendly or gluten-free.

Coffee At 33 shops in brighton

6. Coffee At 33

Phone: +44 7958 000485

Address: 33 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4ED, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Baked goods and desserts.

With the most inviting and alluring interior design, Coffee At 33 is one of the most sophisticated coffee shops in Brighton. The cafe’s pristine black-and-white backdrop is perfect to put on display their beautiful desserts and baked goods like croissants, muffins, scones, cakes, and bread. The minimalist decor is accentuated by their excellent service, tempting food, and top-notch beverages. 

Located within walking distance from the main station, this cafe is the ideal spot to rejuvenate before your journey or to carry the taste of Brighton along with you on your voyage. 

7. Presuming Ed’s

Phone: 01273 911 991

Address: 114-115, London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JG, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Ambience and vibe.

Truly outlandish than the rather conventional coffee shops in Brighton, Presuming Ed’s unapologetically sports bright colourful design and an unabashed boho vibe. Adorned with alluring murals, the cafe has beautiful interiors full of lavish cultural accessories, right from books to cinema. They routinely host a movie night and organise a yoga space to provide their patrons with the off-the-beaten-path experience. Their ambience ensures that an atmosphere of acceptance is created for members of all communities.

Along with being a visual and ethereal treat for the eyes, Presuming Ed’s also has a delicious assortment of food. They serve wonderful breakfast, brunch and lunch options, ranging from eggs, sandwiches and pasta to scones, cakes and pastries. They are especially popular amongst their patrons for the smoked salmon on toast and the vegan carrot cake. Their wide range of caffeine is carefully roasted, ground and brewed to perfection according to the customers’ palate.

Stoney Point in brighton

9. Stoney Point

Phone: (804) 327-9102

Address: 15 Montpelier Pl, Brighton BN1 3BF, United Kingdom.

Best known for: Monmouth beans.

Stoney Point is a laid-back cafe and bake shop situated in a charming residential area. This cafe has a special down-to-earth, homely appeal and an appreciation for music and art which is noticeable in every corner of the shop. Similar to its unique ambience, the cafe also serves only the most distinctive coffee made from the special Monmouth beans. This high-quality coffee is not easy to find in the local area and the extra effort exerted by the baristas results in the perfect brew. Their on-site baked bread, tarts and buns are rare delicacies to find amongst the coffee shops in Brighton.  

The coffee scene in Brighton is one of the best in the country. Residents of Brighton are caffeine fanatics who truly know how to appreciate the value of a beautifully brewed cup of coffee, designed specifically to the choice of the drinker’s palate. Because of this, several independent businesses are thriving in the town. 17 Grams, Blend and Brew Brighton, Coffeetzar and Laughing Dog are more such popular coffee shops in Brighton that are definitely worth a visit. 


Q1. How many coffee shops are there in Brighton?

Ans: Brighton is the United Kingdom’s coffee capital. A new research reveals that the city has the highest ratio of the number of coffee shops per person. There are currently 363 registered cafes in Brighton, the equivalent of one coffee shop for every 800 people.

Q2. Which are some of the famous coffee shops in Brighton?

Ans: Pelicano, Cafe Coho, Presuming Ed’s, Coffeetzar, 17 Grams and Coffee At 33 are some of the popular coffee shops in Brighton. 

Q3. Can you find friendly and welcoming people in the cafes in Brighton?

Ans: Brighton is badged United Kingdom’s LGBTQ+ capital unofficially. The residents of the city take pride in being warm and welcoming hosts. Hence, one can always find friendly people from all communities in the cafes and restaurants in Brighton.

Q4. How cheap and affordable are the cafes in Brighton?

Ans: Because of its proximity to the seaside, active nightlife and social scenes, tourism in Brighton has increased considerably over the past few years. Due to this, the cost of living in Brighton is comparatively high, especially for a student living on a budget. However, one can always find pocket-friendly and affordable cafes to visit like 17 Grams, Pavilion’s Garden Cafe, Joe’s Cafe and many more. 

Q5. Do the coffee shops in Brighton have a lively and active social scene?

Ans: Brighton is famous as one of the most lively and bohemian cities in the UK. Many people who want to live in the southeast of the country choose to live here because they can enjoy great access to the countryside and the beach. The increased tourism, welcoming nature of the residents and thriving popular places add to the active social scene of the cafes in Brighton.

Thank you for reading our short guide to the coffee shops in Brighton! Let us know your personal favourites in the comment section below. 

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Best Coffee Shops in Brighton

List of Best Coffee Shops in Brighton: Top-Rated Cafes Near Brighton

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