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Despite its tiny size, Canterbury is one of the most popular attractions in the United Kingdom. And with good reason. It has a long and interesting history. St Martin's Church, one of England's oldest of its sort, is still standing and in operation. The University of Kent, University for the Creative Arts (UCA), and Canterbury Christ Church University are the three best Universities in Canterbury that overseas students should be aware of (CCCU). These universities have risen to unprecedented heights over the years by prioritising students' complete development. Finding student flats in Canterbury located within the vicinity of these universities as well as the major attractions is a simple and hassle-free process. 

There is definitely something for every type of student, with a large range of pubs, restaurants, and activities close to your private student accommodation Canterbury UK. There are many venues in Canterbury to taste new and unexpected food when it comes to drinking and dining. Canterbury is perfect for theatregoers. We shouldn't have to explain why Marlowe Theatre is a must-see. This is a space where students can not only watch but also participate in some events. It is named after the famous playwright Christopher Marlowe. Along with these attractions, the city has a low cost of living and a low cost of student flats in Canterbury.

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Student Accommodation Canterbury


Steeped in history and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Canterbury is a city situated in southeast England. The city welcomes hundreds of students from countries everywhere owing to its world-famous universities. Quality student accommodation in Canterbury is not hard to come by with excellent facilities and city-centre locations. They are also located just a stone’s throw away from the city’s major universities which makes for an easy and  Canterbury accommodation provides a number of living spaces aimed at catering to a diverse student crowd. From en-suites to studios and one and two-bed apartments, there are a wide number of living options and arrangements for students to choose from. 

About Canterbury


What makes Canterbury one of England’s most beautiful and historic cities is a heritage that dates back millennia. A former European pilgrimage site, historical sites and attractions are peppered throughout the city as a testament to its vibrant history. Home to an ancient culture, Canterbury has become one of the top student cities in the country because it has moved with the times and blended modernism seamlessly in its fabric. 

The city of Canterbury houses three prominent universities namely, Canterbury Christ Church University, the University of Kent and the Canterbury College. These universities welcome a large number of students from hundreds of countries every year. Students can pick courses in areas spanning several disciplines with world-class teaching facilities and student infrastructure. Increasing student numbers call for high-quality student accommodation in Canterbury located close to the city’s main universities. Canterbury student accommodation has come to include several top-end facilities due to high student demand and is also located a short distance from the city centre. 

Student Housing Canterbury


Student accommodation in Canterbury aims to provide the students pursuing university in the city with the best possible stays flush with top-notch amenities and a memorable experience. Students usually face a dilemma when it comes to choosing between private student accommodation in Canterbury and on-campus student housing facilities. The former is usually highly preferred due to its affordability, high-quality facilities and variety of living options. Student accommodation in Canterbury offers en-suites which come with a private bedroom and bathroom but shared kitchen and living areas, and studios as well as one and two-bedroom apartments with complete private spaces. Some of the facilities at these student accommodations include on-site laundry facilities, car and bike parking, and excellent communal spaces with a television and games for students to relax and enjoy among themselves. 

Best Places to Stay in Canterbury


Canterbury is a bustling city with students everywhere. Boasting a strong student community, students who are new to the city feel instantly at home in Canterbury. Student accommodations in the city can be found within close proximity to Canterbury’s major educational institutions as well as the city centre. These properties are equipped with top amenities as well as recreational facilities so students do not have to step out of their premises to have a good time. 

Canterbury Student Village: Situated on Parham Road, this student accommodation in Canterbury can be found just a 10-minute walk from Central Lancashire University. Canterbury Christ Church University is also just a mile away so you can take the bus or get there on foot if you fancy a comfortable walk. 

Canterbury Student Manor: This student accommodation in Canterbury is also close to a number of educational institutions in the city including Canterbury Christ Church University, the Canterbury College and the University of Kent. Students can pick from its range of en-suites and studios. 

Palamon Court: This student accommodation in Canterbury is the one with the perfect location. Located within a short distance of the city’s universities, it is also a stone’s throw from the city centre and some of the place’s famous attractions. Also flanked by a Canterbury East train station and the Village Hall bus station, students do not have to worry about their commute to and from the university as well as different parts of the city.

Currus Court: This affordable student accommodation in Canterbury has a wide range of fully furnished en-suites for students to choose from. This purpose-built property comes with several amenities that make the lives of its residents comfortable and safe. 

Cost of Living in Canterbury


University is the ideal time for students to get a hold of their finances and learn how to build themselves a budget. This helps them keep track of their daily, weekly and monthly expenditures, practice cuts where required and also teaches them ways to save their money. Of late, Canterbury has climbed the charts to become one of the most expensive cities to live in the UK so these tips will only come in handy for students looking to pursue university in the city. Below mentioned are the average living costs a student might incur in the city so which should give one a fair idea of what expenses for a month in Canterbury look like.


Cost (Per Month)


£650 - £950

Books And Equipment






Social Life



Canterbury Transportation


Comprehensive public transport systems can be found in all major cities throughout the United Kingdom and Canterbury also belongs on that list. There is a variety of public transport options to choose from based on frequency, affordability and convenience. Public transport services can be easily found near student accommodation in Canterbury which gives students the option of hassle-free and easy-on-the-pocket travel.

Train: There are a number of train stations in and around the city which makes it easy to travel both short and long distances and even conveniently get to neighbouring towns and cities. One can opt for a train pass in case they travel by rail frequently. 

Bus: Bus stops can be found peppered throughout the city and make for easy conveyance to different parts of the city. It is best for students looking to explore the city.

Foot/Cycle: This sustainable and the cheapest mode of transport is perfect for students new to town and wanting to get to know every corner of Canterbury. It is also great for getting to nearby locales where a bus or train would not be feasible. 

Canterbury Attractions


Canterbury is renowned for its rich heritage and a history that goes back several centuries as among the most important religious sites in the country as well as across the continent. There are a bunch of sights to see and things to do in the vibrant city. Some of the must-visit attractions in Canterbury include:

Canterbury Cathedral: Arguably Canterbury’s most famous tourist attraction, the cathedral is an ode to its long-standing history and an architectural marvel. There are several tours one can sign up for to learn about its sprawling history and get to tour its magnificent grounds. 

Howletts National Park: Perfect for a nature and animal lover, this impeccably maintained park and wildlife zoo makes for an ideal day picnic. 

Canterbury Roman Museum: A city with heavy Roman influences, this museum is great for gaining an insight into the Roman part of Canterbury’s history. Well-maintained artefacts and resources are worth viewing at this museum. 

The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge: The Beaney House serves as the central museum, library and art gallery of Canterbury. Managed by the Canterbury City Council, it is another treat among the many historical sites for history buffs to visit in the city.