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Found 41 places to stay

Found 41 places to stay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ⭐ Are my bills included in the rent from my Leicester student accommodation?

    Most of our properties in Leicester, student accommodation leicester, Leicester uni accommodation have bills included, so you're only going to pay the rent and nothing else. Remember to make sure that this is the case with the property you have chosen.

  • ⭐ How do I find student accommodation in Leicester?

    You will find plenty of student accommodations,student accommodation leicester in Leicester that are close to your uni on UniAcco. Options include studios, ensuites, flats and more. Compare options on our platform based on 80+ parameters and pick the one which suits you the best.

  • ⭐ Can I schedule a tour of my student flat in Leicester before I book?

    Of course! In order to arrange a viewing, get in touch with one of our property experts and they will arrange the same.

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Student Accommodation In Leicester

Finding student housing or student accommodation in Leicester is not a particularly costly endeavour. It can still be a difficult undertaking, as navigating rooms tailored to students' needs can be difficult. Other upscale student flats in Leicester include Queens Road, Castle Court, Rose House, Oxford House, and others. While on-campus housing may appear to be more convenient at first because of its closeness to the institution, off-campus housing is less costly and more student-friendly because you have the freedom to choose your room types and conveniences. UniAcco can help you find luxury and affordable student accommodation in Leicester, even if it's hard to come by. We can help you with all of your student housing needs in Leicester with the right amenities as we boast a decent list of housing that are all around the best universities in Leicester. 

About Leicester

Leicester is known for its cultural richness. It's now a thriving multicultural centre with a long history of inviting and embracing immigrants from all over the world. As a result, it has a varied range of communities, languages, and beliefs. 

Leicester is home to several prestigious universities, including the University of Leicester, De Montfort University, Leicester College, and others. The University of Leicester is the most well-known, with various research institutes and significant contributions to the field of education. Around 21,000 students are enrolled in several streams and extra deaneries in the University of Leicester, making it one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. Many aspirants wishing to further their education in the city are drawn to the city because of the presence of these implicit universities. UniAcco offers the best student apartments in Leicester that meet all of your requirements. 

Student Housing In Leicester

Leicester is home to three world-class, award-winning institutions with a combined student population of over 65,000! This makes it one of the most popular student locations in the country, and therefore there are innumerable options for student houses in Leicester. You will come across on-campus and off-campus student accommodation in Leicester. Students feel on-campus housing will be more convenient which is a fact but at the same time, off-campus housing awards you with multiple benefits. Students get the chance to have multiple options and amenities as per their personal needs. This is why UniAcco helps you with numerous property options that are close to the university and are filled with personalised facilities. 

Best Places To Stay In Leicester

Leicester is a university town. Not only because of its 35,000-strong racially and culturally varied student population but also because of its kind hospitality and dynamic and energetic social scene.

Leicester boasts nearly everything a student might desire in a city, and as a result, student life and living in Leicester is far more than just studying. It may also be a lot of fun and a great way to meet individuals from all cultures and races. Look no further than Narborough Road, the city's commercial core, to find evidence of Leicester's immense diversity. The mile-long stretch of nearly 200 shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants is essentially a universe on one street, complete with a unified country of shopkeepers.

Just like Narborough, there are many other similar places in Leicester where you will find a great neighbourhood with private student accommodation in Leicester. 

Some of the most popular student accommodation in Leicester provided by UniAcco are as follows -

Regents Court: A 3 min drive from the De Montfort University. The Regents Court accommodation provides you with 4, 5, and 6-bed flats. No matter what your room choice is, you will find a mandatory wi-fi connection, a study desk, and a comfortable bed. There is in-site staff available round the clock. Other apartment amenities include a fridge, microwave, electric stove, and laundry room. 

iQ Grosvenor House: This amazing place is hardly a 1-minute drive from De Montfort University in Leicester. For people looking for student studios in Leicester, you will find one-bed apartments with studio rooms that are fully furnished with Wi-fi facilities. Other amenities include a television, sofa, laundry room, microwave, bookshelf, refrigerator, and more.  

Newarke Street: Located at Oxford Station, this place is just a 3-minute drive from Leicester College. Newarke provides student accommodation in Leicester with a huge range of en-suite and studio rooms. There is a 24/7 on-site staff service available with multiple student amenities.

Cost Of Living In Leicester

Leicester is a fun place to be if you're a student looking for something to do outside of your academics. The Leicester Comedy Festival, for example, hosts several events, shows, and visits by well-known performers throughout the year. Here's a breakdown of how much it costs to live in Leicester as a student including Leicester student lettings




£500-£1000 per month

Bills (electric/gas/water)

£175 per month


£40 per month

TV Connection 

£12 per month

Mobile Phone

£30 per month


£40 per month


£50 per month


£25 per month


£20 per month

Travel / Transport

£60 per month

Total (estimated)

£1200 per month


Leicester Transportation

Leicester is a fairly connected city to travel around with multiple public transport options present for the student. You can even explore the city on foot as there are many walking routes available. Cycle maps are also present for you to discover Leicester on your bike. If you are staying at off-campus student accommodation in Leicester then these transportation options will work in your favour. 

Bus: All city buses, including the Leicester and Leicestershire Park & Ride services, drop you off in about walking distance of the stores in the city centre. In the city centre, three major bus companies operate Arrival Travel, Centrebus, and First Bus. With 23 departure bays, the newly restored Haymarket Bus Station makes it simple to take advantage of the services that run across Leicester.

Taxis: Hackney carriages can be found at approved taxi stands throughout the city, including the train station. A number of private hire taxi services are also accessible in the city.

Bicycle: Leicester is a bike-friendly city with numerous designated bike paths. From anywhere in Leicester, it takes less than 30 minutes to cycle to the city centre. To and from the city centre, there are marked National Cycle Network Routes. From the north and south, follow NCN 6 routes. From the east and west, follow NCN 63.

Leicester Attractions

Most of the student accommodations in Leicester are pretty close to the prime attractions in Leicester. Leicester has a diverse range of attractions, from family classics to historical treasures and extraterrestrial wonders, so there's sure to be something to keep you entertained! Let’s check out some of them below:

Leicester Cathedral

The core of Leicester's Old Town is Leicester Cathedral. The cathedral is open to the public, and everyone is invited to enter. Explore nearly 900 years of history in this tranquil and magnificent edifice, from the fine stained glass to the tale and grave of King Richard III. The church is surrounded by the peaceful Cathedral Gardens. The gardens offer a peaceful haven in the centre of the city, including lawns, flower beds, lounging places, and a water feature.

Great Central Railway

For a top-notch experience of dining in a restaurant while moving between Loughborough and Leicester, the Great Central Railway will make your childhood dreams come true when you travel and experience the “Drive a Locomotive”. For special events, Great Central Railways is the best choice for a great day out with friends and family. 

Treetop Adventure Gold

Are you looking for a thrilling mini-golf adventure? Come play Treetop Adventure Golf's two 18-hole indoor courses, Tropical Trail and Ancient Explorer. Meet the personalities, take in the sights, and listen to the sounds of Leicester's most luscious rainforest. Take on the Tropical Trail and make your way through the jungle, encountering Chattering Toucans and the huge Twisted Fig along the route. Avoid the stalagmites at Cave Canyon and hang out with the Birdie Boulevard locals. On your route to the Cascading River, keep an eye out for singing barbershop frogs. 

Belvoir Castle

Its name, which means 'beautiful vista' in French, dates back to Norman times and is pronounced 'beaver.' With its rising turrets and towers like an illustration in a charming fairy-tale, the castle remains one of the most majestic and stunning Regency residences in England, commanding extraordinary views of the 16,000-acre estate. The Engine Yard is located in the shadow of Belvoir Castle. It is the first shop village of its kind in the area, and it was lovingly rebuilt from Victorian structures. Visitors will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food, drink, and artisan shopping, as the festival promotes local companies and outstanding British brands.