17 Best Restaurants in London, United Kingdom

You’ll be spoiled with choice, thanks to the myriad of restaurants all over London. The capital city has a strong street-food culture as well as a plethora of Michelin starred restaurants. The restaurants here give impetus to craft and preparation, whether it’s making fish en papillote or sous vide chicken. Be sure to book ahead – and where you can’t, prepare to wait. But we promise you; it will all be worth it. Here’s a list of the best restaurants in London.

1) Padella, London, UK

Padella has garnered a reputation of being one the finest Restaurant in London thanks to its in-restaurant handmade pasta dishes like Beef Shin Ragu, Pici Ciaccio e Pepe and Tagliarini with olive oil and parmesan. They have consistently maintained a high quality of food and a modern Italian bistro ambience. It also holds the distinction of being the “No 1. Cheap Eat for Under a Tenner”

2) Kitty Fisher’s Mayfair

Kitty Fisher’s Mayfair will serve you some of the best modern European dishes in the whole of London. They offer a variety of dishes that include their Smoked Eel Terrine, Stout Mousse, Cod and Cabbage, Piccalilli and Ham Hock Croquettes. They also have an attractive beverage menu comprising of “Rattle Snake” – Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Lemon, Egg White & Absinthe and “Papa Doble” – Plantation 3 Star, Maraschino, Grapefruit, Lime. This is one of the best restaurants in London.

3) Core By Clare Smyth, London

Once helmed by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, this restaurant is now the baby of Clare Smyth, who has forged her own vision for this restaurant. The restaurant is gorgeous, but people come here for the food. Patrons of the restaurant are smitten by Core’s carte and tasting menu. Their French-led wine list is a real head-turner.

4) Roganic, London

Roganic started in the year 2011 as a temporary pop-up restaurant and is now a Michelin star restaurant. 5 years since the restaurant’s inception, many more outlets have been introduced. This restaurant has received critical praise from bloggers, chefs, writers and food enthusiasts because of owner Simon Rogan’s brilliantly conceptualised menu and the restaurant staff’s excellent service. This is the place, restaurant blogs are written about.

5) Sabor, London

One thing that sets Sabor apart from other restaurants in London is the sheer size of the restaurant. This sprawling 2-storey restaurant also has a counter-seating facility. They specialise in Spanish cuisine and serve dishes like Blood Orange Sorbet, Setas y Gambas, Honey Saffron Ice Cream, Caches, Morcilla de Burgos and Txistorra. Be sure to get your reservations made beforehand. Even in spite of the ginormous size of this restaurant, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a table!


The HIDE Restaurant provides you with a contemporary setting, three-storey resto-bar. It was developed by Innovators to get the best interiors possible. HIDE has slowly become the go-to spot for special occasions. It’s the perfect venue for a candlelight dinner and even a grand party. Don’t miss this one of the best restaurants in London.

7) Emilia

A Restaurant situated in the heart of Mayfair, Emilia is inspired by the culinary styles of Emilia-Romagna, the culinary hub of Italy. It tries to mimic the cultural food of this region. Because of its originality, people love going at Emilia and digging into their Italian style food. Their menu comprises of a bunch of modern Italian dishes, which are not only delicious but also reach your table really quickly.

8) Leroy, London

They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The team at Leroy have taken this quote to heart, which can be reflected in the simple yet classy decor at the restaurant. The restaurant specialises in British and European food. Their dishes show inventiveness as many cooking techniques are blended with new European mixes, which elevates the food to a whole new level.

9) Lyle’s

Lyle’s is a well-crafted restaurant in Shoreditch, London. James Lowe, the owner of Lyle’s, was inspired by the concepts of British restaurants and decided to build his own restaurant at an early age. In no time his restaurant caught the eye of reviewers and lo and behold, Lyle’s is now one of the most popular restaurants in London. It’s safe to say that the food at Lyle’s will make you wanting for more!

10) Kiln, London

The Kiln specialises in Thai cuisine, which instantly sets it apart from the plethora of restaurants in Soho. They serve a variety of noodles and use wood-burning ovens and grills for cooking. Kiln beautifully marries ancient Thai dishes with modern cooking techniques. The end result? Passionate restaurant patrons who don’t mind waiting in line to get a table!

11) Wolseley, London

The interior of the Wolseley is phenomenal, which is aptly complemented by the delicious European inspired dishes. It is very popular for late-night dinners. This used to be Joan Rivers’ favourite place to dine whenever she was in London. Explore one of the best restaurants in London.

12) The River Cafe, London

The River Cafe is a classic Italian restaurant. It serves you with the finest wines in the entire riverside location. The outdoor dining area is reminiscent of the quaint Italian by-lanes, that takes your dining experience to a whole new level. The burbling sound of the river with a picturesque view makes this place a must-visit.

13) Ikoyi, London

With the influx of people from all over the world, London needs to cater to the gastronomical demands of all sorts of people. This is where Ikoyi swoops in and saves the day by bringing a dynamic twist to African cuisine. Ikoyi is an authentic African restaurant situated in St. James, London. They bring you a modern twist in the African flavours, which will surely surprise you.

14) Barrafina, London

Barrafina is a Spanish restaurant and bar, located at Soho’s Dean Street, London. There is a total of 4 outlets. The other two are in Covent Garden and Adelaide Street. And the fourth one is in Coal Drop’s Yard, London. Barrafina is a very popular restaurant which has its unique style. It has expertise in food flavours and cooking style. This Restaurant has delicious food, fine wine and excellent service.

15) St. John, London

St. John’s restaurant is a whitewashed ex-smokehouse, where Fergus Henderson learnt the art of perfecting offal dishes. Situated on St. John’s Street, London, this restaurant doles out delicious food in its tastefully done up interiors.

16) Rochelle Canteen at the ICA

Rochelle canteen serves you with a sleek and contemporary art form of food. It is a cafe-bar which keeps hip and arty cocktails with a global menu. Rochelle entertains you in terms of ambience and food. It is not good to compare Rochelle with other restaurants.

17) Hoppers Soho

Hoppers Soho is a Sri-Lankan Restaurant and epitomises traditional cooking techniques. They also have innovative cocktails which are offered in vibrant and relaxed surroundings. Its specialities are Bone Marrow Varuval, Black Pori Kari, Hot Butter Devil Shrimps and their paper-thin pancakes, also known as hopper or egg-hopper. This restaurant also serves you with Indian cuisine with Sri-Lankan mixes. It brings you a small part of Asia’s culinary styles.

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