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Vegan Restaurants in London

Social media is buzzing with the newest trends every other day. Nothing remains untouched be it fashion, lifestyle, education, health, or food! According to the latest trends in the food industry, more and more people across the globe are embracing veganism. By engaging in this practice, people are forbidding the consumption of animal-related food products. Certainly, this development is attributable to social media, where hundreds of videos of animal mistreatment are posted to raise awareness. This ongoing change has led to the opening of numerous vegan restaurants in London.

Everyone is riding the tide of that conscious eating, drinking, and living, and indeed the city eateries are taking heed! If you are a vegan and looking forward to enjoy a delicious vegan meal, we have created a list of 100% vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in London. Our list of top picks of the best vegan restaurants in London will sort you out whether you are a vegan craving some luscious food or a curious vegetarian who wishes to test drive the vegan life! Even the curious carnivores should concur that the exquisite vegan menu served at these restaurants will surely please the most discerning palate. From breakfast to brunch, dinner to midnight snacking we are sure that you will find the best dining experiences by exploring our list of vegan friendly restaurants in London. So read on, conscious reader!

Vegan restaurants in London

Holy Carrot

There are two categories of vegans in the world: those who adore quinoa and plant-based diets and those who once ate meat but now value the life of the planet and its creatures more. For the one who fits into the latter category, Holy Carrot, one of the famous vegan restaurants in London is the ideal spot for you! Ethically prepared, seasonal fare with scrumptious vegan substitute you can enjoy an ingenious “seafood” plate with hearts of palm “calamari,” “tuna” and “scallop” maki, and “crab” croquettes, as well as shepherd’s pies with black lentil and tempeh.

Palm Greens, Hackney

Palm Greens provides a variety of “well-sourced, flavour-packed, fresh plant-based salads and snacks,” in addition to some very gorgeous décor. The renowned Mexican tostada and the kale caesar salad are two mainstays you should try even if their seasonal menu varies occasionally. They also offer a delicious vegan breakfast buffet available all day.

Gauthier, Soho

Gauthier, a vegan modern French restaurant with a Michelin star in Soho, is a must-try on a special night out. It is housed in a magnificent Georgian townhouse. Summer truffle tortellini, golden fennel boulangère with raw williams pear, toasted walnut & lovage jus, and the tartar of heirloom beetroot are some of their fine dining offerings. With the best vegan restaurants in London, get prepared to explore a new world of flavours with meals like kelp and charcoal caviar and leek kromeski with Arabica-roasted hazelnuts.

The Gate

The Gate serves delicious vegan and vegetarian meals made by the folks who have been pioneering plant power since 1989 at its eateries in Marylebone, Angel, Hammersmith, and St. John’s Wood. You won’t be disappointed if you try any of their creative delicacies, like the beetroot cheeseburger or the wild mushroom risotto cake.

Eat Of Eden

One of the famous vegan restaurants in London, Eat of Eden’s meals are influenced by Caribbean Italian and European dishes, adding diversity and fun to vegan cuisine. These vegan eateries provide a variety of dishes to suit every taste, from hearty stews and burgers to creamy curries. 

All Nations Vegan House

Developed and promoted by the Rastafari movement in the 1960s and 1970s, the family-run All Nations Caribbean Vegan House offers a completely plant-based menu (also known as Italian food). Fried plantains, curry jackfruit, and ackee with butter beans are a few of the menu items to check out. The traditional cuisine at this family-run Caribbean restaurant in Dalston has been perfected over decades and is a local favourite of everyone from Little Simz to Asa Butterfield. All your cravings for saltfish will come to an end after trying the ackee and mushrooms. Also, ensure to follow it up with delicious, fresh smoothies.

SpiceBox, Walthamstow

An Indian curry house with dishes so mouthwatering, delicious, and punchy that you won’t even realize that the menu is almost entirely vegan. You won’t miss the meat at all when you eat the curry at this entirely vegan Indian restaurant, and their brunch options are also incredibly outstanding; believe us when we say that you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten the duffles. Spicebox provides a range of libations from London-based companies. If you want to enjoy the whole pint-and-curry experience, try the Gravity Well, Pale Ale.

222 Vegan Cuisine, West Kensington

The city has fallen in love with 222 Vegan, one of the first and best vegetarian restaurants in London to become popular, for its extensive menu that features international cuisine, such as West African egusi and yam as well as seitan stroganoff prepared with cashew cream. Even though everything is non-GM, low-fat, and salt-free, they don’t skimp on flavour. Try their oyster mushroom raclette or their burger with asparagus and petit pois.

Lele’s, Clapton

Lele’s cafe and bakery is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in London that serves sweet and savoury delicacies along with coffee and pastries, all while embracing veganism and ethical consumerism. You are welcome to stop by for some vegan empanadas or to get one of their simple-to-make vegan cake mixes. Vegan afternoon tea is also offered at the cafe. The patisserie tea, which is packed with vegan versions of decadent goodies like sausage rolls and doughnuts, is everyone’s favourite. The pastries and cakes are of the best quality. The vegan versions of quiche and aubergine parmigiana are also not to be missed.

The Takeaway

Vegetarians had very little visibility at London’s restaurants a few years ago, or anyplace else for that matter. Today, not only do the majority of vegan restaurants in London provide a delectable variety of meat-free options but the number of eateries that are solely vegetarian or vegan has skyrocketed. Since vegetarian food has advanced so much in recent years, diners can now look forward to bold flavours, creative combinations, and well-prepared dishes rather than bland food that lacks flavour and texture. 

Goodbye, mushroom risotto – we still like you but when there are dishes like cauliflower shawarma, aubergine schnitzel, and chickpea pancakes no one can resist oneself opting for those! No matter what type of vibe you are looking for, you’re bound to find the restaurant you love just by exploring our list of best vegan restaurants in London. From top lunch spots to fine dining, there’s a little bit of everything for our plant-loving pals at these best vegetarian restaurants in London. If you want to discover more, here are some of the blogs that might interest you and ease your search while providing the necessary information: 

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Vegan Restaurants in London

Best Vegan Restaurants in London 2024 – UniAcco

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