Your Guide To The Best Coffee Shops In Austin

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Austin, Texas, has too many coffee shops, just like any big city, and more open up every few months. How do you decide which cafe will suit your fancy when you need a caffeine fix? This hot and happening city is powered by coffee, so there are a lot of creative, innovative players in the coffee game that shouldn’t be missed just because they’re a little out of your way. While driving or walking distance to the coffee shop might be the easiest way to decide, don’t discount cafes that aren’t in your neighbourhood. These best coffee shops in Austin make the best coffee in Austin, regardless of whether you’re a connoisseur of coffee beans, appreciate beautifully done latte art, or just need a major caffeine boost to get you through the workday:

Houndstooth Coffee

With one of the best coffee shops in Austin, where coffee comes from its own coffee roaster, Tweed, Houndstooth is now basically a household name. With five locations in Austin and three more in Dallas, Houndstooth has been around for more than 12 years, so you can choose the ideal cafe environment for your workday. Many Austin residents consider this coffee shop’s Congress Street location to be their go-to spot for seriously excellent coffee. Houndstooth is primarily a coffee shop, but it also has a carefully curated selection of teas in case you want something a little lighter.

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Terrible Love

What about the fact that this distinctive coffee house in Austin is actually a horse trailer that has been modified if the name doesn’t catch your attention? A small Shetland pony instead of just any horse! Even though Terrible Love has a tiny space—barely big enough for a barista and a La Marzocco—the coffee it serves up is of enormous quality because it only uses beans from a small number of carefully chosen, sustainability-focused roasters that are both based in Austin and elsewhere in Texas.

Radio Coffee 

One of the trendiest coffee shops in Austin is Radio Coffee. This one-location coffee shop has a devoted following for its combination of fine coffee, craft beer, and food (the breakfast tacos are a favourite) in a lovely garden setting, despite technically being just outside the city limits. But that’s not all; Radio Coffee offers entertainment almost every night of the week in the form of live local music, trivia contests, bluegrass concerts, and lectures on a variety of subjects.


Coffee connoisseurs rank Patika as one of the best coffee shops in Austin to buy locally roasted, premium coffee in Austin. This South Lamar coffee shop, which has a sort of Scandinavian theme, keeps things straightforward and focuses primarily on coffee and breakfast fare, along with pastries from nearby bakeries and a small selection of alcoholic beverages.

While the weekdays still draw a lot of remote workers and their laptops, brunch is now served on the weekends, so the Wi-Fi is turned off on those days for a more laid-back weekend atmosphere. The work-life balance is what Patika is all about!

Turnstile Coffee

This is where you should go if you want to experience a real neighbourhood coffee shop and bar in Austin. Turnstile is actually made up of two distinct areas: the actual coffee shop is in the adjacent area, while the first serves coffee and tacos to customers who don’t have time to sit and sip.

Later in the day, Turnstile offers a changing selection of regional craft beer, inventive cocktails, and even a full kitchen. Pastries from Easy Tiger, one of Austin’s top bakeries, are also available. The place is great for coworking, the baristas are known to be friendly and knowledgeable, and there are frequently themed trivia nights.

Cosmic Coffee

This one is not your typical coffee shop. In fact, despite the name, the speciality coffee offered here isn’t always the main draw; instead, a popular drink here is its frozen alcoholic coffee brew! The sole location of Cosmic Coffee in South Austin has a large beer garden with fire pits, delicious taco and BBQ food trucks, and an indoor stage for concerts.

But this place’s commitment to sustainability and permaculture is what truly sets it apart. It’s like walking into a botanical garden when you enter Cosmic Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in Austin which is a pleasant location for working. The 120 square feet of gardens at Cosmic include a waterfall garden, a chicken coop, a composting system, and a lot of native plants and herbs.


The excellent coffee from a variety of coffee roasters, including Flat Track, Super thing, and Wonderstate, is what keeps Austinites coming back to this East Austin spot. This hidden coffee house in Austin is actually just a small trailer with a lovely patio and a food truck that typically serves tacos. Flitch was finally opened in 2015 after the owner couple raised money for it through a Kickstarter campaign. Since then, it has become a well-liked gathering place in the neighbourhood.

Final Thoughts

It was only time for the speciality coffee scene to step up its game in order to satisfy the discriminating tastes of new residents flowing through the city. Independent coffee shops in Austin are flourishing, and new ones are constantly opening.


1. What are some highly rated cute coffee shops in Austin?

Bakery Cloud Nine, Flitch, Cosmic Coffee, and Radio Coffee are some of the high-rated cute coffee shops in Austin.

2. What are some cute coffee shops with a large number of reviews in Austin?

Revival coffee, Cherrywood coffeehouse, Houndstooth Coffee, Summer Moon coffee, and terrible love are some of the cute coffee shops with a large number of reviews in Austin.

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Your Guide To The Best Coffee Shops In Austin

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