about us

We help students find their perfect home.

UniAcco is a platform that aims to make your transition to the student life easier and smoother, as flat as a pancake.

"Adventure must start with running away from home", and we help you with it by building a strong foundation and providing you with the most budget friendly and verified accommodations.

We cut down on your worries with our consultation services, giving your decisions a quicker turn round and proffer a better sense of how your journey will transpire.

Our Logo.

UniAcco logo represents a home, elucidating with its sharp edges, the strength and futuristic aspects along with the comfort signified by the curved edges. The “A” shaped roof-top stands for Accommodation and the bottom shaped “U” stands for University, bringing together its meaning of University Accommodation.

Orange being the colour of enthusiasm, creativity and change perfectly depicts our millennial friendly approach and the blue represents the comfort, safety and security that we aim to provide.


Amit Singh

Amit has spent 20 years in Financial Service and Real Estate Industry commanding particular areas like Corporate, Distribution, Treasury Sales and Product Structuring. He is a High-profile expert in constructing relationships with UNHW clients and manifesting creative ideas. He has been an essential part of esteemed organizations like Birla Sunlife Asset Management Company, Standard Chartered Bank, IDFC Investment Advisors and Tata AMC. His self-determination and mind have always preferred possibilities which happen due to pragmatic measures.

Sayantan Biswas

Hailing from an IIT background, Sayantan Biswas has 4+ experience working in the core team of prop-tech startups. His recognition at the prestigious Thiel Fellowship Summit and at Draper University substantiate his business acumen. During his professional stint at Fella Homes and Amberstudent, he was spearheading sales team and was responsible for evolving sales processes as well as driving efficiencies.

Nikhil Soni

Head, Technology & Product

Abhishek Sharma

VP Marketing & Demand Sourcing

Gajendra Garg

Head, Supply & Portfolio

Aditya Shukla

Brand Manager

Sanya Singh

Head, Growth & International Relations

Animesh Banerjee

Business Analyst & Growth Influencer