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Discover the List of Best Student Accommodations in Galway

Best Student Accommodation In Galway

Student accommodation corresponds to a housing scheme or property, which has been built exclusively for students. Such residences are equipped with amenities that are designed to take into consideration the needs and expectations of a typical student. The best student housing is the one where rooms are spacious and well-furnished, ample storage space and a well-equipped kitchen is maintained, and centres for recreational activities like a gym, cinema room, courtyards, and lounge rooms are built for students to engage.

Galway, situated along the edge of the Atlantic, is the capital city of Western Ireland. It is already popular amongst tourists all over the world as the perfect destination for a holiday, since Galway has numerous beautiful sceneries and a vast array of things to do. Keeping this in mind, students select this city not only for its world-class universities but also to explore and enjoy the stunning lifestyle here. However, the first step for any immigrant student is to find the ideal housing they need. For students seeking guidance on where to find ideal housing, this guide offers a compilation of the best student accommodations in Galway and everything you need to know about them. 

Social Life

A vibrant city deeply rooted in traditional Irish culture, Galway welcomes the young with open arms. A developing young city itself, about 20% of Galway’s population consists of students. With several modern and stylish cafes, restaurants, and pubs, people can explore the nightlife here at ease and convenience. The Shopping Street is one of the most popular shopping avenues in Ireland; patrons will find this locale to be exceptionally remarkable with a range of products available of every kind. One can feel the energy of youthfulness in the beautiful city of Galway.

Options For Transportation

Transport in the city of Galway is extremely accessible and well-connected. Students usually prefer travelling by foot, since several areas and popular places of tourism and socialising can be found within walking distance. If not, options like trains, buses, ferries, bikes, and taxis are also available. 


Buses are the most convenient way of transport since there are bus stops everywhere within walking distance. The fares are affordable and the routes connect to the suburban areas too. 


Trains are mostly preferred by people who wish to travel from Galway to nearby towns and cities. Direct trains to places like Dublin, and connecting ones to Westport, Ballina, and Limerick are available and pocket-friendly for students on a budget. 

Best Neighbourhoods for Students

When you are new to a city and settling in, it is essential to ensure your safety and convenience, first and foremost. A locality that is secure with less crime rate has multiple transit options available, and supermarkets, hospitals, and restaurants nearby are ideally optimum. The final flourish is if your university is within walking distance. A few areas that are particularly popular for having the best student accommodations in Galway are mentioned below.


One of the suburbs of Galway, this neighbourhood is ideal for students who want a touch of both rural and urban living. Renmore is well-connected to other parts of the city, with the city centre merely 15 minutes away. Students can find many restaurants and cafes that are already popular and several more flourishing day by day. 


Bohermore is one of the main areas in the city, where students can find several housing options of the highest standards and amenities. Two major Catholic and Protestant Chapels can be found in this area. Being one of the major thoroughfares, it is packed with many socially active places.

Central Galway

Situated such that every other part of the city is equally accessible by all means of transport, Central Galway has different shopping centres, marketplaces, and cafes within walking distance. You can also walk to the National University of Ireland, Galway in roughly 10-20 minutes.

Best Student Accommodations In Galway

Here is a compilation of several housing properties that are consistently entitled to the best student accommodations in Galway. Students can compare the prices, amenities, and accessibility available at each of these properties and make a decision on what suits them best. 

1. Swuite Galway

Address: Unit 16A, Sandyford Business Centre, Bohermore, Galway, H91 FW95, Ireland.

Distance from city centre: 1.90 miles

Phone: +353 91 753 781

Rent/week (starting from): €225

Types of rooms: Enclosed and open kitchenette, single and double ensuite, shared apartments. 

Probably the most inclusive and notable feature of Swuite Galway is that they offer special rooms that are wheelchair accessible. These rooms are available as singles, doubles, and apartments as well. They have a dedicated concierge available onsite at all times, in order to assist foreign students to navigate their way through the city. The property also offers a games room, cinema, courtyard, pool, and a foosball table available for students to socialise and fraternise with fellow residents. They have an excellent security system with 24/7 CCTV and a mandatory door entry system as well. Rent is inclusive of all basic utilities and Wi-Fi services. 

The renowned James Hardiman Library is located close to the premises where students can go to study in peace. The Eyre Square Shopping Centre is within walking distance, as are superstores like Tesco and Lidl. Planet Entertainment, a popular bowling centre, is also nearby and well-known amongst young people. 

2. Radical Edward Square

Address: Edward Square, Barrack Lane, Galway, H91 H767.

Distance from city centre: 0.59 miles. 

Phone: 091 470 740

Rent/week (starting from): €244

Types of rooms: Shared and ensuite double rooms, apartments.

The radicalRadical housing scheme boasts of all the ideal amenities that someone would look for in their search for the best student accommodation in Galway. Their rooms are spacious, and furnished, and provide ample storage space. 24/7 onsite maintenance is accessible for any kind of inconvenience encountered by the students. They also have a designated study room and a common area that is welcome to all. Bills include not only all the basic amenities, but also Wi-Fi and contents insurance. 

For leisure time, students can visit the nearby Galway Docks and the Galway City Museum during weekends or holidays if they wish to explore the city and its history. 

3. Galway Central

Address: Fairgreen Rd, Galway, H91 C2VX, Ireland.

Distance from city centre: 1.10 miles.

Phone:  +353 91 416 021

Rent/week (starting from): €234

Types of rooms: Ensuite, single and twin studio. 

Galway Central is one of the best student accommodations in Galway for the satisfaction and recreation of its residents. This housing property is known for regularly holding social events for students to participate in. They also maintain a vending machine, games room, lounge area, and outdoor courtyard which are open to all. The rent includes the cost of utilities, Wi-Fi, and contents insurance. 

The renowned NUI Galway and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology are both within a 15-20 minutes commute from the property.

4. Westwood

Address: Upper Newcastle, Road, Galway, H91 R7XN, Ireland.

Distance from city centre: 1.60 miles

Phone: +353 91 451 500

Rent/week (starting from): €164

Types of rooms: Single and shared ensuite. 

Westwood Galway offers aesthetically pleasing and spacious rooms of all types that are fully furnished and provide ample storage space. Students can relax and socialise with friends in the games room, gym, pool table area, cinema, and study room. The property also features a well-equipped kitchen where residents can cook their favourite dishes at leisure. A support team is always available on-site to help resolve any issues that may arise. The safety and security of students are ensured. The bills are inclusive of all amenities so students don’t have to worry about any extra charges. 

An onsite coffee shop is also open 24/7, in case you feel like grabbing a quick cup of coffee, or a sweet treat to go. Sliding Rock Bar, located within 15 minutes of walking distance, is one of the popular social spots nearby. 


1. Where do students live in Galway?

Despite being a small and developing city, Galway has several up-and-coming areas which are ideal for students. Newcastle, Greenfields, Mervue and Claddagh are some of these popular neighbourhoods.

2. How much does the best student accommodation in Galway cost?

On average, the starting cost of renting properties in Galway is around €200. However, it varies according to the different areas, accessibility, and amenities provided by each of the accommodations.

3. How do I choose the right student accommodation?

While choosing accommodation, it is essential to ensure your safety first. Other factors to consider include onsite facilities and amenities, rent and its compensation, Wi-Fi and most importantly, the locality and neighbouring area.

4. How is student accommodation paid for?

Students can acquire finance and maintenance loans to help cover the costs of accommodation and living. They are usually paid directly around three times a year.

5. Are bills included in student accommodation?

Usually, the accommodation properties charge the rent inclusive of all basic utilities like electricity, water and gas. Most of the time, the charges of Wi-Fi and internet are also included. However, in certain rare instances, students might have to pay for the utilities separately, depending on the extent of their use.

Thank you for reading this guide to the best student accommodation in Galway! Let us know about your ideal student housing in the comment section below.

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Best Student Accommodation In Galway

Discover the List of Best Student Accommodations in Galway