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Coventry is a bustling city with reasonable accommodation and plenty of career prospects, especially if you're in the IT or engineering industries. It was named one of the best ten locations to live and work in the UK. Coventry is a lively city with a history of overcoming hardship and coming together with pride. In fact, the city is one of five candidates for the UK City of Culture 2021, owing to its rich culture.

Coventry was one of the five finalists for the title of UK City of Culture 2021, owing to its rich culture. Commuting in and out of your student accommodation in Coventry is quick and easy thanks to its convenient location in the West Midlands. This city is also home to the modern University of Coventry, in addition to the famed University of Warwick. The two colleges are located in the centre of the city, only five miles apart, so getting to your university will not take long regardless of where you book your student studio in Coventry.

In addition to the halls of residence, there is a decent selection of other student houses in Coventry. The rooms available range from basic singles to bigger, self-contained apartments. Both types will benefit from a variety of appealing facilities. Based on your preferences, you can either opt for student housing within proximity to your uni or find easy ways to commute around the city and get to your campus

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Best Student Accommodation Coventry

Coventry Student Accommodation

To find the right student accommodation in Coventry might look like a hassle but if you do it right, you will land yourself a great accommodation at a good price! UniAcco offers a plethora of cheap student accommodation in Coventry that comes at a very reasonable price. Student houses in Coventry are all in proximity to the best and most well-known institutions like City College Coventry, Coventry University, Arden University, and the University of Warwick. 

There is a huge range of luxurious, affordable, and best student accommodation in Coventry which comes with all the amenities that a student needs. These properties are only built for students and therefore they are designed as per your preference. Student accommodation in Coventry further comes in different types such as student halls, private apartments, studio rooms, ensuites, and more. 

Private student accommodation in Coventry is fully furnished and comes inclusive of all utility bills. Student flats in Coventry range from GBP 75-240/per week. UniAcco also offers student housing in Coventry that can be booked for short tenancies. To book a short tenancy in Coventry is quite easier and you can choose as per your preferences. Some of the best student accommodation in Coventry include iQ Weaver Place, The Oaks, Eden Square, Apollo House, Gulson Gardens, and Millennium View. All these apartments are close to prime universities in Birmingham. 

About Coventry

Coventry is a large city in England's West Midlands region. We also have some of the greatest student accommodations in Coventry, such as iQ Weaver place, which is located minutes away from Coventry University College. Calcott Ten is conveniently placed near the University of Coventry. Our student rooms are ideal for students who want to keep their privacy while still having a wonderful time. Our student studio in Coventry all comes with a fully supplied kitchen, smart TV, bed, and en suite bathroom, so you'll never have to share or conceal your food. With a population of slightly over 365,000 people, it is the country's eighth-largest city. 

The city is famous as "The Three Spired City" in the surroundings because of the church and cathedral spires that dominate the landscape. Coventry also has various great universities where students can acquire a good education: Coventry University, University of Warwick, City College Coventry, Arden University, and more.

Student Housing Coventry

Coventry has a massive range of different housing options wherein students will not have to compromise. There are preferences and segregations that lets you pick, choose and book as per your needs. At UniAcco you will find student housing in Coventry that is fully furnished and built for students. These houses cater to all your personal and academic needs with amenities and facilities at your disposal. You will have a free wi-fi connection with all-inclusive utility bills. 

International students might feel the unrest initially when they move to a new nation, and to counter that and make you feel at home as much as possible, every student accommodation has 24-7 available staff that helps you. Some of the famous houses like Sherbourne Student Village, Julian Court, and Urban Student Village - Ringway House are a great bargain that you should grab in time!

Best Places to Stay in Coventry

The QS Top Universities ranked Coventry as one of the top 5 cities in the United Kingdom in 2018. There is a dense and diverse population in Coventry which indicates that it has many accommodation areas and places that are great to stay especially for students. 

City Centre

Students frequently choose to stay in the city centre. The city centre, which is packed with cultural attractions, bustling pubs, and several well-known clubs and restaurants, is ideal for individuals who enjoy being in the thick of things. Coventry University is located in the neighbourhood, making it ideal for a quick commute or return travel after a night out.

Due to its popularity, student accommodation in Coventry city centre is marginally more expensive than in other places, but if you explore early enough, you can find some fantastic properties at bargain prices.


Earlsdon is a favourite hangout for University of Warwick students because it is close to campus. The location, which is close to Hearsall Common Park, features several green spots that are ideal for a summer BBQ. Furthermore, with frequent public transportation into the city, a quick shopping trip in the city centre is a breeze.

Earlsdon student housing is ideal for mid-sized groups, with 3 to 5-bedroom student apartments in Coventry dispersed across the neighbourhood. Whatever your needs are, you will find something to meet them.

Bishopsgate Green

Bishopsgate Green is located just north of the city centre, making it a less expensive alternative to living in the heart of the activity. Bishopsgate Green is ideal for individuals who enjoy being close to the action, with the greatest bars, pubs, and restaurants just minutes away.

Bishopsgate Green student housing is ideal for medium-sized groups, with the occasional modern apartment close.

Cost of Living in Coventry

Cost of living in Coventry is comparatively cheaper even though this city is vibrant and has many different elements and a distinguished way of life. To make it simpler, below we have bifurcated the cost of living in Coventry

Expense  Monthly Cost (GBP) 
Food (60 meals)  660
On-Campus Accommodation  628
Off-Campus Student Accommodation     316
Utilities  202
Groceries  61
Transportation  46
Entertainment  45
Clothes  40


Coventry Transportation

Coventry is based in England and England has possibly the best transportation system and connectivity in the world. The city has universities that are within the walking distance of major universities. The world-renowned Coventry train station, buses and even cabs are all there for students to go around the city. 

To help students further, we have bifurcated different forms of transportation down below. 

Bus: Coventry buses run hours a day and many buses run all around the city. Students can choose to take buses from the main bus terminal which is located close to the City Centre. The average bus fare in Coventry is approximately GBP 2.2/per way. There is also a Coventry PlusBus pass that will have a significant effect on your cost. 

Cycling: You can go around Coventry by cycling and visit local attractions such as the very famous Quinton Park. 

Coventry Attraction

There are so many things to do in Coventry for travellers and students who stay at student accommodation here. You will learn about this city’s past by visiting various heritage sites and streets. Below you will find some of the most famous attractions that you can visit from your student accommodation Coventry. 

1. Coventry Transport Museum

The Coventry Transport Museum houses the world's largest collection of publicly owned, British-built automobiles. Giving you an insight into the city's long history of manufacturing. It contains approximately 250 automobiles, 100 motorcycles, and 300 bicycles. Jaguars, Standards, Humbers, and Triumphs made in Coventry are among the must-sees.

2. Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral was originally built in the Gothic style in the 14th century. It was left in ruins as a memorial after being substantially destroyed during the Blitz in 1940. The spire, outside walls, tower, and the bronze figure of the first bishop are all still standing today. There are numerous tourist information boards throughout the building that provide historical information.

3. War Memorial Park

The War Memorial Park in Coventry, which spans 50 acres, was erected in the 1920s and 1930s to honour the city's fallen WWI troops. The 27-meter-tall Portland stone monument is encircled by colourful gardens in one section, while a waterpark, playing fields, tennis courts, and a golf course are in the other.

4. St Mary’s Guildhall

One of the city's oldest structures is St Mary's Guildhall, which was established in the 14th century. Inside, you may see mediaeval paintings, armour, and furniture collections. You can also learn amazing facts about the building's history, such as how it formerly served as a jail for Mary, Queen of Scots. According to folklore, it was formerly a Shakespearean playhouse.

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