Self-isolation guide for students

Self-isolation guide for students

By now we have read tons of work written about this ongoing pandemic, the virus itself, guides and blogs on how to help us get through it, what to do while waiting for it to pass; and this here is no different. We are all getting used to being in isolation by now, we’ve all developed some or the other coping mechanisms. There’s been a slew of content on how people are discovering or rather re-discovering their passion and talents. Students are trying to focus on studies despite everything that’s happening around them. Universities and colleges have resorted to cancelling their examination as well as to teaching online. 

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks or you can’ change a tiger’s stripes, but we are humans we can learn anything new at any given point in time; it is in no ways easy but not impossible either. We learned to be confined and doing pretty well if we say so ourselves. No doubt about it that we are still learning and are facing difficulties but we will get through. 

What to do if this lockdown continues? 

Use this time to take up your long lost hobbies, passion or dreams. Learn the musical instrument you always wanted to, try writing, baking or cooking, you might as well try your hand at painting, drawing, sketching. Albeit you may turn out horrible at it but so what, it’ll be helpful nonetheless. Be strong and kind to yourselves do not give in to the voices of doubts in your heads. Listening to music is always relaxing irrespective of what kind it is. Dancing is a great way to exercise and feel better, or maybe just do the plain ole exercises. 

We’ve been hearing it’ll pass, things will get better ad nauseam; for those unaware of the word it means something being said or argued to the point of nausea, you agree don’t you, we might just smack the person who says it to us next, which I condone with all my heart. Take a deep breath and relax, might as well try yoga while you are at it. Be active, be creative do not let anything pent up be it emotions, anxiety, thoughts, energy.

What to avoid in these perilous times? 

Be updated about the happenings but do not in any circumstance over-indulge in watching the news, reading about the virus or the pandemic and please for the love of everything give your brain a break. Do Not Overthink! Be rest assures that if we follow the protocols and guidelines set for us, we are going to be fine. Thinking about what might happen or being overzealous in your attempts to avoid the virus is just going to drive you and yours crazy, hence the yoga suggestion they have great breathing exercises that’ll help you relax.  

How to get back to our schedule when this is all over?

The difficulty we face at this moment of time is how will we go back to our previous schedules rather than how to stay home for a little bit longer. That’s the reason for the ad nauseam pep talks and words about health, staying active and being creative. It will surely take time but things will go back to the way they were, but it will do us good if we remember the lessons that mother nature has taught us through these draconian means. 

As long as we remember we are humans and we have the gift of humanity we all be fine. Revel in this feeling of community love. People have forgotten all about their hates, prejudices, opinions and are accepting as well as offering a helping to and from any and everyone possible. The world has truly come together in these times of need. 

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Self-isolation guide for students

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