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Found 33 places to stay

Found 33 places to stay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ⭐ Are my bills included in the rent from my Newcastle accommodation?

    Most of our student houses Newcastle Upon Tyne have bills included, so you're only going to pay the rent and nothing else. Remember to make sure that this is the case with the property you have chosen.

  • ⭐ How do I find private student accommodation Newcastle Upon Tyne?

    You will find plenty of private student accommodation Newcastle Upon Tyne that are close to your uni on UniAcco. Options include studios, ensuites, flats and more. Compare options on our platform based on 80+ parameters and pick the one which suits you the best.

  • ⭐ Can I schedule a tour of my student houses Newcastle Upon Tyne before I book?

    Of course! In order to arrange a viewing, get in touch with one of our property experts and they will arrange the same.

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Student Accommodation Newcastle

Student accommodation in Newcastle is usually located on campus, making it one of the most advanced solutions for university and college students who are living independently for the very first time in a new country. And, as a result of their convenient location, these rooms tend to fill up quickly. There are so many reasons to choose student accommodation in Newcastle with UniAcco. UniAcco student advisors help you find the best student houses in Newcastle by finding, comparing properties and booking them. The entire process is hand held and you get to move into your new city of Newcastle hassle free with UniAcco.

About Newcastle

Newcastle is often referred to as "the world's smallest big city." The cause for this is that the city is so accessible that you can stroll around it in 15 minutes. The metropolitan area, on the other hand, is not without its share of wonderful moments of fun and satisfaction. This tiny town answers with enthralling life encounters that cater to everybody's needs.

A vibrant culture, history, nightlife, and shopping are all crammed into one magnificent city. Not only that, but there's a fantastic area of vegetation in the centre of this urban municipality that's bigger than New York's renowned Central Park. Students have the option of using the subway or driving to the seaside when they opt for a student accommodation in Newcastle, which is only 15 minutes away!

Student Housing Newcastle

Newcastle student life and student houses in Newcastle welcomes over 5,000 students each year, so if you want to attend university in a bustling city, Newcastle is the place to be! Given the cost of living in Newcastle, a range of rental options are available, making it difficult to choose. As you walk farther from the City Center, the pricing and sizes of these establishments will change. As a result, students are urged to select the most appropriate student housing that suits their budget and is jam-packed with regular tasks.

Best Places to Stay in Newcastle

All student accommodation in Newcastle Upon Tyne are very close to public transport options in the city, have amazing facilities you can cater to (like gaming lounges, gyms and theatre rooms)

This iQ Stephenson accommodation is the best for students studying at Newcastle University or INTO University Newcastle and Northumbria University. The closest train station is Manors for students wanting to commute around the city of Newcastle.

Some of the property facilities include - a cinema room, a 24 hour on-site gym, a game room for students to relax. Also, a very huge study area for students to focus. 

This student accommodation at Newcastle is only a 6 minute walk from the university of Northumbria. This student flat in Newcastle is also a 10 minute walk from Newcastle University. 

Cost of Living in Newcastle

The most overlooked aspect of university life is the cost of housing and the standard of living. According to studies, the typical living cost in Newcastle for students is about 50% lower than in other cities in the Uk or Birmingham. Newcastle is among the most cheap cities in the UK, despite its high concentration of upper-class residents.

The average monthly costs breakdown for student accommodation in newcastle upon tyne: 



Books And Supplies £55                                        
Internet And Phone £30
Social And Leisure Activities £100
Student Accommodation in Newcastle £500
Food £120
Local Transport £90


Many local manufacturers live in the city's many neighbourhoods. Newcastle has traditionally had access to a wide range of needed commodities and services, including food supplements, furnishings, and rental housing. This low living cost and student accommodation in Newcastle allows students to put their anxieties aside and discover the city's most interesting areas. To survive successfully in Newcastle, a financial plan of roughly £1,000-1,200 (excluding tuition) is recommended.

Before you begin generating a budget for your Newcastle upon Tyne living expenses. We've divided down the many types of lodging, transportation, and restaurants accessible.

Newcastle Transportation

Students should make the most of their university experience by availing use of Newcastle's "easily obtainable public transit choices." They have the option of walking about the city centre or taking the bus to Gateshead Quayside. However, you can travel by Metro, which is a more roomy, inexpensive, and less busy method of transportation than London's Tube System.

Get a group of buddies together and hire a bicycle for the afternoon! You may also take a taxi into the city for a night out, or go to the lovely 'The Trendsetters' shoreline in the north east. Newcastle, more than any other city in the United Kingdom, has reason to brag. For millennia, the city has served as a beacon of creativity and ingenuity.

Newcastle Attraction

When it comes to food in Newcastle, there seem to be a myriad of alternatives to pick from, whether you want to grab a quick breakfast or commemorate a special occasion. 


You're looking for a place to relax until your next class. Try Quilliam Brothers' Teahouse or Tyneside Bar Café at the Tyneside Cinema, where you can sample more than 60 different types of loose-leaf tea as well as delicious finger-licking brunches with pals.

Eat At A Restaurant

Food alternatives are plentiful in student housing. However, because you are a newcomer to the city, you are permitted to tour the city at night. Fat Hippo, the city's go-to burger establishment, Lane 7, and Francesca's in the Jesmond district are some of the most popular diners amongst youngsters.


Don't stress if you haven't been able to locate a restaurant serving your native cuisine. You could always go to Chinatown, which is close to Newcastle University, and visit the international buffet centre. Other prominent mentions include Turkish restaurants Red Mezze and Hana Hana, as well as Indian eateries Dabbawal and Ury.