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This student accommodation provides studio rooms. Expect a Wi-Fi connection and CCTV security. There is a 24/7 on-site staff available at the beck and call of students.

Kingsway House apartment is only a few minutes’ walk from University of Portsmouth campus. When you’re not in class, meet your friends at Pie & Vinyl cafe, to shop for new records or to catch up over pies and artisan tea. Step back in time and explore Henry VIII’s 16th-century Southsea Castle, or visit the D-Day museum and discover the stories behind the Normandy Landings. In the evening, get tickets to a West End musical at the Edwardian playhouse The Kings Theatre.  If you don’t have time to make breakfast, fill up on oven-warm croissants and fresh sourdough rolls at Bread Addiction on your way to class. On weekends, use the bus stop across the street to explore the rest of the city.

An additional amenity provided by Kingsway House is a washing machine inside every room.

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Booking with us is simple, we won't ask you to pay any deposits or upfront costs! All you need to do is complete an online form. We'll ask you your name, number and email (all the usual personal details) and how you'd like to pay. After that's all done, and we've accepted your booking, you'll be sent an offer of accommodation. We'll send you a link to complete some further details and access your tenancy agreement which you'll need to sign and return to us within 10 days and then that's it. You've booked a room. Congrats! You will need to make your first payment 10 days before your move in date. If you are unable to move in please advise your accommodation manager as you are legally bound to pay your full year's rent upon signing your tenancy agreement. If you're paying your rent in installments, you'll need a guarantor. That gives us and you the security that your rent will be paid in full.

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£129 - £146 /week

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